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Twelve things I learnt at Law School.


1. When you uproot the human from the civilization, you also end up uprooting the civilization from the human.
110 acres of wilderness, faricical wifi, one day late newspaper, 40 minutes from the city -------> in short, a perfect recipe to bring out the worst in a LOT of people.

(Note:I'd like to believe that they are nice people otherwise.)( Faith Much?)

2. In the first semester of college, it is more important to wish your seniors than teachers

{Faculty can wait, But seniors cannot}

3.Irrespective of how nice you try to be, you will STILL be considered arrogant and bitchy. The other case scenario being, Your desperate.

(Buddhism, .... anyone?)

4. Watch what you're saying at ALL times. Even the wind has ears AND a mouth. *Sighs*

5.Your reputation always precedes your character.
(If not, your sort of insignificant)

6. Facebook is not JUST a networking site. It doubles up as a porn site and a tool for mass investigation.

7. A two minute walk,
Around the Academic Block,
Is Enough to classify you as a couple.

(Go Figure)

8. Everything you say will be 'twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools'.
Kipling did know what he was talking about.

Thus if you get rude calls, hear bizarre stories about yourself, attract uncalled for bitchy comments, Do not hyperventilate and panic. It must be to do with something you did....NOT say.

9. Certain characters will misconstrue your friendliness as love. They will go around telling, whoever lends them a sympathetic ear, as to how MUCH you love them. And there's nothing in the world that can convince them otherwise. So Chill. You're going to fall in love, a lot, without knowing you're in love yourself.

-True Story

10.There are some lists you don't want to be on EVER. The attendance back list is one of them.

11. There is nothing more awesome than suiting up and going to the moot court hall to present your case.

Note: This is the most lawyer like thing you will be doing, for a long time.

12. And most importantly,

There are people who are going to back stab you,
There are people who are going to make you cry in exasperation with their stupidity. (Long list, eh?) :p
There are people who are going to test every ounce of your patience..

And then there are them.
Those dumb things who are going to lend a ear to your conspiracy theories, make some of their own, bitch about the same people ( Yes, Bitching is equivalent to intimacy. Nothing brings you closer than common enemies :p), look at you once and understand what you're saying. Basically.... become your family.

But again, for that, you have to take a leap of faith. ( Ring a bell, someone?) :p
Trusting them is your job, Breaking or not breaking your faith is their responsibility.
So leaving it at just that and not over thinking it, is one of the most important things I've learnt.

So -Cheerz- to one year of law school and all that newly acquired wisdom.
Wonder, how next year's list's going to look like.
Till then, still surviving and persevering...

A 1st year student Going on to Second.

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