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Crime against children , yes at the very first sight this sentence appears to be small, but one cannot anticipate the inhumanity, depth and density of crime involved in these three words. Few days ago when I woke up after completing my daily routine activities I came to my dining table, holding a cup of mild hot coffee in my hand and holding newspaper in other hand.  When I just turned the first page of newspaper I was stunned to read the first headline. A lfive year old little girl was being raped by her neighbour when she stepped outside of her house to play with her friends. An extremely brutal and devilish guy of around 23 -25 years        violently  raped her first and then left her like a living corpse in his room and then escaped from that place leaving behind an innocent girl in that dying condition. It took two days to find that girl. It was very difficult for them to control themselves. Her mother was mourning frantically on that rape spot. One thought always suppresses my mind and soul deeply that why everyday whenever we pick up the newspaper for the sake of refreshing our mind ,we eventually acquires despair ,gloominess and hatred for the criminals and wrongdoers . Unfortunately everyday  we reads the news of serious and hateful crimes again innocent children.  Few days ago we came across another news of Baby Falak who was severely beaten up by her guardian in a fit of anger. It is highly condemnable and shameful. I have no words to express my hatred and contempt for these wrongdoers. I feel pity for victimized small children . people also gets engrossed in their fast paced metropolitan lives by the passage of time ,even the tiny forgotten elements of any shakening and misfortunate incidents gets removed gradually from our memories . Day by day crimes against these docile and  innocent children is mounting up. There is a dire need to enforce strict crime laws against children. Honestly speaking  widespread corruption prevalent in our entire system is a biggest impediment in our way. Better policing should be done to mitigate all these crimes.  Infact we cannot blame police all the time.it is a time to purify our hypocritical mindset . It is a time to change our attitude towards children and women. To abolish the devilish and preposterous thoughts from our mind firstly we have to change our mentality. We should do self-introspection. Child labour, child trafficking, child rape and molestation,exploitation  is a serious crime  but due to some flaws in our law system these heinous crimes are tremendously increasing . It is a big shame that people become dumb and mute when they used to witness any such heart-rendering mishappening. Wake up guys wake up. Its your country, your society,your system,so you have to come forward and help this system. By doing such exploitation we are violating their Rights of education (Article 21A) and Right To Life (Article 21) . Just by lighting candles in the protest , destroying public property and disturbing law and order situation is not enough. We should take an oath to protect every child like our own child. Government should take concrete actions  against all those wrongdoers  and miscreants. If people are not willing to change ,then any kind of transformation would not happen smoothly. We all have to become a supporting system of our laws and orders. Protection of our laws is in our hand. So just think guys ------------.  I want to end up by recalling  some inspirational lines said by Christopher Macular  “ Revolutions are not magical ,they don’t happen  due to any supernatural power. They are strictly man-made and if the people come together for a social cause and raise their voice ,then justice can never be denied.”


Infact recently two toddlers have been brutally raped by some hateful people . This is seriously condemnable and despicable .In a country like India where girls are considered as Goddess Lakshmi , there people are outraging their modesty as if it is joke to them.


Supreme court landmark judgement :-

In a petition filed by Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA), the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India passed a landmark judgment in the issue of missing children. The bench headed by Hon’ble Chief Justice of India Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir comprising of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Vikramajit Sen and Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde has taken the issue of missing children very seriously in the light of the facts presented before it by Bachpan Bachao Adolan. The Hon’ble Court took into congnizance that in 2011 alone 90,654 children went missing with 34,406 children still remaining untraced. However only 15,284 FIRs were registered and investigations were launched.

So there is urgent need for strengthening laws for protection of Children. Need of the hour is to implement the laws more strictly and heavy punishments as a deterrent.

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