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An HONEST Government Official! "Aise Mazaak kyun karte hain ji?!?!"

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The following poem is inspired by those Government Officials who strive hard in hostile environs, wherein 'corruption and bad governance' is the name of the game! I have been particularly inspired by Justice Hegde, whose recent resignation from the post of Lokayukta has opened up a hornet's nest. My other inspirations include my parents (both of who are honest Government Officials), Napster's latest blog post on law students and DisplacedBong's cynical yet highly engaging take on Govt. Officials (Civil Servants in particular).

* The Statements in Italics are spoken by the Boss in 'Hindi'. For those who are not familiar with the language, a loose translation is given underneath.

Read on... I hope you enjoy it!

Honest Govt. Official: ENDANGERED SPECIE

"Who are you?" asked the shrewd superior.

"An Honest Government Official", said he.

A smile broke across the the boss's tough exterior,

"Aise mazaak kyun karte hain, ji!"

(What kind of a joke is this?)


He had grown up in an honest village home.

His family did, in him, great courage hone!

He understood the plight of the deprived masses!

After all, he'd grown up on broken promises.


Like everything else, it started with a vision!

He dreamed of challenging this rot one day.

His toil paid off when he cleared the examination.

Ahead of him, his Government Office lay.


He was in the right, Corruption he would fight;

Yet his boss questioned his integrity.

The boss encouraged the bribe, with that stinging jibe:

"Aise Mazaak kyun karte hain, ji?"

(What kind of a joke is this?)

It was his very first day of Government work.

He was now part of a rotting system.

Where at every corner a hungry shark did lurk,

And abiding the law was against the dictum!


When the wealthy businessman stepped in,

He brought along his bunch of fake papers.

But with it, came big wads of green!

Franklin and Lincoln waited for his signatures!


The Bribe was the easy way out,

But he couldn't give up now, could he?

His Boss warned of transfers and political clout:

"Ab mazaak karna chod bhi do ji!"

(It's about time you put an end to this joke)


He was now in the heat of battle!

He would prove he was the people's saviour.

His honesty could, by mere threats, not be rattled.

Having studied law, he looked to the Laws of 'Labour'.


While his colleagues avoided this raging battle,

And did in the process, their wealthy coffers fill.

He soldiered on, bearing Truth's heavy mantle;

He would try and bring corruption to a stand-still!


Unaware of his plans to name and shame,

The boss soldiered on like a busy bee.

As if mocking his tireless efforts, he claimed:

"Tumhaari mazaak karne ki aadat kab jayegi?"

(When will you put an end to your habitual jokes?)


The village boy had grown into an honest man.

The respected Lokayukta did hear from him.

The Whistleblower's Protection Act sheltered his clan;

While the corrupt faced a future grim!


Political Clout did play its part,

But the Judge did know his duty well!

Defending his wrongdoing, the Boss couldn't start.

Honesty had won! The Cat was belled!


As the corrupt boss was whisked away:

"Dekh loonga tujhe" (I'll make sure you suffer), he shouted in agony!

To this the Honest Official retorted:


(What kind of a joke is this?)





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