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A Saga of progressive regression

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A brief glimpse into the history of post independent India reveals that there has indeed been a phenomenal transformation in the socio-economic dynamics of country leading to a perceptible enhancement and improvement in the living standards of our people at large. But it is also true that there has been an abysmal decline in ethical and moral values which were once our most cherished attributes.

                There was a time when India was hailed as the land of saints, sages and scholars. But now it has earned the dubious distinction of being a land of seams, scandals, sleaze and swindles in the comity of nations. It appears the more we set higher goals to achieve in the mundane realm, the more we seem to be distancing ourselves from our own souls and we start behaving in a robotic and mechanical manner rather than in a truly humane manner. Our approached to life has changed more to suit our convenience rather than to our conscience. The subtle names of piety, equity and humanity are nowhere to be seen in our day to day life. Self aggrandizement has become the motto of our life, making one’s ends meet whether with fair or foul means is considered to be a rare quality that propels one to success and such person are euphemistically adored as TACTFULL persons.

              It is thus clear that there is something radically wrong with our system that has given rise to such degeneration in our society. No one bothers about the concepts of morality and merit. Money and muscle power instead hold the sway in all walks of our life. This steep perversion in our thinking has provided a very fertile and conducive environment to dishonest, unscrupulous, self serving persons to exploit the situation to the best extent possible to serve their vested interest. Corruption has spread its tentacles so virulently that often it appears difficult, if not impossible to do without it. Whatever be the apparent causes /reasons for the spread of corruption, over the years the menace has grown both horizontly and vertically. Graduating in an endemic way from the pale of a few INDIVIDUALS to the level of INSTITUTIONS, it has adversely affected the very ethos of our society. It is so much ingrained into our body polity that it sounds often anachronistic cribbing about it.

While honesty is an article of ones faith, it has the sterling quality of exclusiveness which inhabits its growth so easily and extra efforts have to be made to locate, assimilate, consolidate and join the ISOTOPS of this precious element in the core of our society. Dishonesty, the main provenance of corruption, on the other hand has the inherent culpebelity of inclusiveness and tendency of cohesiveness which facilitates it to multiply its ranks smoothly in the society. That is the reason why the valued Diaspora of honest persons in the society is not unified or consolidated and is often scattered so wide apart that it is difficult to locate and identify them. Special efforts are made to locate and consolidate them in this vast ocean of humanity brimming with the scrounge of dishonesty and acquisitiveness. This is the root cause of degeneration in our society and unless this issue is addressed to buy all concerned in a dispassionate, expeditious manner, it would result into anarchy. While ever growing surge of dishonesty needs to be curbed by all means, what is all the more important is to attach due premium to HONESTY in our life and accord due respect, honor to the fast vanishing endangered species of honest people in our society. This would have a salutary impact on the psyche of our people and motivate them to adopt HONESTY AS THE BEST POLICY in real sense in their dealings. For this all out social, educational, political efforts are to be made with desired vigour and sincerity.

            But in a country where power hungry leaders are putative to be mostly dishonest and persons of dubious antecedents are PURPOUSLY appointed to high positions to serve their vested interests, they have lost credibility in the esteem of the people at large and it would be simply futile expecting them to  do something worthwhile in this regard.

            A collective WILL of the people alone can now do the much MIRACLE or else we are destined to doom.


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