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A Raped System - Government of India

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A Raped System - Government of India

Widespread outrage in India over the brutal gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman in New Delhi has led to a chorus of calls to toughen the nation’s rape and sexual assault laws and speed up justice for victims. But legal experts differ on what exactly should be done and whether capital punishment for the most heinous cases of rape would be a smart idea.


This closure on the above notified case has really fixed me with a non violent outrage within myself. Personally speaking, India is a country which ranks 94th in 176 countries on the basis of Corruption, has gathered momentum and has reached #1 in Crime and physical violence circulating Rape cases in worldwide.

May be I am wrong at points, but you (signifying Govt. of India) can never call lakhs and lakhs of crows white colored. They have already checked our patience. Not anymore. We are at the stake of danger and Human rights violation deeds. This is how the present times are and aren't even able to spit on such shameful activities within the nation. A decade of reformation, and ultimately unsafe roads and market places.

This is what we are having in our hands. Down with the ones who misdo and down with the ones who virtually are supporting them. A personality would never like to go against the System, but "We are not resilient by choice, but we are resilient by force" - PUBLIC SPEAKS.

Well reviving back, under India’s criminal code, the maximum sentence a judge can hand to a convicted rapist is unclear to say the least. The sentence can be seven years to life imprisonment, or up to 10 years, the law states. For gang-rape, rape of a pregnant woman and other especially egregious offenses, those found guilty face 10 years to life.

And in all cases, a court may, “for adequate and special reasons,” impose sentences lower than statutory minimums, though the Supreme Court has said that should only be done in very special situations. SPECIAL SITUATIONS??? Can't you people just see? I would like to disclose some of the shameful alarming statistical data regarding Human Rights Violation Cases (esp. Rape) in India.

The worst in this shameful list is madhya pradesh which has had Three thousand four hundred and six cases of rape reported in 2011 (3406) .

West Bengal which is worst in over all crime against women comes second in the list which number of rape case reported in 2011 where 2363 (Two thousand three hundred and sixty three).

Uttar pradesh has two thousand and fourty two reported cases of rape (2042).

Rajasthan comes fourth in the shameful list with eighteen hundred rape cases reported (1800).

Maharashtra and Assam are fifth and sixth in the shameful list respectively, which has had seventeen hundred and one (1701) & seventeen hundred (1700) rape cases respectively.

Delhi city is rape capital of India with four hundred fifty three rapes which where reported last year . It is around 1.8 times more than rape cases reported in Mumbai last year.

The total number of RAPE case reported last year has been Twenty three thousand five hundred and eight two.(23582)


By the way, State of World Population Report suggests that In India:-


1. A Rape is committed every 54 minutes;

2. Molestation every 26 minutes;

3. Kidnapping or abduction every 43 minutes;

4. Eve-teasing every 51 minutes;

5. Dowry death every 1 hour 42 minutes;

6. Criminal offense against women every 7 minutes.




Why such mishap and still Government is a toothless tiger?


Never got an answer to my question! It would be my pleasure if someone authorized answers.


Nevertheless, each of us has been gathering patience, but it seems the System was checking out the amount of patience we can keep up. And its up now, we won't stand back.


Being a localized personality, I do reveal the facts Bhubaneswar has been undergoing through.




It is not the first time that the city woke up to a spine-chilling rape. Statistics show that rape and molestation cases are on the rise in Bhubaneswar at an alarming rate.

Chief minister Naveen Patnaik had told the Odisha assembly earlier this month that the state had registered 1,112 rape cases in 2011, up from 1,025 incidents in 2010. Similarly, molestation cases rose to 3,207 in 2011 from 2,905 in 2010.

With 48 rape cases in Bhubaneswar till date this year, the city increasingly appears to be an unsafe place for women. The state capital had registered 35 rapes in 2011 and 43 in 2010. This year, Cuttack has reported 23 rapes.

Though hard facts clearly suggest an increase in the number of incidents, police refuse to come to any conclusion from statistics. They insist that the picture is different from what it seems.

"These figures reflect the number of allegations. Only subsequent investigations would establish how many of these allegations were true. Mere comparison of such statistics may not depict a true picture," additional commissioner of police Santosh Bala told DIGITAL JOURNAL (I personally represented).

Less than a week after thegang rape of a 19-year-old dancer in the state capital here, another girl was molested in a running auto rickshaw and was injured after she was thrown out.


The incident took place late last night when the girl in her early 20s was going to the Master Canteen area from Barmunda Bus terminal after returning here from her village home in Kendrapara district, police said.


"It is a case of molestation and not rape as is being alleged by some," deputy commissioner of Police, Nitinjit Singh, told reporters. RAPE HONE TAK WAIT KARTE KYA???

A schoolgirl in Lingaraj Police Station area was also forcibly taken away by an auto-driver on Saturday, but she was subsequently rescued. (Sources say).


Why such misdeeds in presence of such strict Police force, good security systems and slim law and order? Is it just System defect, Constitutional disability or a Political stunt?

Whatever it is, we need the safest place back! As soon as it is possible at your end. It's just the beginning of our trials. We will get the Revolution done. Amendments will be made, our sisters will be carefree. Tighten every screw up. We are not leaving this time! Join hands to get the Nation reformed. Its high-time. CALL FOR JUSTICE...


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