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A Murderer’s Interview: Nitish Saxena- He is Killing the NLU Pride

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Not many people here will know who Nitish Saxena is. But with nearly 850 facebook friends and many more in real existence, he is a popular chap. Add to that some amazingly deft hands at painting, an articulate mouth which shuts every other and a great brain at work; Nitish Saxena makes for an interesting profile.

Presently in 2nd year at UILS (University Institute of Legal Studies) of PU (Punjab University), he is doing enough to put the slackers at NLUs to shame. Here is his story:


For Nitish preparing for CLAT never felt like carrying a burden but was like a trip meant to be enjoyed, a breezy journey in which he learnt from all; the LST modules, the tutors and his classmates. He kept is cup empty and it got filled; every time.

Clutter and Struggle

Alas! It seemed he should have had more helpings of the drink in the cup. With a rank of 442 in CLAT he had the option of GNLU, an option he had never thought upon. NLS, NALSAR, NUJS were the words he had sworn by. However, he still felt the uncontrollable urge to grab an NLU seat; as strong as the need of a drowning man for Oxygen.

Oxygen! Inhale!

But Nitish Saxena grew gills. Also, fresh air came through an expected quarter. With a rank 3 in the PU’s combined entrance test there was a dilemma before the young lad. PU’s UILS offered him the comforts of home, the closeness to his family, the luxuries of being a day scholar and the love of a city known to him for over 15 years!

The Decision (very corporate)! Exhale!

Both GNLU and UILS were new institutions then, barely 5 years old, still making a name for themselves and placements hadn't happened yet in any of these colleges. His family adopted a very corporate style approach to solve the kid’s dilemma. A pros-cons analysis was drawn up (Wonder if PPT slides and laser pointers were used too) J.

GNLU attracted him because of the NLU brand. Other reasons hinted loudly towards UILS (Loud even by Punjabi standards).

Never Stop Dreaming

“Here I was, at UILS, and there was no looking back now. At this point, it was sheer optimism which made me feel that it hardly mattered whether one dream was shattered [CLAT-NLU dream]. What mattered was that I must never stop dreaming”.

UILS: an amazing amalgamation

“There is something to this place [UILS] which makes you look forward to come to college every day, sometimes even on lazy Sundays. Perhaps it is the campus and the crowd. Most of my time was of course taken by studies (your exams aren't that easy), projects (which involved field work too) and presentations”.

“The best thing about PU has to the amazing amalgamation of a students coming from various streams of education. Facilities in the university including a huge library (Asia's largest), a gym, cricket/football grounds, swimming pools, and lots more make PU far better than many of the NLUs”.

Things to do

“The other opportunities which UILS provided me, and which I immediately grabbed were seminars, research papers, conferences, moot courts and internships”.


  • Came 2nd in the Surana & Surana National Trial Advocacy Moot Court.
  • Participated in a National level Human Rights Moot organized by NHRC.

Paper Presentations

  • Presented a research paper on "IPRs: Bio Piracy" at the National Law & Technology Seminar.
  • Presented a research paper on "The Maintenance & Welfare of Senior Citizens Act 2007: A Bold Legislation or Mere Eyewash" at the All India Law Congress.


  • A 6 week summer internship at Punjab SHRC, Chandigarh.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Came 1st in the inter-college on-the-spot Debate held at PEC's Literary Fest, Chandigarh.
  • Came 1st in the Business Marketing Plan Competition held at PEC Fest, Chandigarh.

The worst thing about NLUs

“The worst thing about NLUs, undoubtedly, has to be the intense competition which students face. It is so severe that most of them are unable to cope with it. Although the place refines you and makes you a person ready to take on the monstrous corporate world, it also takes a bit of life out of you”.

“I often hear my fellow NLU students brooding about too much pressure, studies, exams etc. NLSIU has a trimester system to add to the miseries of the poor souls”. [Ha!]

Familial drugs, fatal distances?

“Moreover, they are away from family which too affects them. Another rampant problem is drug abuse. Almost 8 out of 10 friends of mine who went to NLU's took up smoking, drinking or drugs. They call it a measure to break free from stress. I call it self-destruction. I fail to understand why NLUs compel them to resort to such means”.


However Nitish doesn’t deny being envious; envious of the practical training that NLU students get, the academic atmosphere of an NLU, the intelligent pan India crowd and their desire to be the best.

The murder

Nitish didn’t opt for an NLU by a conscious and deliberated choice. There he had stabbed the pride. And when you realise that he has no qualms about not joining an NLU and actually believe that he is better off at UILS, you can’t help but ponder, wonder and pat on the back of the murderer.

Nitish can be reached on Facebook here www.facebook.com/nitishsaxena

Disclaimer: Please, this is nothing against GNLU which I think is a top notch law college. Please note that I am of talking about 2-3 years ago. And Nitish too is a sort of 'rebel', who goes against the normal and then succeeds. Anyone now in his situation would prefer GNLU, of course. (Except him, maybe. That is why I interviewed him). :)

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