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4 pillars! :)

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ohk..so here im..BACK...to blog...i noe my last blog waas a shere waste of time (ofcrse only for those who were readin it...cse i was jst tryin to kill time...sittin at office and not having anything interestin to do)...but HeLL im not at all appologetic for it..cse guess wat this site gives me space to do jst that..!!!
so here im on a friday...blogging from work again!!
well for starters..my past few weeks have been ohk..or so i wuld like to believe considering the fact that i havent got a chance to come and blog...no im not a workoholic but i just like it if i have work when im in office...i hate sitting idle at work place...its like getting up in the morning...ditching your bed cause you have a better incentive (which u get only at the end of the month)...gettin all dressed...strugglin through the horrible rainss and reachin office to only realise that it was all in vainNNN! i mean why the hell would any1 tke all such pains for nothing at all..esply when it cant be justified in your time sheet!!!!
so my this blog (as promised as last time) is abt the four pillars..the only reason y im in a fancy place like the one i AM in!!!!
to begin with...
Pillar 1 : the teacher- yesss no amount of bookish knowledge can come in competition with my TEACHER...for the simple reason that some lessons are best learnt the HARD WAYYYYY!!!! ofcrse that doesnt take away the fact that he is well knowledged (dunnoe if there is any wrd like this but w/e)... my senior 1/ pillar 1 is just abt that...not a task master all the time but certainly at times!! i may not really blame him for being this way with me...cse honestly i think dats the only alternative when im concerned...not that im so "dheet" typess but yeah i doo need such doses on n off!!!!
Pillar 2: the credit giver- yesss...can u imagine there are such ppl still alive who recognise you for the hard work put in by you...n the bring it to the notice of the rite/concerned persooonnnN!!!! (told u i was just plainly lucky to be working in an awesome place like this). so yeah not only is it an awesome feelin to realise that your partner exactly noe the amt of hard work you are puttin it but it just builds a very positive environment around too..! just plain respect for pillar no 2!
Pillar no 3: funniee guy- cumon after all the hard work and learning this jack needs some fun to keep him away from being DULL...all wrk n no play = end of LAW career...yes it is dat stressful! so you do get scanned in his books even oderwise while ur hvin fun n killin time with him..but that doesnt stop him from being approachable!
Pillar 4 : UN named- unnamed because he just doesnt fall into any category..mre like unpredictable..a teacher sometimes...a fun goer sometimes (precisely just been like dat only ONCE with me)...but certainly not a teacher ( yeah that ass thinks my work is a piece of shit...and im not worth being in such a fancy place...) (ohk honestly i call him an ASS only bcse i prob think he is sumwhere correct)...wonderin y is he still my 4th pillar...well only because had it not been for my pillar no 4 then i would'nt have realised how lucky im to be in a place like im...n i wuldnt have that zest and zeal to learn more and reach up to the heightss of my pillars!!! the mre he puts me dwn the mre agnry i get on myself n the more i wanna prove him wrng!!! IN SHORT WORKS in my favour!
so yea these are some of the bright aspects of my work life...ofcrse there is as an ugly side too..but that on another blog mayb..i dont really believe in discussin ugly things...cse the mre u tok abt them...the more messy and dirty it gets...!!!
lookin at the larger picture of life...im jst blessed to be among such pillars! yes i donnot have any "godfather" as they call it...but guess wat i have found 4 replicas/clones of him at this place!
p.s : u dont always need four pillars to balance anything. Things can be worked out with 3, 2 or even 1. The strength lies in finding such ppl and actually realising that they are worthy and capable enuf of not only holding their careers up  but also capable enuf of lending you a helping hand when they are busy balancing their careers and make it reach heights (and dat to Single handidly)
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