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This could be The first poem about world trade but such distinctions would not suit An occasionally foul-mouthed wretch   and it couldn't care anyway It just needs a bottle, duty paid to pass out on the muck of the...
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Trial by Media is a phrase used to describe the impact of television and newspaper coverage on a person's reputation by creating a widespread perception of guilt regardless of any verdict in a court of law. Trial by media is no...
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Province of Life DeterminedWhat is Law?That life is happy and sad.What is Right?My right to choose when to be happy and when sad.What is Duty?My duty to increase mine and other people's happiness.What is Justice?That everyone has equal opportunities to be...
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Hey guys, I would like to share  my views about improper , unequal economic development taking place in our country. I would also request you all to share your experiences and ideas to find a remedy for this disease. In this...
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