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Here is the big news: Kian Ganz, the editor of LegallyIndia.com has bought for himself a shiny new bicycle. I asked him why and he didn’t reply. So I had to guess. Here are a few options. All lame options. Please...
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[WARNING: This is a longish, dull-ish entry because the weekend has started and I have not many more interesting things to do.] [There you go again, reading this blog entry in the hope of somehow getting through the next five minutes.] It’s...
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Note: Please read carefully. Hi Sir. This is my CV. Will you take me in?  Hi Sir, This is my CV. Will you take me in?   No reply. He doesn’t care. You don’t dare to talk it out.   Hi Sir,...
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THE FIFTH YEARS ARE LEAVINGThe fifth years are leaving: The mooters are leaving, the debaters are leaving, Their trophies, proudly in the library sit, Smiling at the newer faces.   The researchers are leaving, the writers are leaving. Their books and...
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Sati as a practice was not invented by Ancient Indian texts but by the greed of people. Most of the contemporary historians believe that the practice of Sati was encouraged to deprive the widows from the property of their deceased husbands....
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This is a long poem and has no rhyming scheme but if you read it in a rhythm and read it for fun, things will rhyme. Note- What the associate of the firm says is in ‘CAPS’. Note (further) - Something...
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privileges always come with duties and ethics and so is the case with lawyers. The bar council of India is empowered setting Standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette for Lawyer in India under Section 49(1 )(c) of the Advocates Act, 1961. Among other restrictions, the...
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As I walk into the lift, I’m greeted by a cheery “Hiya mate, you awwright Bob?”. “Very well, thank you”, say I and engage with Robert in the well rehearsed lift-banter about work and holiday plans. However, as a product of one...
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Once there was a shepherd boy and he had sheep, obviously. One day he went up a hillock with his sheep and with nothing to do, pulled out a leaf of the old book and cried out to the villagers below...
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When a petitioner appears in person before a court, the lack of finesse is expected.. The petitioner may not be as articulate and sophisticated as a practiced counsel but then, if you decide to fight it out yourself, you would surely...
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The National University of Study and Research in Law was formally inaugrated by the Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court and Supreme Court Judge designate Gyan Sudha Misra On Monday, April 26, 2010.The university becomes the 14th of the elite national...
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Some time ago I was sitting on the stairs of this court, as it was vacation time and nothing much was happening... chatting with my friends. Just outside the court premises was a tea stall, apparently illegal! We ordered "chai" and...
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I am seriously considering a career change. Not to worry, I’m not writing a book and this is not a decision made on a mere whim. The idea dawned on me today while speaking on the phone to my cousin who is a real live practitioner of dark legal arts in Indian trial courts and High Courts. He sold me the idea really. 

As an interesting aside, my cousin’s side of the family had to change their last name for numerological reasons.

Excerpts from our conversation wherein my cousin is extolling the virtues of a career in litigation:

“In law firms, you can’t quite experience the unique and delightful smell of the trial courts. Once you’ve smelled that, it calls out to you wherever you may go.”

“It’s like mooting in real life, with sillier party names.”

“People have great respect for those wearing black gowns, especially in summer.”

“Patience is a virtue. Litigation will teach you exactly what that means.”

“Your physical fitness shall improve while running from one court room to the other.”

“Even your boxing, ducking and weaving skills will improve during our fun-filled boycotts.”
(Further to the above)

“When you litigate, you can perfect what you started as a trainee solicitor- looking intelligent without a clue of what’s going on.”

“By your 55th birthday, you will have enough money to launder your jock-strap in London every week.”

“You can always pass your briefs to juniors. Sometimes even seniors will take them without hesitation.”
(Further to the above?)

“You make many lifelong friends along the way- the clerk, the juice wallah, the photocopy guy and so forth.”

“Court food is delicious, wholesome and all claims made re: food poisoning are patently false.”

“Even a slight British accent will ensure that you are designated a Senior Advocate at some point”.

“No, my daddy will not give you a car. I am his son.”

“Facial hair is tolerated in courts and even encouraged. In this matter, the system offers equal opportunity to both sexes.”

I walk into the office determined to let boss know of my decision and inform him how he cannot do a thing to change my mind. On my way up, I bump into Katie, the graduate recruitment officer. She smiles that perfect smile and flutters her eyelashes. Simultaneously. 

I suppose remaining at Colby, Hewitt and Richards LLP for a little while longer can harm no one. What’s all this fuss about litigators anyway?

(Further reading: :http://www.legallyindia.com/746-comfortably-numb)

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Salt and Pepper TurbanMapping the court's corridors, there are many samples to see.. One of them is a senior counsel, of whose name I do not know, comes every time with a wig. Now if it were a regular wig, I'd...
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Crib means ‘to bicker’, says my dictionary. NLS cribs about its hectic schedule: the trimester system which doesn’t allow them to lead a sane college life. NUJS cribs how claustrophobic the 4-5 acre campus can get. NALSAR cribs how the college...
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Earlier it was the thirsty crow, now it is the fox and the grapes.So we have the old fox of the old tales wondering in the old jungle looking for food. She can’t find any. She is hungry. She moves on...
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I ran into an extremely worried Indian trainee in the corridor the other day. The new QLTT regulations had her in a tizzy. What might make her panic so, I wondered while she rattled and I hmmmed. Or were her...
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Legal Poet’s story- Kaun Banega Crorepati: 1000 words of an emotive biography Someone had inadvertently disclosed my identity in a comment on the previous ’15 CV Tips’ posts. I was a bit anxious for I had blasted a law firm here...
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Some lessons and insights for lawyers from cricket:1.) Foreign players are popularAMSS, the leading law firm in India recently hired Niloufer Lam, a Banking law specialist from UK; recruited an Irish lawyer Paku Khan; and had UK Chief Operating Officer (COO) in...
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I’m writing this in a hurry, so apologies in advance if its a bit abrupt. You see, I’m working on a “deal”.For the (mercifully) uninitiated, a “deal” is a mythical creature with no readily identifiable form or substance. It ebbs and...
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