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K.V. Dhananjay is an advocate at the Supreme Court of India. He is based in Bangalore.

Thirty years ago, nobody could have accurately predicted the job market of today. The intervening technological progress must be blamed or credited for it. However, we seem to be able today to satisfactorily predict the job market we will have thirty...
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You might have heard a great deal in the media about the outrage expressed by Supreme Court Justice Chelameswar. His outrage was expressed in his letter to his colleagues –the judges of the Supreme Court. Now, what is this outrage about?...
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The following is a text of my representation sent to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India and to every member of the Parliament of India (790 members). The Central Government should act now to weed out corruption within a section of...
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In a nutshell: Nearly five years ago, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court. It questioned the constitutionality and legality of the Aaadhaar scheme of the Central Government. Today, that case is still undecided. Two weeks ago, a 9 judge...
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Why isn’t Narendra Modi suing Rahul Gandhi for defamation – if the charge is untrue? The Congress is the principal opposition party in the House of the People. Rahul Gandhi is its Vice-President. Three days ago, he made a highly damaging...
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Death Note Ramesh Gowda.pdf 001
There comes a time for redemption? Ramesh K.C was a driver with L Bheema Naik, KAS, a Tahsildar earlier and now, the Special Land Acquisition Officer at Bangalore, Karnataka. This driver, Ramesh K.C. committed suicide on 6-Dec-16. He left behind a...
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Nachiket M. Mor
On November 8th, Mr.Narendra Modi’s Central Government launched a sudden and a historically unprecedented demonetisation of Rs.500/Rs.1000 notes. The preparation until then was said to be fundamentally ‘secretive’ and known to none except the Prime Minister and the Governor of the...
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Advocate K.V.Dhananjay raises a question here; a question that he was asked – men perform the role of priests in Hindu temples; women have been traditionally and customarily barred from this role. Do women have a constitutional right to demand assignment...
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Advocate K.V.Dhananjay argues here that a number of judges, including judges of the Supreme Court, have invented or imagined a crime that simply does not exist in the penal statute at all; these judges  have been ignorantly punishing young men who...
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‘Mother tongue’ education is great on paper but highly impracticable in practice. 21-Feb is celebrated as ‘Mother Tongue’ day around the world. Advocate K.V.Dhananjay speaks here about ‘Mother Tongue’ desired as a compulsory medium of instruction by scholars and politicians vis-à-vis...
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'With due respects', 'With the greatest of respects', 'In deep reverence' and 'In all and every humility', it is necessary now to say - "One ignorantly given SC judgment is wreaking havoc across India". The prefatory salutations are dispensed with in...
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What were the past judgments of our future Lokayukta? Supreme Court Advocate K.V.Dhananjay points to increasing tension in several States in the matter of appointment of their Lokayuktas. Dhananjay says, if one were to raise the question, ‘What were the past...
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A terrifying judgment from a High Court in a corruption case! Supreme Court advocate, K.V.Dhananjay points to a recent judgment of the Karnataka High Court that altogether quashed a corruption trial involving former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B.S.Yedyurappa (BJP) and current...
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Supreme Court Advocate K.V.Dhananjay points to a criminal procedural provision that has horribly gone wrong in India. Section 53-A of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 allows the police to use reasonable force to subject a person accused of rape to a...
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Supreme Court Advocate K.V.Dhananjay asks if it is appropriate for dissenting Justice Chelameswar to participate with the majority-judges in the ‘Collegium Reformation’ hearings set for 3rd November, 2015. He says that Justice Chelameswar’s participation in it could muddle and confuse his...
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