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NUJS Kolkata

08 May 2011

 Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2Nalsar Hyderabad, NLSIU Bangalore, NLU Jodhpur, NUJS Kolkata put on a strong Indian performance at the top Vis Vienna moot, advancing to the knock-out rounds and gathering a raft of honourable mentions.

06 May 2011

NUJS Kolkata legal aid society (LAS) has called for a strengthening of legal aid networks across India, as it released a report of the college’s legal aid activities this year which included tie-ups with human rights organizations and a successful national conference.

20 April 2011

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2

NLS Bangalore, Nalsar Hyderabad, NUJS Kolkata and NLU Jodhpur were the four Indian teams out of more than 250 that qualified for the knock-out rounds of sixty-four at the Vis Vienna Moot.

12 April 2011

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2

Jindal enters mooting fray as Indian teams fail to break at Vis Hong Kong Moot although NUJS and NLSIU managed to pick up honourable mentions. Plus the NFCG-Nalsar Moot…

05 April 2011

NLSIU Bangalore put up good show at Oxford media moot; M S Ramaiah, Symbiosis Pune win top laurels at Pro Bono Enviro moot climbing the MPL 2 sponsored by Allen & Overy.

28 March 2011

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2NUJS Kolkata, NLU Delhi, ILS Pune and Nalsar Hyderabad, which represented India at the world rounds of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot, made the country proud with two teams breaking into the last sixteen, six speakers finishing in the top 100 oralists and three teams winning top memorandum awards.

12 March 2011

NUJS Kolkata’s Vis teams for Vienna and Hong Kong finished finalists in the first Indian pre moot for the prestigious Willem C. Vis Arbitration moot, with the Vienna team defeating the Hong Kong team in the finals. Smaran Shetty, a member of the NUJS Vienna team won the best speaker award and Arya Trivedi from [[HNLU Raipur]] won the best external speaker (outside NUJS) award. 

26 February 2011


From 10 am tomorrow (27 February 2011), Team MPL will be reporting live from the third [[NUJS Herbert Smith National Corporate Law Moot Court Competition|NUJS Herbert Smith Corporate Moot]] currently being held at Kolkata. I am  Prashanth Ramdas, updating you with all that has happened in the moot up till now.

19 February 2011

IMG_9956 Legally India reports live from NUJS Kolkata this weekend where roughly 24 law schools are gathered to discuss how to take law school legal aid forward. Latest updates: How to start a legal aid cell, Prof Madhava Menon slams the Legal Services Authority and the implementation of gram nyayalaya while inspiring.

12 February 2011

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2Nalsar Hyderabad added 15 points to its Mooting Premier League (MPL) kitty after defeating NUJS Kolkata at the finals of the KLA Moot but remains one point behind score leader NUJS at 92 points.

09 February 2011

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2NUJS Kolkata reached the semifinals and won the best speaker award as the Indian representative at the Commonwealth Moot to pull in 12 crucial points from the Tier 4 National Challenger moot, overtaking NLU Delhi at the top of the MPL 2 standings by four points.

04 February 2011

HerbertSmith-Chris Parsons Herbert Smith partner Chris Parsons and Oxford Professor and law faculty dean Timothy Endicott will kick off a now-annual lecture series at NLU Delhi followed by five days of lectures at NUJS Kolkata with plans to hit Nalsar Hyderabad next year.

28 January 2011

NUJS Kolkata professor Shamnad Basheer and a music company filed two public interest litigations (PILs) in the Madras High Court to mend gross “infirmities” and arbitrary “tribunalisation” in the constitution and functionality of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) and the Copyright Board.

27 January 2011

Outlook India defended itself against the criticisms in last year’s complaint by NUJS Kolkata professor Shamnad Basheer and two students against Outlook and India Today for publishing allegedly error-riddled and misleading law school rankings. Outlook revealed the details of its complex weighting system of ranking but declined to publish further information, in what the NUJS complainants called a ‘lackadaisical manner’.

25 January 2011

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2 Newcomer NLU Delhi earned a whopping thirty points to lead the MPL 2 standings after defeating the veteran NUJS Kolkata mooters in Sunday’s finals of the Surana & Surana Jessup North India Rounds.

23 December 2010

Diversity-Sikkim-class NUJS Kolkata has announced the 2011 CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) with radical changes, including distribution through the Indian post office network and the ditching of static general knowledge and legal knowledge questions. Meanwhile, the law school diversity project IDIA has pledged to fund admission fees for all students in need.

15 December 2010

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2

NUJS Kolkata won the Oxford International Media Law Moot - India Competition after defeating NLSIU Bangalore in the finals, taking both colleges to third and fourth in the Mooting Premier League second season.

22 November 2010

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2

NUJS Kolkata won the India Rounds and the best memorandum award at 12th Commonwealth Moot Court Competition, scoring 15 MPL points and a ticket to the international rounds of the Commonwealth Moot next year.

12 October 2010

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2Campus Law Centre Delhi University emerged victorious in the 4th Nalsar Justice Bodh Raj Sawhney Moot Court Competition with Nuals Cochi finishing as runner-up and NUJS Kolkata bagging the most points of any team in this competition and its MPL debut.

25 August 2010

I have always been thrilled by entrepreneurs. The first entrepreneur I came in ‘virtual’ contact with was Sachin Malhan who was our legal aptitude mentor at LST and used to teach through VSAT sessions. Seeing him in real life always evaded me. Thankfully, he once came to NUJS for a talk on his entrepreneurial journey which I attended. I loved the talk. I also love to track the growth of his ventures: LST, Rainmaker and now Inclusive Planet.


Prof. Shamnad Basheer of NUJS again is an entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur. His two initiatives ClaM (Collaborative Law Making) and IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education) are especially brilliant. I have been fortunate enough to get to see him at work and work under him, at times.


Kian Ganz’s LegallyIndia.com (where we all are now) has been a fabulous success too. He, in his own words is letting it develop like ‘an organism’ and believes that it is just a beginning of a revolution.


Ashish Arun, a student at NUJS starts his own LPO. Ramanuj Mukherjee, another student of NUJS starts an online CLAT preparation platform. A student at NLSIU becomes an author. A few more armed with law degrees from Harvard and the like start Moolis, a restaurant in UK. GoSports is yet another interesting venture of Mr. Nandan Kamath, again from NLS.


I too am a wannabe entrepreneur and love reading about the whos, hows and whys of this field. Here is a little piece for your consideration.


A request: First, please read the poem in its entirety.

Then come back to the tips in bold and read the paras which follow.

It will make for a better reading.



Tip 1: Think over it. Think big. And while thinking, haste while you wait.

When thinking what to think,

The hollow éclair that your soul is,

Yes it drinks,

A glassful of ecstasy, so vivid,

That for ‘that thing’, so unique,

A recipe is laid.


Tip 2: You are informed. Now take the plunge. Go with the pulse. Don’t wait for things to be perfect.

The heart is not here, not there

Of mind and kind, you aren’t able to find

And then slowly, but suddenly

A sensation, so unearthly,

Guides your pulse, to ‘that thing’.


Tip 3: Books are good. Your mind is better. Be your own chef. Make something different.

The recipe isn’t fixed, sorry chef.

You can pamper it, to pamper yourself.

For ‘that thing’ is for you

Not for them

For them it’s just another read

For you it’s your soul’s creed.


Tip 4: Don’t worry too much. If you have the beat, the song will play on.

Worrying about rhyme? That’s not her need

For this little wonder

Compliments to your feel, your beat

And as the rivers, rhyme with the hills

Playing your game, to the team’s win

So does ‘that thing’, with your being.


Tip 5: Don’t be too proud of success. Keep up the passion. When the passion ends, the entrepreneur will die.

Till the thirst, the drink remains.

And as the last draught, dies inside

A drought sprouts; a cacophonous chime.

You lose your vain, she retains her pride.

And then Alas! The lines they end with that sip

After you recover yourself and lose the zing.

5 Good Websites

(National Entrepreneurship Network)

(They have ‘Startup Saturdays’ in many a places)

www.legalrebels.com (Legal Rebels who think very very differently)

www.dare.co.in (An Indian magazine on entrepreneurship)

www.entrepreneur.co.in (A foreign magazine on entrepreneurship)

(Please add if you have some others in mind).