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NLU Delhi

19 June 2015

AILET corrections: (b) now correct in each caseNLU Delhi’s All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) has corrected two errors in its question paper and revised its ranks.NLU Delhi’s All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) has corrected two errors in its question paper and revised its ranks.

09 June 2015

MPL 6: Rocking it.Two Indian teams scored huge points internationall and in the Mooting Premier League (MPL) 6 sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills recently at the ELSA and Manfred Lachs Space Moot Asia Pacific round.

05 June 2015

The answer key of the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2015 for entry into NLU Delhi’s LLB program, has two errors which have not been corrected, but the result of the exam has been published.

04 June 2015

NLU Delhi campaigns against sexismLaw student Aarushi Mahajan wrote a powerful piece in NLU Delhi’s Independent Student Newspaper Glasnost about her and other women’s experiences on the campus of one of India’s top national law schools.

29 May 2015

NLU Delhi’s nine-month-old death penalty clinic helped death penalty convicts Shabnam and Saleem win relief in the Supreme Court, which quashed their death warrants on Wednesday after having stayed their execution earlier in the week.

The clinic, according to its press release, coordinated the legal representation for Shabnam and Saleem who in 2008 had, together as lovers, murdered Shabnam’s family and were sentenced to death in 2010 by a sessions judge in Amrohi. Their death penalty was later confirmed by the Supreme Court and six days after the confirmation their death warrants were handed down. They had filed criminal appeals before the Supreme Court which dismissed these appeals on 15 May 2015.

Senior advocates Raju Ramachandran and Anand Grover, representing the petitioners in Shabnam v. Union of India & Anr and National Law University, Delhi through Death Penalty Litigation Clinic v. Union of India & Anr, challenged the hasty award of death warrants and, according to the release, “emphasised the importance of adhering to constitutionally compatible procedures when decisions with an irreversible impact on an individual’s life are taken by the State”.

The death warrants were issued before Shabnam and Saleem could file review petitions or curative petitions, for which the law gives them 30 days, reported the Indian Express.

Justices AK Sikri and UU Lalit held that the death warrants were awarded in “undue haste and were unwarranted” and “ignored the legal and constitutional options (open court review petitions and mercy petitions before the Governor of Uttar Pradesh and the President of India) available to [Shabnam and Saleem]”.

The Supreme Court, through this judgment, has laid down a clear procedure for issuing death warrants which can only be issued after all legal and constitutional remedies have been exhausted. The court also noted that even when death warrants are sought principles of natural justice and due process of law cannot be ignored.

NLU Delhi’s death penalty clinic is currently working on the legal representation of around 30 prisoners sentences to death.

31 March 2015

MPL 6: Rocking it.NLU Jodhpur has dethroned NLU Delhi and NLS from their long standing top spots at MPL 6 standing. NLSIU, with its splendid performance, now ranks 2nd followed by NLU D which slipped to the 3rd place.

26 March 2015

MPL 6: Rocking it.With NLSIU Bangalore winning the Oxford IP moot, the difference between NLU Delhi and NLSIU has now been reduced to 1 point in the Mooting Premier League (MPL) 6 sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills.

26 March 2015

Abhish Mathew: Sexist pig or hand sanitiser?The NLU Delhi students who protested a stand-up comedy act by Abhish Mathew on campus, which attracted considerable media attention and controversy, have written an open letter signed by 15 students and supporters defending their right to protest, even if it disrupted the performer.

23 March 2015

Scroll reported:

A comedy performance by Abish Mathew at the National Law University in Delhi on Sunday took a funny turn. Fifteen minutes into the act, a group of female protesters showed him the finger and walked out of the audience. Soon after, they returned with more people and a placard reading, ‘Get Out Sexist Pig’, ostensibly to protest against the sexist jokes that Mathew had cracked

An article in the unofficial NLU Delhi blog Glasnost criticised the use of the placard and protest as impinging on Mathew’s freedom of expression though the protesters were also exercising their freedom of expression.

17 February 2015

MPL 6: Rocking it.The weekend of three grand moots, including India’s best and India’s second-oldest moots, saw some law schools managing to upset the MPL 6 pecking order, while others held on steady to the top spots.

10 February 2015

MPL 6: Rocking it.NLU Delhi is now on 99 points in the Mooting Premier League (MPL) 6, sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills, managing to remain just 11 points ahead of NLU Jodhpur.

05 January 2015

The All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2015 which will be conducted by NLU Delhi on 3 May, can be applied for until 7 April, reported Bar & Bench.

NLU Delhi will conduct the AILET in 19 Indian cities for candidates interested in pursuing the BALLB (Hons), LLM or PhD degree at NLU Delhi.

09 December 2014

MPL 6: Rocking it.The team from NLU Jodhpur comprising of Rohan Tigadi, Sanjana Srikumar and Sagar Gupta has won the South Asian Rounds Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. 

17 November 2014

NLU Delhi students are currently debating introducing buffalo and pork meat in its mess food menu, after the mess committee proposed the move for “diversity” in the menu, and invited student comments.

The law school’s unofficial student newspaper Glasnost states in a post from yesterday:

In a historic and bold move, the student run Mess committee is considering offering Buff (Buffalo meat) and Pork on the menu. They announced it in an email to the student body yesterday, in which they recognised it to be a contentious issue and invited opinions and objections from the students. The Mess committee in a later email stated that this move was intended to increase diversity in the menu to cater to the needs of everyone on campus. This started a lively debate with heated opinions, the email thread hit a century within a few hours. While many students responded with shouts of joy and expressed complete support, some opposed the move strongly, including threatening to leave the common Mess.

Hat-tip to Lawctopus which first reported the news.

14 November 2014

NLU Delhi will conduct the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2015 on 3 May, for admission to its LLB, LLM and PhD programs.

NLU Delhi does not participate in the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) for admission to one of 16 participating national law universities.

The date for CLAT 2015 has not been announced yet.

08 October 2014

MPL 6: Rocking it.NLU Delhi opened its innings at the Herbert Smith Freehills-sponsored Mooting Premier League (MPL) 6 with a bang, jumping into an early lead in the league.

03 October 2014

MPL 6: Rocking it.NLU Delhi has won the prestigious Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot.

25 September 2014

TLRNLU Delhi’s Centre for Communication Governance (CCG) has launched an online database of research-oriented reading references and videos on media law and policy.

17 September 2014

NLU Delhi fourth-year student Naman Mohnot has written and published a book on ragging.

He describes the book as the “first book of its own kind on Ragging, which encompasses each and every aspect of ragging viz., definition, psychological aspect, legal aspect, judicial trend, alarming statistics, role of different machineries etc”, and adds: “The book is not limit to these points, but goes beyond it and gives the steps to be followed after being ragged. Thus, this is the first benefit oriented book which provides social steps, legal steps and other steps after being ragged.”

Mohnot’s book has a foreword written by senior advocate Ram Jethmalani and former Supreme Court judge Ashok Mathur, an introductory chapter written by former Supreme Court justice Arijit Pasayat and a prologue by NLU Delhi vice chancellor Prof Ranbir Singh.