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Delhi high court

21 January 2013

Indian Law Institute (ILI) Delhi director S Sivakumar may lose his post at ILI if his experience teaching PG courses in law, as a full time lecturer, is found wanting by the High Court (HC) of Delhi.

Delhi HC judges SK Kaul and Inderneet Kaur asked Sivakumar to furnish records of his teaching experience, within three weeks, after ILI’s executive committee validated his appointment despite right to information (RTI) replies from NUJS Kolkata and KLA Trivandrum disputing his claim that his teaching experience at those colleges made him eligible for the post at ILI.

The bench said:

This in our view is a serious matter as there may be an element of perjury either on behalf of KLA or on behalf of the director. We call upon him to file an affidavit setting out which is the date when he joined KLA and what courses he taught and for which period. [TOI]

19 December 2012

Scan0033Exclusive: The Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) executive committee (EC) called on lawyers to boycott the court’s additional judge Valmiki Mehta today, for his allegedly excessive imposition of costs on an unprecedented scale in matters before him, and for passing “brusque remarks” against “some senior lawyers”.

However, some general body members of the association opposed the “humiliating” view.

23 November 2012

Delhi high court by day from website small The Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) yesterday resisted the proposal of the Delhi high court to increase its original jurisdiction from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 2 crore, noting that it would inconvenience the litigant public, “affect the quality of the judgements” and decrease the opportunity for young lawyers to get “groomed” on the original side.

22 November 2012

The Delhi district court’s pecuniary jurisdiction may increase from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 2 crore after the proposal was considered in a meeting of judges of the Delhi high court yesterday, according to two independent sources.

Today rumours have been spreading in Delhi courts’ corridors via text messages that the change has been made.

The pecuniary jurisdiction was enhanced previously in 2002 from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. [DK Mahant]

Update: Formal confirmation from the Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) has arrived, that they have “made a representation” to the Delhi high court’s chief justice and other judges, taking “all steps necessary to safeguard the interest of the members” of the DHCBA. [DHCBA letter via DK Mahant]

21 November 2012

The Delhi high court has launched an online payment system for litigants and lawyers to pay court fees.

The system will allow court fee stamps to be bought online.

The high court’s computer committee will now examine also rolling it out to Delhi’s district courts. [The Hindu]

05 November 2012

DHCBA service tax on eat (via Facebook) The Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA) published a notice on Saturday that appears to have incorrectly explained the service tax (ST) rules on restaurant bills, urging its members, families, friends and clients to refuse to pay the correct amounts.

12 October 2012

In an injunction suit brought against NDTV news television network by ESPN, which was the broadcasting rights owner for the ICC T20 world cup cricket matches held recently, the Delhi high court prescribed guidelines for reporting of sporting events on news channels.

The following observations were made:

Footage of the matches is entertainment to the masses, therefore being “result-oriented reporting”. Injunction can be granted even if there is fair-use of the footage if the reporting is not result-oriented.

Footages can be used while reporting sports events in both hard news and sports news programs, but only if the programs were pre-existing news format programs rather than designed for a particular sports event. Also special premium can not be accepted or solicited from third parties for airing advertisements during these programs.

Quick broadcasting of footages by news channels would harm the economic interests of the original investors of the event, but stale news is no news and therefore news has to be reported while it remains current. A lifespan of 24 hours is agreed upon.

For special sports news programs, news channels have two options: Either air an ad specifically targeted during the programs and don’t use the footage, or use the footage but don’t air any advertisements [Spicy IP]

01 October 2012

Delhi HC registrar general proposes to charge public ex-chequer more than Rs 88 lakhs for maintaining orderlies for retired judges of the HC.

He asks for 55 orderlies to be provided at the residences of the retired judges. The orderlies will be appointed at the monthly basic pay of Rs 11,880, while the monthly basic pay of a court attendant is only Rs 7,200 [Daily Pioneer]

27 September 2012

The Supreme Court lifts stay on Delhi high court’s court fee hike after Solicitor General Rohinton Nariman tells the court that the stay would cause irreparable harm to the state.

He said that the state was losing an average sum of Rs 1.5 crore every day due to the stay, and it would be impossible to recover this amount even if the constitutional validity of the Act prescribing the fee hike is later upheld. [Express]

The Delhi high court bar association had filed a public interest litigation in the high court against the Court Fee (Amendment) Act 2012 by which the present court fee was increased tenfold.

27 September 2012

Delhi high court forces Delhi's auto-rickshaws to install compulsory GPS and bill-printing machine that would cost Rs 13,500 + Rs 5,000 annually.

The HC's move was aimed to curb over-charging of passengers but with the transport department already burdened with unmanageable paperwork, tracking every auto's honesty will be impossible, argues Kafila blogger Simon Harding.

The systems could also add hardship for auto drivers, most of whom rent their vehicles, which would probably mean auto drivers are encouraged to haggle even more with passengers to make ends meet [Kafila/ Nyayabhoomi]

18 April 2012

imageEveryone’s talking about the cat that accidentally got out of the bag. Private screenings of a video featuring two people are being organised around town.

Reviews have been not been flattering. The video “deserves a PG-13 rating”, says one who saw it. “It’s a bit like a bad Hindi movie which usually shields anything remotely sexual with a flower or some such inane object.”

17 April 2012

Alleged Sex, alleged Lies, alleged video CDs The Delhi High Court has ex parte ordered three media houses against publishing a digital video allegedly depicting “sexual acts” of senior advocate and Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi, which the politician alleges is fake and an attempt by his former driver at extortion.

16 April 2012

Gavel The result of the Delhi Judicial Service (preliminary) exam 2011 was rescinded for 6974 candidates who did not qualify for the main exam after a Delhi high court division bench ruled against the Delhi high court registrar general in a writ petition by aggrieved examinees.

30 May 2011

The contentious Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) election has now been challenged in the Delhi High Court, claiming that the use of electronic voting machines was unconstitutional and the election results invalid. This follows incumbent candidate Ram Jethmalani having strongly questioned his defeat at the hands of PH Parekh in mid-May.

26 May 2011

A low-intensity explosive blast shook the Delhi High Court premises’ car park yesterday.

29 April 2011

Breaking Exclusive: The Delhi High Court has stayed the imposition of service tax on individual advocates under the Finance Act 2011, according to two lawyers with knowledge of the case.

08 March 2011

imageIn the last two decades the Delhi and Mumbai High Courts appointed only three female senior counsel each out of a total of 122 and 81 new senior advocate designations awarded by the courts reveals Legally India’s exclusive year-on-year analysis of senior counsel elevations in the country’s top two high courts.

But the senior prospects at the bar are actually bleak for both sexes.

11 February 2011

delhi_high_court The Delhi High Court has designated Delhi Bar Council Chairman Rakesh Tiku and nine other advocates, including two female lawyers, as senior counsels in a full court room meeting on 27 January.

28 May 2010

digital-matrixThe Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has sought time to respond to a public interest litigation (PIL) in Delhi High Court, which alleges that the Registrar of Companies (ROC) discriminates against lawyers by only allowing chartered accounts, company secretaries or cost accountants to certify electronic submissions to the corporate registrar.