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Delhi district court

17 March 2015

Meet the LRLDelhi Barfly goes anthropological, and describes some of the lawyers you’ll meet in Delhi’s colourful district courts ecosystem.

25 February 2015

Women: Minority leadersSix women sit huddled in one corner of the administration room in Patiala House court complex, surrounded by a sea of smiling men.

16 February 2015

QueuesDelhi court staff crib about government-run dispensaries that stock little else but Paracetamol in this time of mucus and mouth-breathing, coupled with apathetic doctors.

10 July 2009

The bench has called an extraordinary meeting to deal with lawyers' growing violence against judges, after a group of lawyers allegedly assaulted a District Court judge on Wednesday.

Delhi lawyers Vikas Gupta and Rekha Sharma allegedly slapped Additional District Judge Pankaj Gupta on Wednesday. Gupta was arrested outside Rohini Court early on Thursday morning before a crowd of lawyers and leaders of the lower court bar gathered.

The Judicial Officers Association issued a press calling a general meeting to discuss the growing number of incidents of court room hooliganism.

Bar Council of India chairman SNP Sinha told Legally India: "I don’t know the full facts of this case but if it is true then it is deplorable. This is not the way a lawyer should conduct himself in the court."

The bench has also formed a fact finding committee to investigate the case under the chairmanship of senior advocate A S Chandhioke.

Sources told Legally India that bar leaders have attempted to settle the matter amicably out of court but that the judicial officers have not responded.

Gupta's lawyers have failed to secure bail for their client and he remains in custody.

Senior advocate A S Chandhioke said: "It is a very unfortunate incident and should not have happened. We will look into the issue and I am hopeful that the Bar Council and the Bar Association concerned shall do whatever is necessary."