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campus recruitment

04 April 2017

NLSIU Bangalore’s Day Zero of recruitments yesterday (3 April) has yielded 30 job offers, alongside a record 20 pre-placement offers (PPOs), of which a total of 34 job offers were accepted.

03 April 2017

Seven law firms have made 24 offers to NLU Delhi students by its Day Zero of 2018 recruitments on Saturday, 1 April, with 20 NLU Delhi students having now bagged jobs upon graduation.

19 July 2016

GLC Mumbai’s 2016 batch has confirmed a total of 95 jobs for roughly 600 odd students in its three- and five-year LLB courses, with 60 students placed via the placement cell, and 35 via candidates’ personal endeavours.

30 May 2016

Nalsar Hyderabad placed 41 students on Day Zero of campus placements for its LLB class of 2017, with all the “Big Seven” firms except JSA, foreign firms Allen & Overy, Linklaters and Herbert Smith Freehills, and five other recruiters.

21 May 2016

It's not the 80s anymore, jobs don't just land in your lap (unless you're at... just kidding, they don't)There are no surprises on which law schools outperform the others where campus recruitments are concerned. The older national law universities (NLUs) – which also lead in the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) law school preference rankings – have the upper hand when it comes to attracting the best recruiters, the earliest.

21 May 2016

This is a chronological index of all campus recruitment stories on Legally India, and the stories are grouped under the law schools about which they report (in no particular order).


  1. Day Zeros demand from amarchands divided offsets drop in 2017 recruitments from others via mint
  2. Law schools recruitment power rankings 2013 14
  3. Supreme court judicial clerkship stipends hiked to rs 25k attractive enough
  4. Eight more campus hires for luthra NLS next
  5. ILS Pune launch qcorporate cellq to bolster job prospects

NLSIU Bangalore

  1. NLSIU 2017 day zero success 33 places as shroff brothers pick up 17 plus 1 big money a o training contract
  2. NLSIU bags 29 big six jobs 4 foreign jobs 100 campus success for class of 2015
  3. NLSIU sews up 32 day zero jobs ppos 4 foreign internships
  4. 42 jobs for 77 NLSIU 2014 grads
  5. Day zero 33 NLSIU fourth years bag early jobs amarchand khaitan heaviest
  6. Traditional recruiters tug lighter at NLS Bangalore 2012 grads luthra goes strong desk jobs number less
  7. NLS day zero
  8. earlybird record luthra khaitan on top as 7 firms hire 29 NLS 2012 grads
  9. students under the gun amarchand v trilegal in early NLS campus swoop 48 hour offers
  10. easy money for NLS Bangalore 100 jobs strong domestic intl firm interest
  11. indian UK recruiters scoop 48 NLS Bangalore 5th years

NALSAR Hyderabad

  1. NALSAR 2015 final campus recruitments
  2. NALSAR Hyderabad 2016 batch wins 35 39 jobs after successful day zero
  3. NALSAR recruitment 2014
  4. NALSAR 2015 day zero new academic model reaps 29 jobs including two rs 100 lakh foreign jobs
  5. NALSAR RCC maintains score with jobs for all 43 2012 participants bar aspirants lead non participants
  6. 2013 recruitment Day Zero at NALSAR GNLU NLIU amarchand trilegal hire 30
  7. NALSARs super early recruitment day zero bags 29 law firm jobs for 4th years
  8. NALSAR 2011 59 desk jobs 8 llms with in house filling up 100 rcc quota
  9. Nearly half of NALSAR finalists find law firm homes amarchand tops campus recruitment
  10. NALSAR Hyderabad recruitment at 95 as hiring into in house roles doubles litigation two sided

NUJS Kolkata

  1. NUJS 2017 jobs at least 40 but college hopes to keep exact number secret
  2. 2015 NUJS batch of 106 secures overwhelming 78 jobs through rcc
  3. NUJS Kolkata 2014 final recruitment tally
  4. NUJS 2015 day zero 27 accepted jobs 5 foreign firm opportunities
  5. NUJS 2012 placements
  6. NUJS day zero 41 jobs for 2012 grads from foreign domestic recruiters
  7. result for all 75 NUJS grads into desk jobs plus 3 foreign firms 5 llms 2 start ups
  8. NUJS finds early law firm homes for 30 finalists
  9. return to form 94 per cent NUJS finalists to secure jobs
  10. amarchand finishes 2010 recruitment run at NUJS

NLU Delhi

  1. NLU Delhi places 21 students after day zero cyril and probably shardul top recruiters khaitan luthra trilegal take 6
  2. NLU Delhi dished out 44 jobs for 2015 grads 15 with big six in house preference grows
  3. NLU Delhi day zero flying start
  4. NLU Delhi places 45 out of 73 2014 grads
  5. NLU Delhi 12 day zero offers 10 jobs in bag 3 foreign vac schemes for 2015 batch
  6. day zeros NLU Delhi rcc confirms 12 jobs 3 vac schemes jindal on 8 and 2 white case
  7. NLU Delhi first batch scores five law firm jobs after day zero ditched

NLIU Bhopal

  1. NLIU Bhopal places 48 out of 89 in class of 2015
  2. NLIU s top secret day zero yields 23 jobs from biglaw jsa icici for 50 of eligible students
  3. NLIU Bhopal places 38 out of 81 2014 grads
  4. recruitment forecast bleak at NLIU Bhopal as amarchand and lpo flag off day zero
  5. NLIU 2012 batch 31 jobs across amarchand icici lpos as judiciary proves popular
  6. NLIU Bhopal recruitment nearly measures up to last year with 33 desk jobs
  7. khaitan a co on top as NLIU Bhopal first recruitment round places 18 students across six recruiters
  8. NLIU Bhopal recruitment committee hits 96 offers law firms soak up half the talent

NLUO Cuttack

  1. NLUO bags 24 jobs for 2015 grads law firms lead hirers

CNLU Patna

  1. CNLU Patna 2015 recruitments
  2. CNLU Patna 2014 grads get 17 jobs
  3. CNLU Patna
  4. CNLU improves placement record with lpos air law firms as faculty fumbles figures
  5. CNLU calls off hunger strike after three recruiters visit campus

HNLU Raipur

  1. HNLU 2015 batch wins jobs for 58 students out of 146 3 cyril amarchand trilegal wadia g 2 khaitan
  2. HNLU placement 2014
  3. HNLU 2013 final recruitments
  4. 12 jobs 0 law firms turn up at HNLUs abhanpur campus
  5. HNLU Raipur batch innovates via ppos to negate location for 75 desk jobs
  6. HNLU recruitment edges up to 61 azb other top firms swear by school

GNLU Gandhinagar

  1. GNLU bags 24 top tier biglaw jobs after its day zero yesterday as amarchand hires 12 to overtake khaitan as biggest day zero hirer
  2. GNLU keeps placement statistics secret
  3. GNLU ' s secret day zero
  4. more desk jobs amarchand offers for GNLUs mammoth batch than NLS NALSAR

JGLS Sonepat

  1. JGLS recruitment 2014
  2. jindal global law school scores 91 per cent jobs for miniature first batch of 23

NLU Jodhpur

  1. NLU Jodhpur 48 jobs for class of 87
  2. 12 day zero offers for NLU Jodhpur
  3. NLU Jodhpur 45 final years get jobs as 4th years place 14 on day zero
  4. all NLU Jodhpur finalists find jobs law firms lpos take half ashurst one


  1. AIL Mohali places 35 out of 80 2014 grads

RGNUL Patiala

  1. RGNUL places 6 out of 70 in 2014 graduate class
  2. one fifth of RGNUL Patiala final year with jobs
  3. RGNUL Patiala 2nd batch 53 jobs most in court 20 in law firms
  4. first jobs for current RGNUL Patiala grads after new vc tackles admin delays


  1. Nuals Kochi 26 out of 65 find jobs
  2. Nuals Kochis national maiden batch 24 non lit 7 foreign llm 4 senior lit

RMLNLU Lucknow

  1. RMLNLU Lucknow 45 out of 150 placed
  2. RMLNLU brings down class size ups placements NUJS NLIU
  3. 32 lohiyan 2012 graduates find jobs as RMLNLU batch doubles to 154
  4. RMLNLU debut batch opts for bench amarchand icici recruit most


  1. ILS Pune placements go from 100 to 19 per cent in 4 years

CHRIST Bangalore

  1. ppos save placement record as Christ laws 2nd graduating batch hosts fewer law firms
  2. Christ college bootstraps first batch placements attracts mix of recruiters


  1. Amity law school delhi grads score 44 law firm jobs 15 lpo

GLC Mumbai

  1. Classical recruitment mix at GLC Mumbai with bar solicitors llms 50 desk jobs
20 May 2016

HNLU Raipur placed almost half of its LLB 2016 graduate class – out of 146 graduates, 10 sat for campus placements and 61 accepted law firm, in house legal department and LPO offers. Seven graduates got jobs with four of the Big 7 law firms.

20 May 2016

NLIU Bhopal: 50% had already won top-paying jobs one year before graduationNLIU Bhopal has placed 25 of its 2017-graduating students on its Day Zero of recruitments held between 1 and 3 April 2016, with a mix of large law firms and two corporates.

12 April 2016

Graphic via MintBoth sides of the now divided Amarchand Mangaldas family empire have considerably increased their recruitments for 2017 from top law schools, many top firms have filled up their quota from recruits from top law schools already.

08 April 2016

NUJS Kolkata placed at least 40 fourth year students in seven big Indian law firms, confirmed the recruiting firms after the NUJS recruitment coordination committee (RCC) declined to disclose its statistics citing “university policy”.

03 March 2016

hgau4fu0NLIU Bhopal placed 48 out of 89 graduates in its batch of 2015. 11 Companies, including one NGO, recruited 19 graduates and 12 domestic law firms hired 20 graduates, with 10 students joining three Big Six firms. Five graduates joined two legal process outsourcing companies (LPO).

19 August 2015

NLU Odisha: Getting olderNLUO Cuttack brought home 24 jobs for this year’s class of 109 graduates, after 81 enrolled in the campus placement process. Biggest share of the pie went to law firms.

31 July 2015

NLSIU BangaloreNLSIU Bangalore placed all 54 graduates who opted for campus placement in its class of 71 students who graduated in 2015. The Big Six firms took away more than half of the recruited graduates.

15 July 2015

CNLU Patna placed 11 out of 23 students who sat for placements in a batch of 64 graduates this year, while six students of the batch were recruited outside campus. The Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) sector claimed the maximum placed graduates.

05 June 2015

NUJS 2015 batchNUJS Kolkata’s class of 106 students graduating this year secured 78 jobs on and off campus, all 78 jobs being bagged by the 78 students who participated in on-campus recruitment (CRC).

01 June 2015

Nalsar Hyderabad’s class of 74 LLB students graduating this year have secured 52 jobs with domestic and foreign law firms, in house, Big Four consulting and other organizations. Khaitan & Co and Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas were the largest recruiters from the batch.

22 May 2015

HNLU Raipur placed 58 students in this year’s graduating batch of 146 students with corporate and litigation law firms, advocates, legal process outsourcing companies (LPO), government departments and CLAT coaching centres.

19 April 2015

Nalsar Hyderabad has placed 39 out of 81 students with confirmed jobs after its Day Zero of recruitment on 11 and 12 April.