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bar exam

The All India Bar Exam (AIBE) is conducted by the Bar Council of India (BCI), more or less once a year.
28 February 2011

examination-hall_by_comedy-nose Exclusive: The Bar Council of India (BCI) has today managed to get the bar exam petition filed by three former GLC Mumbai students transferred from the Bombay High Court to the Supreme Court (SC) after its counsel moved an affidavit urging the court to club together the ongoing litigation with other such challenges.

27 February 2011

examination-hall_by_comedy-nose iPleaders and Legally India present BarHacker: a bespoke crash course that can guarantee that you will pass the first All India Bar Exam next Sunday (6 March).

Exclusive: Take realistic full-length mock bar exams, take with you vital indexes to the unwieldy Bar Council of India (BCI) study materials, get direct video instruction and much much more.

22 February 2011

Hall admission passes for the 6 March all India bar exam will also be available for download over the internet, announced the Bar Council of India (BCI), also revising upwards from 37 to 143 the number of applicants who had not yet received any study materials in the post.

18 February 2011

Legally India newsletter

Satyam settled a New York class action law suit against its shareholders for $125m. But was it good news for India?

18 February 2011

Gopal-Subranium-Solicitor-General-BCI-chairman Admit cards and hall passes for candidates sitting the all India bar exam on 6 March will be dispatched by registered post or will be available at the exam venue, Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman and solicitor general Gopal Subramanium said today.

14 February 2011

examination-hall_by_comedy-nose Exclusive: Contradicting earlier Bar Council of India (BCI) claims, the lawyer of one group of petitioners challenging the all India bar exam said that a large number of students had not yet received their study materials, following an adjournment of today’s Bombay High Court hearing to 23 February.

03 February 2011

Only 377 applicants out of 22,267 have not completed their bar exam forms correctly, while only 38 have not received their study materials, according to Bar Council of India (BCI) records released today.

02 February 2011

examination-hall_by_comedy-nose Breaking: The Bar Council of India (BCI) said yesterday that all 22,267 applicants for the all India bar exam have been sent their preparation papers and that the first exam go ahead as planned by 6 March 2011.

12 January 2011

examination-hall_by_comedy-nose Exclusive: The Bar Council of India (BCI) has again declined to disclose detailed information in respect of its contract with the company running the postponed all-India bar exam, following an appeal to an earlier right to information (RTI) request.

However, the BCI has now reversed its response to the original RTI and claimed that it did in fact solicit tenders from competing service providers - Tata Consultancy Services, Sify and Imaging Solutions - before it awarded the contract to Rainmaker.

20 December 2010

image Colleagues, students, friends and family are mourning the tragic loss of recent Nalsar Hyderabad graduate and legal campaigner Fatehpal Singh who passed away on Friday following a road accident last week.

13 December 2010

examination-hall_by_comedy-nose Exclusive: The Supreme Court today allowed the Bar Council of India’s (BCI) transfer petition clubbing together six high court writ petitions challenging the all India bar examination (AIBE) but declined to hear the exam’s constitutional validity just now citing its postponement to March next year.

03 December 2010

Legally India newsletter

This week the Delhi bar council settled what sounded like quite a violent fist and pistol fight between two elected members, allegedly.

02 December 2010

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has published the pro-forma undertaking that 2010 graduates will need sign before practising, agreeing to take and pass the bar exam in future.

30 November 2010

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has circulated a resolution to state bar councils to make 2010 graduates give an undertaking to pass the bar exam before practising law.

29 November 2010

barcouncilofindia.org-bar-examThe Bar Council of India’s website has officially confirmed that the bar exam has been postponed to 6 March 2011, although only shortly afterwards the website went offline after the domain name barcouncilofindia.org was not renewed.

27 November 2010

Legally India newsletter

After a long slumber, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) fired its first warning shot across the bow of corporate India this week, allegedly slapping Kingfisher Airlines with a maximum fine of Rs 1 crore for not having played along with investigations.

21 November 2010

examination-hall_by_comedy-nose Latest update: All 2010 law graduates may be able to practise law subject to giving an undertaking they would clear the all-India bar exam within two years, according to a bar council source.

21 November 2010

In an unexpected turn the all India bar examination (AIBE) transfer petition may now be scheduled for hearing by a division bench on or after 29 November according to one authoritative source, with completion of the summoning process making way for adjudication on merits.

19 November 2010


The Legally India poll on what the Bar Council of India (BCI) should do next about the bar exam attracted more than 500 (genuine) voters, with 69 per cent of self-proclaimed grads wanting the exam cancelled in 2010.

A total of 13 per cent want the exam to be scrapped forever, while roughly the same percentage were content with an exam in March, subject to them being allowed to practice until then.

Less than 5 per cent think the BCI should hold the exam on 6 March and not allow graduates to practice until after they pass it.

This is a fairly unexpected result, also judging by the regular comments left on Legally India by disgruntled students. And after all, most graduates can be expected to vote in their own interest and in favour of making their life easier by not having to study for and sit another exam.

Perhaps more interesting than the results, however, was a technical glitch.

Due to a technical error on Legally India, which was entirely my fault, multiple voting was possible on the poll in the first 24-odd hours.

Total votes rapidly climbed to more than 1,200. We fixed the error when we noticed it by consolidating all duplicate votes, reducing the total vote count to only 251 (don’t worry, no legitimate votes were lost, even of multiple voters!).

But on further analysis of the recorded voting data it became blatantly apparent that at least 15 voters had submitted between 50 and 120 votes each. Yes, 120!

And, of the worst offending duplicate voters every -  yes every single one - voted to have the exam cancelled either completely or just for the exam for the 2010 batch. Over and over again.

For the most click-happy voters this process took an average of between 10 and 30 minutes of repeatedly clicking “Vote”, “Back” and “Vote” again, or refreshing the page over and over again.

Now again, let me raise my hands and say that the only reason that this was even possible is because of my own clear and admitted negligence, and you can not expect a poll which allows multiple voting to not get abused.

However, several questions can now be asked, employing some cod psychology.

  1. Do some 2010 grads hate the idea of the bar exam so much they are willing to ‘cheat’ slightly and spend considerable time and effort to try and skew the results?
  2. Why did only those 2010 grads opposing the bar exam from being held spend so much time trying to rig an online poll? Some of those who voted for the other options did vote more than once, but roughly 90% of all of the almost 1000 duplicate votes wanted to scrap the exam.
  3. Do those opposing the exam completely this year or forever have lower moral standards about what, although benign, must have been apparent at the time was ‘cheating’. I.e., is opposing the bar exam the preserve of the ‘bad’?
  4. Do ‘good’ students who do not ‘cheat’ do not oppose the bar exam as vehemently?

Food for thought or random correlation?

And for the avoidance of doubt, no offence intended to any ‘cheaters’, nor is this blog meant to address any of the relative merits of having a bar exam or not having one, nor am I saying that it is wrong or right to oppose or support the bar exam. Nor, just to be clear, do I mean that all bar exam opponents are ‘cheaters’ (clearly not, judging by the poll result). All I looked at here in this blog was the statistical correlation between ‘cheating’ and not ‘cheating’.

Call it an unintentional psychological experiment if you will.

Anyway, should we hold another poll to find out what you think?

17 November 2010

An email from the BCI has confirmed that the bar exam date has been “pushed” and that the body would make a formal statement on 25 November.