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16 July 2015
SCOI Reports

Justice Katju's writ petitionOne of the many things that lawyers practising at the supreme and high courts hate most about the filing process is curing defects in the paperbooks. One of the many things that lawyers practising at the supreme and high courts hate most about the filing process is curing defects in the paperbooks.

10 December 2014
SCOI Reports

Bhushan: One of a kindIt won’t be long after you start practice in the Supreme Court of India that you come across the figure of Prashant Bhushan striding purposefully between the courtrooms.

30 September 2014
SCOI Reports

Court Witness delivers his verdict on the chiefA Chief Justice of India for 153 days is unlikely to leave a legacy behind. Somehow, this one did, explains Court Witness.

26 September 2014
SCOI Reports

RM LodhaAdvocate Abhik Chimni argues that CJI RM Lodha, who retires today, was a remarkable CJI made of the right idealistic stuff at the right time.

30 April 2014
SCOI Reports

SathasivamRights lawyer Monalisa argues that the former Chief Justice of India (CJI) P Sathasivam introduced a seldom-seen sensitivity into the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence and culture, though one major opportunity was clearly missed.

28 April 2014
SCOI Reports

SathasivamCourt Witness does former Chief Justice of India (CJI) P Sathasivam and asks, was he great? Or merely safe?

07 March 2014
SCOI Reports

Eight hateSupreme Court postcard writer and anonymous legal Twitter celebrity Court Witness returns, this time, full of hate (hate, hate. Hate).

12 July 2013
SCOI Reports

Grey skiesHave you heard about the senior advocate who “borrowed” paintings from a five-star suite and then got his client to pay for them?

08 February 2013
SCOI Reports

SH KapadiaAt precisely 10.30am on 28 September 2012, a packed courtroom rose in the Supreme Court of India’s Chief Justice’s Court, as chief-justice-designate Altamas Kabir and former chief justice of India (CJI) Sarosh Homi Kapadia – a little behind him - walked in to preside together in this court for the first and the last time.

03 August 2012
SCOI Reports

The Adjournment Game The Olympics are here once again. It is that time of the year when people around you start talking about sports no one has ever heard of and will never mention again for another four years.

For two whole weeks people will pore keenly over the progression of world records in discus throwing, the fitness of horses in the equestrian events and how the Koreans are essentially unbeatable in women’s archery. Then we can all go back to obsessing over cricket.

But in the spirit of things, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to the public a little known but fairly widely played sport called “The Adjournment Game”.

14 June 2012
SCOI Reports

Mukul-RohatgiCourt Witness: To experience firsthand what exactly happens when all hell breaks loose, visit the Supreme Court of India on a miscellaneous day.

27 March 2012
SCOI Reports

Altamas KabirIt’s four in the evening and shadows lengthen along the main corridor of the Supreme Court of India. It is Friday, a miscellaneous day, and all courts have completed their work in time to enjoy what passes for a busy lawyer’s weekend - Friday evening.

All except one court.

15 February 2012
SCOI Reports

Service law and the art of divination Court Witness explains the obscure practice of “service law”, which few outside the courts have ever heard of yet is plied by many advocates and clogs many a court room or miscellaneous day of the Supreme Court – 30 million such cases have been filed, estimated one judge recently.

30 November 2011
SCOI Reports

LawyersCollective_IndiraJaisingSupreme Court Insider: Verbal explosives were hurled across the aisle during the Sohrabuddin fake encounter hearing in the Supreme Court of India today between additional solicitor general Indira Jaising, senior advocate Ram Jethmalani and former solicitor general Gopal Subramanium.