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10 August 2020
Pre-law student Exclusive: The CLAT had last week been postponed indefinitely though now has a tentative date again, less than one month away*
03 August 2020
Pre-law student Students have understandably been on tenterhooks about whether the CLAT will happen on its scheduled date; equally understandably, the consortium has tough if not impossible decisions to make
29 July 2020
Pre-law student

After our report on Monday (27 July) of how cheating was practically possible and/or attempted (though not necessarily successfully) by a number of candidates taking the home-proctored Symbiosis Law Admissions Test (SLAT) 2020, a very daring / foolhardy and/or public-minded candidate who uploaded his entire cheating attempt to YouTube, has now removed the video and disowned his cheating attempt.

29 July 2020
Pre-law student

After initially criticising the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) national law universities' approach of holding centre-based law school admissions tests as everything from not “patriotic” and carrying the “risk” of “mass infection” of candidates and their families, NLU Delhi has done an about turn and announced that it too would hold a centre-based physical test.

28 July 2020
Pre-law student

NLU Delhi’s All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) exam has been postponed again from 18 August to an unspecified future date.

27 July 2020
Pre-law student

Reports and attempts have surfaced of how easy it had been to apparently circumvent some of the security measures in place for the home-proctored Symbiosis Law Admissions Test (SLAT), which was taken by around 20,000 aspirants this year for its five-year BA, BBA, LLB and LLB Honours programmes, according to an official with Symbiosis.

25 July 2020
Pre-law student

Following our report on 17 July of a particularly test-taker-unfriendly format in the first mock exam, the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) has tweaked its software for the second mock exam that has been made live today.

24 July 2020
Pre-law student

The LSAT-India sit-at-home online exam for law school aspirants, which started on Sunday (19 July) and has been continuing with testing sessions throughout the last week, has almost completed its run until this Sunday (26 July). And although it’s apparently not been without any hitches, those hitches may be useful lessons that should be heeded by the other bigger upcoming Covid-era law admissions tests.

17 July 2020
Pre-law student

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2020 had rolled out its mock exams today to registered students and apparently it is still a work-in-progress that may take feedback of students’ on board.

02 July 2020
Pre-law student

The Cold War-esque rivalry between NLU Delhi’s All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) and all the other national law universities’ (NLUs) competing Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) has intensified, with the former directly implying that the latter’s plan to conduct the admissions test would be unsafe and against government policy, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

30 June 2020
Pre-law student Diverging approaches as the CLAT will play it more old-school with an in-person test while the smaller AILET emulates LSAT model with online proctored exam.*
25 June 2020
Pre-law student CLAT is overwhelmingly likely to remain an English CLAT this year though very few other things remain certain about it