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Chudasama team of 18, with 4 sal partners, to join Shardul Amarchand; JSA retains one partner

Thanks, Roy, Singhvi, Gupta (top left, clockwise)Thanks, Roy, Singhvi, Gupta (top left, clockwise)

Four J Sagar Associates (JSA) salaried partners - Ashoo Gupta, Mithun Thanks, Ashni Roy and Gaurav Singhi – and around 13 to 14 other fee-earners will be joining senior JSA partner Akshay Chudasama in his move to manage Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas’ Mumbai office.

The four retained partners will be joining Shardul Amarchand as salaried partners.

Salaried partner Jamshed Bhumgara, who was also part of Chudasama’s team and promoted to partnership in April 2013, has been retained by JSA with senior associate Manav Raheja, who has also worked with other partners than just Chudasama.

JSA managing partner Berjis Desai confirmed the departures and commented: “Entries and exits are as inevitable as death and taxes.”

Desai added that Chudasama’s and the others’ three-months notice period has been waived and they’ll be free move on after 31 May (Sunday).

He joked: “Surgery cannot be postponed for three months, particularly when the appendix wants to run away.”

Chudasama declined to comment when contacted.

Thanks, who specialises in corporate, M&A, private equity and regulatory, was promoted to salaried partnership in April 2013.

Roy – a corporate commercial, M&A, private equity, regulatory and policy lawyer – was promoted in April 2014.

Gupta specialises in general corporate commercial.

Singhi, a corporate and M&A lawyer, had joined from Wadia Ghandy in August 2014, where he had been promoted to partner several months before.

Team (Cyril) Amarchand Mangaldas (Delhi) Team (Shardul) Amarchand Manganldas (Mumbai)

Dhir & Dhir partner Rahul Goel
Kochhar partner Manishi Pathak
AZB Delhi partner Ritika Rathi
Clasis IP head Ashwin Sapra
MNK Law Offices partners Gyanendra Kumar, Anuradha Mukherjee and Srinivas Kilambi

Citi consultant Gokul Rajan & Jones Day associate Nikhil Naredia
Kochhar & Co partner Harry Chawla & Niti Paul

Gnarus Partners founder Rishi Anand
Khaitan associate partner Harsh Kumar

Raghuram Raju (ex-Dua Associates partner, ex-GC of Religare)
Luthra & Luthra partner Piyush Mishra
Khaitan & Co Delhi partner Gauri Rasgotra; and
Economic Laws Practice (ELP) partner Kirat Singh Nagra

JSA retained partners Mithun Thanks, Ashoo Gupta, Ashni Roy, Gaurav Singhi
JSA partner Akshay Chudasama
Bombay high court advocate Ameya Gokhale
Verus partner Jay Parikh
Khaitan associate partner Abhishek Sinha
Dudhat Pereira & Associates founder and former Udwadia Udeshi partner Radhika Pereira.
Khaitan associate partner Iqbal Khan
Khaitan & Co associate partner Deepto Roy

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Like +5 Object -10 hubba 27 May 15, 20:20  controversial
I must be comment number 1.
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Like +29 Object -3 Guest 27 May 15, 21:07  interesting  top rated
Id love to know what possible value the above comment was published for? Great moderation! keep up the standards..
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -2 Good one! 28 May 15, 11:10
Good one!
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -1 kianganz 28 May 15, 17:01
Agree that 'first' comments are kind of pointless, but they're also occasionally funny and not hurting anyone, are they, as long as they don't happen on *every* story...
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 Gulabjamun 29 May 15, 07:34
and the one here is funny? wah re!
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 01 Jun 15, 18:38
Firmly on the road to bringing the dwindling standards of general Indian journalism to legal journalism as well.. If that is what LI purports to be in the first place.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 #Hashtag 27 May 15, 21:22
That is huge!

All the best, Neety!
Reply Report to LI
Like +54 Object -5 Rabbi 27 May 15, 21:38  interesting  top rated  controversial
Terming someone an appendix is quite below the belt, right?
Reply Report to LI
Like +21 Object -1 Naw 28 May 15, 09:54  interesting  top rated
What he's saying is that just like an inflamed appendix, if a senior partner that's decided to quit is not removed urgently, he could become a major pain in the ass :-) He's also saying that just like with an appendix, the removal will have limited or no impact on the body/firm :-)
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Impressed 29 May 15, 09:42
Wish other law firms had such a professional approach. Instead a lot of places (CAM and SAM included) like to unnecessarily delay people with long extended garden leaves and notice periods making the entire process painful and unpleasant for everyone.
Reply Report to LI
Like +30 Object -0 vanquish 27 May 15, 21:47  interesting  top rated
“Surgery cannot be postponed for three months, particularly when the appendix wants to run away.”

Terrific sense of humour !!

these 4 salaried are quite lucky. I guess their take home would be around the 1cr + mark now at SAM !
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -2 DBS 27 May 15, 22:08
three month notice period waived off, does this happen often in Solicitor/Law firms here??
Reply Report to LI
Like +36 Object -1 Humour 27 May 15, 22:16  interesting  top rated
I like Berjis's statements. Seems like he has a good sense of humour.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -6 Jsa 27 May 15, 23:52
More like sour grapes disguised as "humour"
Reply Report to LI
Like +23 Object -1 Cholle Bhature 28 May 15, 10:34  interesting  top rated
Berjis has a terrific sense of humor. Good is an understatement...
Reply Report to LI
Like +51 Object -1 Fan 27 May 15, 22:17  interesting  top rated
Kudos to Berjis - very classy approach to an exit. Love his confidence and sense of humour - the man leads from the front. Why hang onto someone who wants to leave.
Reply Report to LI
Like +12 Object -1 CAM 28 May 15, 11:29  interesting
Very unlike the erstwhile AMSS.. Here they make people go on garden leave and make the exit as painful as possible..
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -3 Gulabjamun 28 May 15, 13:28
it is for a reason. AMSS didnt invent the concept of garden leave. It has always been waived when appropriate.
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -1 Azb 28 May 15, 20:09  interesting
No one in the world can compete with AZB when it comes to making exits difficult and painful.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Gulabjamun 29 May 15, 07:36
still have a decent PE practice?!
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -2 Dynamics 27 May 15, 22:21
With 4 salaried partners joining with AC, he will support them to build their books first and to make sure that his team is a performer in front of Shardul. This will be interesting for other corporate partners like Sinha who will now have to get substantial work (including rainmaking) to prove their existence in SAM. Dynamics are going to be very interesting.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -18 Sab ka pitaji 27 May 15, 22:47  controversial
AC stands for APPENDIX CUT! The most dispensable organ of the human body, the remnant of the tail. It's a non event, guys. Even after three years, SAM will not break even. Don't forget SAM is a STARTUP in Mumbai. After two years of guaranteed pay, the appendix will be jettisoned. It's all going to be SAM, BLAME, THANK YOU, CAM. The MAHABHARATA has begun, guys. This will be an unending soap opera.
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -1 Tamasha 27 May 15, 22:54  interesting
Excellent comment by Managing Partner Mr Desai on departure.

People enjoy new relationship for few months and then they realize old was gold.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -6 green lantern 27 May 15, 23:02
appendix wants to run away? that anology makes no sense. [...]. ironical how berj helped Cyril but berj's finest partner went to Sam's scene.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Marvel 28 May 15, 00:56
What do you mean 'helped'?
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 kat 28 May 15, 10:31
yeah, instead of appendix, it could have been cancer. The thing is Appendix is usually a surplus in the body though not harmful. While cancer is malignant. So, he wanted to say that its better to get rid of the appendix than wait for it to be a cancer.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -0 Gulabjamun 29 May 15, 07:36  interesting
tu law kyu kar raha hai?
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -2 Tere Naam 27 May 15, 23:45
Just not hoping AC is the next Berjis doing what he did in 2002-03. Hoping tht JSA will not be what UUB is now
Reply Report to LI
Like +11 Object -0 Pagle 28 May 15, 00:32  interesting
Never. Love Berjis' confidence!
Reply Report to LI
Like +28 Object -3 yo 27 May 15, 23:47  interesting  top rated
JSA is class boss. Pure class
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -7 class? 28 May 15, 01:10  controversial
[...] AC was more like a lung at JSA. To call him an appendix is just in bad taste [...]
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -4 Salaam 28 May 15, 05:37
Salaam to you Berjis for the confident and extremely elegant response. Sam is looking terrible in Mumbai . With every firm as its enemy . This will work superbly for cam as the entire Mumbai law firm community will rally behind cam against a common enemy .

Btw which category do these fall under - quality or quantity ?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 A bit much... 28 May 15, 22:38
Obvious statement dude, no one likes an additional competitor, someone else to share the pie, given that it sometimes leads to salary increases for existing talent and a race to the bottom in terms of fees charged to clients.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 kazam 28 May 15, 23:47
Rally and do what exactly?
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 duh 29 May 15, 01:34
What is this game of thrones??? You really get high on this shit don't you?
Reply Report to LI
Like +20 Object -25 Scott Hall 28 May 15, 07:10  controversial
Thanks, Singhi, Deepto and Jay. Shardul's Mumbai office will be ruled by NUJS
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -3 WTF 28 May 15, 16:01  interesting
Add Monal to that list please. That makes it 5 partners in SAM Mumbai from NUJS.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Gulabjamun 29 May 15, 07:38
and the award for Captain Obvious goes to..
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 new found respect for berjis! 28 May 15, 11:04
Amazing sense of humour! Berjis is just too good!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 lols 28 May 15, 11:06
Berjis seems to have an awsum sense of humor....would be a wonderful boss to work for
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Dhoom 28 May 15, 11:31
All the best to the partners and the team. Excellent set of individuals.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 Burge 28 May 15, 11:48
Wow, Berjis has such a great sense of humour.... why isn't he a stand up?
Reply Report to LI
Like +26 Object -1 Gulabjamun 28 May 15, 12:07  interesting  top rated
he does not desai-re it.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 Wrong 28 May 15, 15:07
No of people moving as part of AC's team seem to be inconsistent in the LI and B&B publications
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 kianganz 28 May 15, 16:59
Looks like B&B reported 16. Our largest figure of 18 comes from Berjis Desai directly, but there could be some fluidity still until everyone has moved?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 More 01 Jun 15, 01:18
There will be at least 20 more this FY
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 G 28 May 15, 16:02
Bhai koi mujko bhi le lo..
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Doctor Kaun 28 May 15, 17:21
Wait! Wait! But nobody told me the name of the doctor who is doing the surgery.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Mangled Ass 28 May 15, 21:10
This seems like a bitter exit here. In the top tier, CAM is generally known for making the most bitter and excruciatingly painful exits. Any other firm as bad? Please share experiences and stories.
Reply Report to LI
Like +66 Object -1 Johnny Leaver 28 May 15, 22:12  interesting  top rated
Quoting Mangled Ass:
. . . Please share experiences and stories.

My law firm exit was really painful. I just did not want to leave. They literally puuuusheed me out. First, the Managing Partner sent word through the office boy asking me to leave. I said "Ghanta." Then two associates coaxed me - but I did not relent. Then a senior partner spewed invectives and threatened me of dire consequences if I don't leave. I told him that what he was saying was a physical impossibility. Then one of them caught me by my collar and pulled me, but I resisted clinging on to my desk. Seeing this, two others caught each hand of mine and started dragging me to the door. I wrapped my legs around the office pillar. Finally, the Managing Partner himself (along with a few other clients, I think) emerged from his cabin, undid my legs from the pillar and they all carried me through the door, dropped me near the elevator and, before I could react, they ran inside the firm and locked me outside.

I finally let them go because I think they could not afford me.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 vantage 29 May 15, 13:48
from which Bollywood is this from??? LOL. Lemme think & come back!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Gulabjamun 29 May 15, 07:41
doing away with polyps cant be painless na? ;-)
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 things to come 29 May 15, 01:48
In my opinion, this is just the beginning of a war. Bergis loses 18 fee earners including partners. It doesn't mean he loses the work proportionately. So, he is going to hit the market, poach if not 18 then atleast 10. Someone needs to execute and may be find a rainmaker, if he is too lucky. Other firms who lose associates in this process, will follow suit. This will be a vicious circle. Market for laterals will become very active and big firms unstable. Winter is coming.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 29 May 15, 10:43
Just fed up of these GoT dialogues.. winter is coming...F&&& Me!!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Wake up! 31 May 15, 08:27
Looks like its full circle for Singhi and Jay.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 The Shield 01 Jun 15, 17:13
The Shield says : When winter comes, it is good to have Valeryn Steel by your side. Valeryn Steel can take care of appendices, rusty beards, white walkers and the occassional rat.

The Shield says be careful of the rats

The Shield is waiting and watching..
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 QWE 01 Jun 15, 19:44
berjis, you have a new fan! never heard a more classy, honest and articulate reply from a managing partner.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 classy 03 Jun 15, 16:24
I don't know how this is classy. Classy is when you hold back and graciously say all the best. To call someone who has spent years with you an appendix, is in bad taste. I am not one of those 18 but if I was, i wouldn't have liked it.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Desperate Law Student 03 Jun 15, 18:42
What Fun!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Point of view 03 Jun 15, 20:08
Don't you think that the ones who hold back and graciously give their best wishes are either diplomatic or cowards? And those there is no dearth of.
Reply Report to LI

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