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My recommendation
When are the 7th Gary Born Essay Competition Results coming out?
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SAMVAD Partners salary and culture
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Best botique firm in the market right now.
RGNUL placement stats of 13, really?
Gurgaon litigation firms: Any recommended?
What is the background/ experience check process, if any which is carried out by law firms? Which law firms are these?
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Current Moderator: A critique
Essentials to pitch yourself as a Trainee Associate to firms
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How is Arun Prabhu's team at CAM Bangalore? Have heard that the attrition is very high. Is that so?
Switched college late to Nalsar from Christ, will grad at 27: Did I mess up?
Does KCo Implement Differential Pay Policy?
Guest3 days ago
Is UPSC most honourable job and other careers are far below it.
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