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Post 6-months gardening, Cyril Amarchand’s Nikhil Naredi to cross over to Shardul Mumbai for cap markets boost [UPDATE-1]

Shardul Amarchand’s Mumbai capital markets practice has been headed up by partner Monal Mukherjee since 2015.

Nikhil Naredi: Makes switch from CAM to SAMNikhil Naredi: Makes switch from CAM to SAM

Former Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas partner Nikhil Naredi, who resigned around April 2017, will join Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas soon, according to several authoritative sources, although nothing has been signed yet pending expiry of Naredi’s near-six months of gardening leave from his former firm to date.

The capital markets partner would boost the capital markets practice in Shardul Amarchand’s Mumbai office, where only partner Monal Mukherjee had been specialising in the vertical after having moved from the firm’s Delhi office in 2015.

Clarification: In April 2017, capital markets partner Kaushik Mukherjee had also joined the Mumbai office as part of the mass-move from BMR Legal headed by Amit Khansaheb.

We had reported in June that Naredi was leaving Cyril Amarchand for personal reasons.

Naredi is a 2004 NLSIU Bangalore graduate and holds a 2012 LLM from Columbia Law School.

He had begun his career at erstwhile Amarchand Mangaldas, moving to Jones Day in 2009.

We have reached out to Naredi, Cyril Amarchand and Shardul Amarchand for the past two weeks but have received no comment.

There have been a small handful of partner moves between the two sides of the now estranged Amarchand Mangaldas empire.

Most recently, Shardul Amarchand partner Gaurav Singhi joined Cyril Amarchand in May 2017.

In October 2016, Cyril Amarchand’s Chennai partner Dorothy Thomas joined the elder Shroff brother's firm.

In July 2016, Shardul Delhi partner Asim Abbas joined Cyril's local office.

Update 18:32: Shardul Amarchand has sent a press release confirming Naredi's joining, with the following quotes:

Executive chairman Shardul Shroff said: “We are very excited about Nikhil joining the Firm. With his vast experience of over 13 years on a variety of securities offerings in India and abroad, his presence expands and strengthens the reach of our capital markets practice. With his addition, the Firm has 103 Partners across India.”

Mumbai managing partner Akshay Chudasama added: “He is a vital addition to the team and will help us further strengthen our relationship with our clients. He has considerable expertise on capital markets deals.”

Delhi-based national practice head, capital markets, Prashant Gupta, said: “Nikhil is a great lawyer and adds depth to our capital markets practice in Mumbai. We believe his addition makes us the best rounded practise across Delhi and Mumbai, with seven capital markets partners advising on equity and debt transactions.”

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Like +0 Object -12 For Kian 10 Oct 17, 16:46
Kian, you dont have proper knowledge. Kaushik Mukherjee also works as partner with capmark team at SAM, Mumbai. He came along with BMR team
Reply Report to LI
Like +13 Object -1 Uncle SAM 10 Oct 17, 17:03  interesting  top rated
Don't think he is part of the capital markets team - ask PG.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -11 Not Fair 11 Oct 17, 16:29
Bullsh*t snide comments. Kaushik is a really excellent capital markets lawyer. On par with PG and NN. He has great market repo with merchant bankers. I know this a I use to work with him and seen this first hand. People just get courage behind the anyonimity veil and try to insult good people. Kian you should do something about anyo
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 11 Oct 17, 16:34
Topically, we've just published a press release from AZB opposite SAM and Kaushik Mukherjee...:
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -2 Guest 11 Oct 17, 16:49
Slap on ass's face
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -6 Response 10 Oct 17, 17:20
What else does he do if not capmark. Can u [...] throw some light
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -2 The real PG 10 Oct 17, 17:33  interesting
Capmark? [...]
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -0 The Ass 10 Oct 17, 17:47  interesting
100 crore defamation suit for this report as well.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -2 sanjayg 10 Oct 17, 18:14
naredi is an older hand than prashant gupta but prashant is currently head
will naredi be co-head? kaushik will have to somehow play along which he will as both these naredi and gupta are more experienced.
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -2 Hoodibaba 10 Oct 17, 20:35
Aren’t Gupte and Kranti still around?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Wtfff 10 Oct 17, 21:53
Kaushik 2003, Naredi 2004, Monal 2006
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -5 CAM is sinking... 10 Oct 17, 19:35  controversial
Capital Markets is the only jewel in the crown at CAM
Nikhil leaving is a big blow... if Yash were also to leave, it would be game over!

Congratulations SAM! You guys are doing things slowly but surely!
Focusing on quality rather than quantity is the way to go.

Kian, will be interesting for you to do a leverage analysis. Makes a big difference from a client and associate perspective. Clients get a better service and associates get better training the lower the leverage. Where do things stand with desi firms?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 10 Oct 17, 19:41
We did a bit of leverage analysis a few years ago. I'm not sure whether the numbers have changed significantly, it may be worth updating?
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Not Fair 11 Oct 17, 15:09
He was sent on gardening leave. So its not like he resigned to go to SAM.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -13 For kian 10 Oct 17, 22:36
Shoddy work , kian. Despite intimating that even Kaushik is there in capmark, u didn't update your story
Reply Report to LI
Like +32 Object -0 Bro 11 Oct 17, 00:12  interesting  top rated
Bro, nobody cares. Get the hint.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Bystander 11 Oct 17, 11:09
Kian throw light on Kaushik controversy... Practice area can't be controversial
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 11 Oct 17, 13:44
Not that controversial I think - have added a note to the story that Mukherjee had joined SAM Mumbai in April, sorry for the delay in updating.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -2 Cap Marks Expert 11 Oct 17, 08:38
[...] Then there will be power tiff between PG and NN.
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -12 Camzay 11 Oct 17, 11:55  controversial
Best rounded practice? What you smoking bro. [...]. THE cap marks practice continues to be the holy trinity of Yash, Arjun Lall and Gaurav Gupte with Kranti being the cherry on the cake.

Reply Report to LI
Like +9 Object -4 CAMmie-Del 11 Oct 17, 19:14  interesting
CAM sinks again, not much can happen in an office where "You" notes is the basis of recognition. CAM management - please save Delhi, send someone good over from Bombay (Oops!, not many left), please hire someone new!
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Rahul S. 12 Oct 17, 12:30
what are You notes? what is wrong with CAM management. Can you please explain. I am graduating in 2018 from NLUD with offers from CAM-D and SAM-Mum, which one should I pick and why?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 ZBA 14 Oct 17, 00:42
Join CAM in the making
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Guest 24 Oct 17, 12:04
Sam Mumbai
Reply Report to LI

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