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Notion of a Law School

Remember the last day of your school life when you were all set to enter into new shoes leaving that you wore for past twelve valuable years. It felt as if we have achieved everything when we hold up our first degree certificate licensing us to join the bar. We are extremely happy to see something new, something good and challenging ahead in life and in all those joyous moments we never missed our school for once but as soon as we moved to a new institution we realized its importance in almost every aspects whether it was in terms of our childhood memories, our friends that we made, the kind of treatment we got from our teachers, which now a days is globally acclaimed that Indian institutions has the best possible teacher-student relationship, or the social, civic or moral values that we learned. As I talked in my last post ‘We miss it only when lose/leave it’.
It was the time for a fresh start, when every one tried to the best of their abilities to make to one of the finest institutions of the country or abroad. Some made it to good colleges and rest to an average one. As there is no bad institution reason being it raises question over integrity of the affiliating bodies like BCI, UGC etc. which determines their existence. Once you are accustomed with your surrounding you see two phases of a law school firstly you see college somewhat standing up to your expectations and secondly you are trying to be an exception to be accepted as per their expectations i.e, you now realize that you were not meant to be here but you are an unnecessarily imposed liability over the reputation of an institution by your conscience. Which leads you to ruin your career simultaneously ruin someone else’s reputation.
Every institution has its merits and demerits, some may be good at academics but bad at infrastructure. But do you think these things actually matters at any point of time in future. Well, I don’t think so, what actually matters is you and yourself. You meaning hereby your personality, the way you have been groomed up with best of personality, communication skills and spontaneity, and yourself is your ability to fight with the adversities, your managerial skill along with all other skills you posses which are add-ons.
Once you are in a law school you are automatically vested with some responsibilities and expected to stand by that. Your presence there, envisages you to be the next Mohandas K Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Kapil Sibbal, Ram Jethmalani etc. who are regarded as the best lawcrats India has ever produced. So coming down to a law school is not like going to just an ordinary college rather demands change in notion with supporting aggression.

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