DU law classrooms are so badly overcrowded that students have to share and bring in extra seatsDU law classrooms are so badly overcrowded that students have to share and bring in extra seats

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has fined the Delhi University’s law centres Rs 30 lakh and capped its total number of seats this year to around 1,000 fewer than last year, for defaulting on the payment of affiliation fees and for lacking in infrastructure, reported the Indian Express.

DU law, which first ran into trouble with the BCI in 2014 for allegedly defaulting under the Legal Education Rules 2008 which require it to request the BCI for inspection every three years, has been penalised again for the same issues after a stay of execution for the last two years.

Under the 2008 Rules, law colleges have to pay Rs 1.5 lakh per degree course every three years or every five years, respectively, for three-year LLB degrees and 5-year LLB degrees, in order not to lose the BCI’s affiliation.

The BCI’s inspection committee then visits law colleges and reports on whether their infrastructure meets the minimum requirements under the 2008 Rules, and renews or cancels the colleges’ affiliation.

DU law centres’ dean Prof Ved Kumari had earlier this year written to DU’s vice chancellor pointing out infrastructural deficiencies on campus such as not enough space in the classrooms to seat all students, according to a source with knowledge of the letter.

According to several sources on the DU law campus, DU has been admitting 96 students per class section but only has around 50 seats, which results in the remaining nearly 50 students left to stand to attend lectures, or not attend lectures at all.

The BCI had allowed DU to admit 2,310 students last year because the university had already advertised the seats and received applications for intake. This year the BCI has capped the total number of seats at 1,440.

Kumari had, according to the Express, written to the BCI after it imposed the fine in March, stating: “Request you to kindly waive off the penalty amount in view of the fact that the faculty is a public funded educational institution receiving grants from University Grants Commission (UGC), wherein no fund is allocated for the payment of such penalty.”

This is a DU classroom intended for 96 students This is a DU classroom intended for 96 students

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Like +2 Object -7 Guest 19 May 17, 17:14
Shocking that half the students don't even have place to sit in class! Just shows how ridiculous law school rankings that rank DU highly are.

Despite their deficiencies, NLUs are a million times better than DU. With the age limit for CLAT being removed, it is better for college graduates to lose two years and go for a 5-year NLU rather than the 3-year DU course. In fact, an undergrad degree in economics, political science or commerce may even help the student ace several papers, and eventually get a top job in the long run.

I request Legally India to please highlight these things in public interest. Many students get misled by India Today rankings and opt for DU after college, rather than go for an NLU. DU has become a garbage dump.
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Like +7 Object -1 tyger65 19 May 17, 19:56  interesting
Just look at the fees which has to be paid at DU and the fess of any NLU (Atleast 10L+ over a period of 5years). Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, if you take loan then you will have to take a corporate job/law firm job m. Now look at the placement scenarios at NLUs, its great if you are at nls nalsar and a few others, but you go beyond Jodhpur then the scenario is not so great. Not easy to get a good corporate job. And if you are less fortunate and endup in an New NLU then you will curse yourself (Eg-Ranchi.Assam.etc where there is lack of faculty/infra. etc etc.).
Also NLUs are not million times better, you look at the way they recruit faculty, not the ideal scenario vis-a-vis the UGC and BCI regulations, they also mould it in their favour.
College Grad. should utilise their youth, the demographic divided which india has will not justify itself if BA/BCom student again undergoes 5yrs LLB.
Also whether you have a Degree in Liberal Arts or not, if you end up at a TOP NLU you will have far far better job prospects if you endup in a newer NLU (beyond Jodhpur).
Also read the Constitution, its one of the 3 Universities to have mention in 7th Schedule as an Institute of National Importance.
Also many NLUs take a conscious decision of not to participate in Private organisation Survey or they may fulfill the criteria (eg- Inst. should be atleast 5years old, Placements etc.)
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Like +1 Object -5 Disco 20 May 17, 02:27
NLUs charge "at least" 10 lakh over 5 years?? Complete BS .Majority of them charge a lakh or below. Do not spread misinformation.
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Like +5 Object -0 tyger65 21 May 17, 00:46  interesting
Just read the latest prospectus of any NLU, no NLU is charging less than 1.2lakh. Dont make yourself a subject of ridicule by being ignorant. Check this http://www.livemint.com/Politics/Fl8PoH4CjdAbBAtLNrhecN/Cost-of-legal-education-shoots-up-as-younger-colleges-strugg.html these are 2015 figures, and they have not not reduced rather some of them have increased further.
Also, be updated and dont spread misinformation or as you wrote BS.
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Like +1 Object -0 DUGRAD 15 Jun 17, 00:31
LI is misguiding people by posting old pictures. It is a great college for anyone willing to do 3yrs LLB, do not get confused and misled by anyone.
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Like +3 Object -1 DUGRAD 15 Jun 17, 00:30
LI, Please do not defame DU Law faculty by posting old pictures. What you posted was from one of the old building, but now we have a new building which is quite sufficient, will all the infrastructures that a College of our stature would need.No where in my three years in the Law faculty have I faced the situation where the space was too less for everyone to seat(except maybe when we had a combined class). The BCI tussle with the DU law fac is only because of the politics and personnel grudges, So I would humbly request you to do some ethical journalism, rather than lying. If you can't get new pictures, then mail me, I will provide you some of it.....

And to all NLU kids, who are so arrogant(I like NLUs, but not this arrogant people who look down on everyone), let me remind you that you can never come close to what DU campus can offer overall:the exposure, the campus life, the freedom. So stop being a fool.
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Like +1 Object -0 Meh 21 Jun 17, 13:31
It is a very misleading photo.We have 3 buildings.The photo is of the building(lc-1) which has been dumped years ago.
A simple google search of "Faculty of Law Umang Bhavan" or similar phrases will give you the photos of our new building which became functional from 2015 itself.We have plenty of classrooms with a seating capacity of over 3000 students, We have lifts, underground parking, moot court hall, legal aid hall, conference hall etc, library, pantry, guest room, admin/professors' section etc. it's a 4-floor building along with the underground parking. We don't know what's BCI and our Dean is up to. There is no question of infrastructure anymore.
So, either it's a deliberate attempt to show the faculty in a bad light or just poor researching skills.
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