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30 March 2011
Fun, laughs and timepass

If, unlike apparently most of India, you’re in the office pretending to be productive instead of watching the Cricket World Cup, feel free to commiserate here and discuss match progress with other cricket-denied lawyers in the comments. ESPN is streaming the match live online. And if think it’s unfair that cricket is on par with a religion by creating a semi-official public holiday please feel free to share your thoughts too.

01 March 2011
Fun, laughs and timepass

I took some time out from a busy study schedule to pen this down. If you're amongst the blessed souls that are appearing for the inaugural AIBE, you might agree with some of my comments. If you're not, read on to find out why we're so disgruntled.


Here's the reasons, in no particular order; except maybe the reason appearing at number 1. 


10. Because its called 'AIBE'. Roughly translated in a certain Indian language, it means 'come'. Anyone remember that song where Govinda goes - Gharma jo 'AIBE' to hame ka khilaibe?


9. Because the State Bar Councils think it's a bad idea. The Bar Council of India thinks otherwise. Message to BCI - A tree is only as strong as its roots want it to be.


8. Because three students from GLC - Mumbai found the courage to slap the BCI with a writ.  


7. Because a lot of other people slapped the BCI with a writ too. Hopefully the BCI isn't funding the proceedings using the Advocates Welfare Fund. 


6. Because the BCI thought to themselves - "Legal education is way too inexpensive. Let's rob these future millionaires a couple more quid. And while we're at it, let the poor buggers spend some more time before the books".


5. Because the BCI made us give undertakings to the State Bar Councils that we shall not practice in a Court of Law until we successfully pass the AIBE. Hey BCI, undertakings from students is a sure confidence booster eh?


4. Because they made us write down our addresses, in BLOCK letters, and yet ensured that no one gets an examination centre that is anywhere near HOME.


3. Because this is how they designed our admit cards - 1. Scan name, address, and photograph on the application form filled in by examinee. 2. Pick random examination centre substantially distant from the address on the application form. 3. Print scanned information onto a sheet of unused paper. 4. Mail via UCP.


2. Because they printed the study material in two very neat columns and numbered the lines. Ironically, we Indians are not trained to start again from the first line once we have reached the bottom of the page. But we can count, and YOU numbered incorrectly from 20 through 30 - on all pages - in the entire study material.


1. Because of the video that instructs applicants on how to fill up the application form. I burst out laughing when the guy said "A dark HB Pencil. This is a normal dark HB pencil...". Then the video went on to show us a Black Ink Ball Point Pen and an eraser. And to make the video all the more spooky, they decided to use the same shelf of books as a background for most of the scenes. It's no coincidence that the shelf contained a book called 'Ghost'.