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7 years 6 months ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

I am pleased to be able to revive this thread. Three entertaining comments from the same person moved from a story as off-topic:

Lola Kutty
written by Anonymous guest, 22 April 2010 23:29
To No#3 - 'inspiring' law student

At the rate CIA declassifies its secret archives at the turn of a quarter century, Kian will release the Associate Survey of 2009 in 2034. Hopefully!

It would then serve as a great academic piece for researchers documenting the growth of the Indian legal consulting industry.

I'm sure you will not wait for that long.

Some threads earlier, Kian did mention that the 'gratification' is sometime away. Perhaps when 'gratification' is recieved, Kian would be in some hurry to claim some credibility. May be only that will expedite the survey.

But till then, please dont unnecessarily finger the 'hired gun' of various Indian law firms.

Kian we love you.

written by Anonymous guest, 23 April 2010 01:24

Moral turpitude fingering to a lawyer-turned-website runner? Running a dedicated website for law-firms... Really like the 'hired gun' theory - capitulate to the first bidder. Soul once sold, then sold to as many you like....willing to hired by one and all, same service USP.

Kian, have you ever visited or

From the first world, you really wandered all the way to a third world country to float a pulp portal?

You may resent being called a 'hired gun' but then the truth is that you run a "titillating website" - attracting eyeballs from comments section, and posting law firms' ad in the guise of newsbreaking. Your only USP is to run an almost unmoderated Comments Section, but perhaps that is only to get visitors.

You cater to the lowest denominator of curiousity. The Firm that I work at, My colleagues visit your site only for the interesting comments.

written by Anonymous Guest, 23 April 2010 01:49
This is too funny. Kian will now come out with a detailed response on how the survey was returning garbage values and it will still take some to decipher the data. Humble excuses. Or will narrate about his ideals and values. It is indeed curious why this website (Must I say, is really popular among associates, curiousity denominator notwithstanding) is run with a personality stamp. Forget websites tracking international firms, even Rainmaker does not manage its website (rather does it quite responsibly with crisply edited content, and no free for all comments section), like a personality fief. What is inherent for legallyindia in doing so?

Editor's response:
Dear Reader,

Thanks for your comment, although I do suspect that I may be feeding a troll .

Anyway, what more can I say, each to their own. You are clearly in a love-hate relationship with this site but I am glad that you nevertheless seem to be enjoying parts of it.

What I can respond, at the risk of repeating myself for the Nth time, is that I have no idea where this perception with a few comes from that we are taking money from law firms for writing flattering articles about them.

In case I need to say it again, unequivocally: No, we do not take money from law firms for editorial and no we will not do so. We are aware that other publications on the Indian legal market have done so and do so but we very definitely never want to go down that road for various reasons.

Even if Legally India never breaks even, I would rather shut the site down than go down that road.

I could also go into detail and the nitty gritty of exactly what goes into reporting news about a nascent sector like law firms in India but I will spare you your time and stamina. Maybe another day.

On another note, I think you make an interesting point. I never started Legally India with a definite plan of what it should become. It grew organically and in ways neither I nor anyone else expected or planned. I agree that the community and readers' contributions are now as important a part of the site as the editorial content.

I do not see why that is a bad thing, although sometimes comments can veer off topic and internet anonymity can cause some unsavoury behaviour (though luckily nothing as bad as this yet ).

However, we are starting to moderate comments more actively as the community grows to keep discussions relevant, interesting and as civil as possible, while still retaining some fun.

Comments are also valuable in bringing transparency in cases where a firm's supplied information is not accurate. We read all comments and take them on board in future coverage.

Finally, I would like nothing better than for readers to stop abusing me personally and for the site to stand as is, rather than having a "personality stamp". But LI is less than a year old and I hope that it and the legal market will mature together into something vibrant and professional.

If anyone is still reading, apologies for droning on.

Warm regards,

  • Anonymous
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8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

Dear Kian,

I really appreciate your promptness in responding to my comment.

Howver, despite your promptness you are still far away from answering my simple question, viz." How many ppl hvve left the firm recently and if yes, th ereason?? ".

I am not sure if the EVASIVE attitude u r displaying is a standard journalistic practice. The readers wud really appreciate if the question be answered in a direct way. If you do not wish to substantiate your news item by seeking a confirmation from the firm, kindly say so clearly.

The endeavour over here is simply to flame Legally india and not to score any points. I hope you would come clean on this issue and uphold the confidence of the readers in the content provided by u r website.

Hope our telecon wil help render some clarity. Wud update the readers pursuant to my telecon. So ppl pl keep folowing this thread.

8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

Thanks for your comment.

I am still not certain whether this is simply trolling for a response, but at the risk of repetition and boring everyone, we have NOT received "monetary consideration" from any firm as you say is "apparent".

Second of all, we did not come out "strongly in defence" of the firm nor stated it as fact, but merely reported what they had to say in response to an anonymous comment.

That is standard journalistic practice and only fair.

I look forward to speaking to you on the phone at your convenience.

From now, let's please keep this thread firmly on topic and limit it to flaming Legally India and me but not each other.

Best regards,

  • Anonymous
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8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection


This is anonymous again.

Though I empathize with Mr. or Ms RJ's concern for the firm, I would request him/her not to make this a forum for raising personal issues. By attacking individuals u r just trying to wash the dirty linen in public.

The debate here pertains to the irresponsible behaviour by Legally india and lets stick to it.

Thanks Kian for narrowing down the question we are addressing. I would be calling you shortly to discuss.

For sake of clarity lemme reitearte that this issue has arisen bcoz Legally india apparently is receiving monetary consideration from the firm and have therefore, come out strongly in defence of the firm by stating that IT IS PART OF NATURAL RECESSION FACED BY THE FIRM.

The statement made by Legally india is totally irresponsible and has been made without confirming the facts.

I have a simple questions and i expect an straight answer.

How many people have left the firm recently and if the same is a sizeable number, whats the possible reason??

I beleive Legally india shud seek a clarification on this from the firm and put it in the public forum.

Once again may i expect all concerened to stick to the point.

  • Totally Amazed
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8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

By the way how can you be so confident as who this anonymous person is .... i cant think who this can be....the attrition rate has been high plus people leaving the firm havent been treated very well during their exit from the firm.... so there are many who can post such comments!!!

  • Totally Amazed
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8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

Dear Mr. RJ

At the first instant i believe you are trying to personify as someone who u arent. You i believe is probably someone in and from the firm who has not taken to the criticism of the article very well by our Anonymous friend.

If you an ex or part of the firm you'll be well aware that all who have left the firm in recent past have left of their own accord and for better avenues.....except probably one who was a special recruit last year who may have been asked to leave. i think we all are well aware that the mentioning of certain facts and details are distorted and misplaced having no relevance in the present context.

  • RJ
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8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

It looks as making allegations against firm for someone who has left or may be asked to leave firm, has become only agenda. For all of us who have worked previously in firm and enjoyed the same should not now get into this dirty work. We can easily identify one individual who is making these allegations. But I am sure most of the guys who have worked in the firm will stood by it like me. We wish all the best to firm for its expansion plans. In fact I wish the complainant also a bright future being our Colleague.

8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your comment.

1. Your comments *have* in fact been made in an "open forum" that "is open for all to access". Arguably this forum is even more open than the comments to a story.

2. Much has been said already in the "debate on the credibility" of this site. Please check this thread, and other threads in the Suggestion Box forum, particularly "how to moderate comments" and "things you would like to see more of". Please also check "Our Aims" in the "About" section in the top menu.

3. At the risk of repetition, we are neither "hand in glove" with any firm, nor do we receive money for editorial content.

4. As far as I can tell, you agree with the substance of the story (firm X has hired 4 lawyers) but feel that the angle should have been that the firm has suffered from associate defection and has now hired 4 lawyers.

I will be happy to discuss this in detail and try to ascertain the facts to address your concerns. Doing so in a forum discussion or in anonymous comments is not possible, both for legal and practical reasons.

My number is +91 900 405 6651.

I look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to post your conclusions in this forum after we talk.

Best regards,

  • Anonymous
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8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

Hi Friends,

[This is in furtherance of my earlier comment which for obvious reasons of avoiding a discussion has been moved to the Discussion Forum rather than putting the same in the Open forum]

While I thank the Editor for his/her prompt response, I would like to highlight that this is a classic example of irresponsible behaviour on the part of this website.

It seems the editorial team lacks the competence to appreciate the comment and respond accordingly. The fact of new assciates having joined was never ever in question; what was being debated was the number of people who have left the firm recently.

The simple and honest way of answering the question was to present the exact number before the readers after confirming the same from the firm. Instead the question has been diverted by questioning my identity.

I would like to openly state that I am willing to reveal my identity and carry this forward as a debate on the CREDIBILITY of Legally india. I would just expect that the debate takes place in an open forum and is open for all to access.

While restraining myself from making allegations of any nature, i cannot resist stating that the conduct of Legally india in this case is such as if they are being paid by the firm and are hand in glove with the firm.

I just expect that Legally india would answer this erious concern regarding their CREDIBILITYand RESPONSIBILTY.

Looking forward to a response.

8 years 1 week ago
Re:Legally India flames collection

Thanks for your feedback.

As discussed previously in this forum, we will generally move comments that require detailed responses or meta-discussions about Legally India, otherwise the debate in articles will go all over the place.

In cases such as the present one because of issues of our own liability, we can not post up anonymous and unsubstantiated allegations in real-time.

We will, however, do a brief check if possible at the time and post up any portions of the comment that are safe or the firm in question has been allowed a right of reply to.

This seems only fair.

As mentioned above, if there is more to the story or we seem to have misrepresented the facts, please contact us directly so we can do further research if necessary or relevant.

Best regards,

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