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nujs or nludelhi??

9 years 4 months ago #1 by dn1991
nujs or nludelhi?? was created by dn1991
i have qualified in both NLU delhi and NUJS kolkata. what do u suggest should be my preference?
and also let me know why u think so.
9 years 4 months ago #2 by False News With Balls
NUJS without any doubt. Go for NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS, NLUJ and NLIU, Bhopal ahead of NLUD any time.

These intititutions are older, more established, have great recruitments etc.

And NUJS as far as I know has had some great faculty joining in the last year. That is the only 'minus'NLUs have to counter that 'NLUs don't have good faculties'. With that covered NUJS has really taken a huge leap forward.
9 years 4 months ago #3 by LegalPoet
Replied by LegalPoet on topic nujs or nludelhi??
If you are from Delhi and want to remain warm and cosy at home, you may choose NLU Delhi.

I have no doubt that in 7-8 years it will be up there with the top five colleges-ban, hyd, kol, jodh and bhopal.

But if your want to make a career conscious decsion, NUJS is the place to be. Apart from the above reasons, you have seniors, batches which have passed out to guide and mentor you.

Also, the top colleges have built a great relationship with top recruiters and that will get you top jobs.

NLU Delhi will come in such a postition, only with time. Frankly, now, picking NUJS should be an automatic choice.

Again, NLUD has potential to be in the top 5 in next 6-7 years but one can only wait and watch. When it comes to my career I would rather go for the tried and tested. :)

9 years 4 months ago #4 by Bihari Babuu
Replied by Bihari Babuu on topic nujs or nludelhi??
The loud and clear answer is NUJS. How can you even ask a stupid question. LOL

Who will you pick in the team: Sachin Tendulkar or Ravindra Jadeja?

Ask any of the people at LST and IMS and you will get a straight answer: NUJS. I know Delhi has the potential but questions like NLUD v. some top 6-7 NLUs has to come up only after certain time.

And don't trust people here. They might be from one of these schools and will advertise their own schools for you. Ask some one from the coaching institutes. They will guide you better.

But this question is a no-brainer. Go for NUJS.
9 years 4 months ago #5 by namitjain90
Replied by namitjain90 on topic nujs or nludelhi??
@Bihari Babu

Now I know that you have quite a reputation on this site as a blogger, but your last comment was certainly distasteful. I agree that NUJS is an established institution and that at present, it would be natural for someone to prefer it over NLUD. But then this question isnt as stupid or funny as suggested by you. And yeah, as a student of NLUD, I dont need to advertise my college, we are working really hard, both the students and the administration, striving to achieve the best in all respects, and I guess that is a better thing to do than to advertise ourselves. And if its such a well known fact that one shouldnt even think of joining NLUD over colleges like NLS, NALSAR or NUJS or for that matter "the top six" NLUs as u suggest, then I really wonder why a lot of people from my batch, including myself, preferred to join NLUD over these colleges. The fact that we did so suggests that students do get confused when they have a choice to make. It is not justified for you to term these queries as "stupid" or to suggest that people from NLUD like to blow their own trumpet. And yes, I have never regretted my decision of joining NLUD over NUJS, and an year back, even I posted similar queries on internet forums, and what surprises me is the fact that people like you are always ready to demean institutions which are trying to come up just because of the fact that your institution has existed for a longer time, and from this its clear who is more into advertising. A lot of factors make NLUD a good option for students, namely, infrastructure, administration, faculty, and the location. These are the very factors which drove a lot of students who were getting NLS, NALSAR and NUJS to Delhi. We even have someone in our batch who left NALSAR after a month to come to Delhi. I can happily boast of the fact that I myself chose NLUD over NUJS and there are around 25 odd people in my batch who did the same. And not to forget people who left the Jodhpurs and the Luckhnows to come here. And if all this is tantamount to advertising rather than defending one's own choice, than I am really sorry for the lack of comprehension skills in you. And I am really appalled by the fact that someone from a college like NUJS would actually make such a naive comment on a public forum. I mean, just read your post, its so cocky to say the least. At the end of the day, its a personal choice as to which college one should join, and when advising someone, just make sure that you dont make statements which might be disrespectful to a particular lot, maybe you have been missing a lot of classes because the advertisement bit in your post certainly has an element of libel in it, if you know what I mean. Anyways, this is all I have to say, your cow rebuttals are on their way I guess, but I really have other things to cater to than randomly posting stuff on online forums. I wonder if your college is SOOOO good as you suggest, why are you even here defending your college all over these forums(I saw how you made a joke of yourself on the MPL thread). Again, I really dont care, but seriously, it pisses me off to see this country's future legal professionals fighting over issues like these. And yeah, NUJS is definitely not the Sachin Tendulkar of law schools, that honor goes to NLS, and NLUD would be more in the league of Rohit Sharma. Try using better analogies next time.

I guess I have said enough. As I said, I faced a similar dilemma, I joined NLUD because I took future into consideration before making a decision. And after coming here, I have felt that NLUD gives you everything one should have at a law school, the only setback is that there is no alumni base, but we get a lot of support from the administration in order to overcome this problem. And what Legal Poet said is really appropriate. All the best!!
9 years 4 months ago #6 by dn1991
Replied by dn1991 on topic nujs or nludelhi??
well i'm from mumbai so the comfort of being at home is not exactly an option. i was seriously considering joining NLUD over NUJS but before letting go off a good college i really wanted to get feedback from people who r already there in the legal field. of course the above post is the only one that i have come across till now which says i can choose NLUD over NUJS but im happy there's at least one. what deters me from joining NUJS is that i have heard about complaints of mismanagement and of course many other things which i need not mention here. so i guess going to NLUD may be a gamble but i think i'm ready to take it. i'm not totally sure but i think i wont regret it. thans a lot for all your insights. for a person like me-and i'm sure there r many out there like me-feedback of the existing students of the colleges matters a lot. so thanks a lot.
P.S: i havent closed this discussion-if anyone feels they would like to share something about either college which would make me more sure of my decision then please do post it.
9 years 4 months ago #7 by dn1991
Replied by dn1991 on topic nujs or nludelhi??
why i'm not really asking anyone from the coaching institutes is not that i haven't tried it but many of them are either from one of these colleges which gives them the scope to advertise or they could be totally outside the actual legal field. most of the teachers who teach logical, english or maths-they're not even connected with the legal field so that's y i resorted to this asking on the net. and end of the day it's what my heart says that i'm gonna follow but i want to make sure that im making a conscious decision. present students especially those who actually did choose to go to NLUD even though they had qualified in the much established NALSAR or NUJS, could tell me what their reason was for the choice. so asking on the net isn't exactly the worst thing to do. so thanks a lot once again for all the insights.
9 years 4 months ago #8 by dn1991
Replied by dn1991 on topic nujs or nludelhi??
since u r a student at NLUD now could u tell me something about hostels and the grounds and all. are they still under construction or are the basics there and only additions remain to be done? what is it like?
  • go to nujs
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9 years 4 months ago #9 by go to nujs
Replied by go to nujs on topic nujs or nludelhi??
Close your eyes and go to NUJS.
NUJS is a brand name
NLUD, a brand name in the making.
  • a friend of legal poet
  • a friend of legal poet's Avatar
9 years 4 months ago #10 by a friend of legal poet
Replied by a friend of legal poet on topic nujs or nludelhi??
Well i could just give you a comparative analysis

NUJS- the best faculty in the NLU circuit right now without doubt..for reference see their faculty profiles and faculty research page
NLUD- on an average decent

NUJS- gr location....having a small campus but a great library and a 600 seater auditorium..2 modern seminar halls..projectors in all classrooms...has a tie up with neighbouring sports authority of india's campus for all sorts of sports facilities..plus it is building a basketball and badminton court in the campus itself
NLUD- much better than NUJS except the library because it is still in the process of adding books and journals...over time the library will be gr8

NUJS- one of the best
NLUD- comparable to NUJS or a notch slightly lower

NUJS- decent hostels with single and double room occupancy...the mess food is probably the best serving everything from chichken biryani, rajma chawal, continental, baked beans, fruits, milk-everything that a student can ask for
NLUD- the hostel looks better because it is new...the mess is decent

NLUD- hasnt made much till now but doing so...in fact many lawyers in delhi are yet to know about it

NUJS- gr8 recruitment including presence of london magic circle and silver firms
NLUD- yet to graduate

NUJS- the best in the NLU circuit right now
NLUD- not commendable

Hope this comparative analysis helps..I have not defamed any university or given my opinion..Just a comparative fact sheet
9 years 4 months ago #11 by LegalPoet
Replied by LegalPoet on topic nujs or nludelhi??
@law aspirant who started this thread

Frankly no one should prefer NLUD over the top 5.

And I also agree with the above 'analysis'. Except for infrastructure NLUD isn't ahead of NUJS (presently) in any department.

If you are not from Delhi or have no great reason to stay in Delhi, NUJS should be an automatic choice.

You said you have read about 'mismanagement' issues. If you have read them here, on orkut or facebook; the first and the foremost thing you should do is ignore and overlook them.
Poeple love anonymous commenting and maligning other law schools. Do not be astrayed by such commenters.

Secondly, let me tell you how 'management' at NUSJ runs. NUJS is managed by its 'students'. All the work in 'committees' and 'societes' is done by students; of course with faculty assistance and super-vision.

I must tell you that such responsibilites do you a lot of favour. On a larger level it develops your entrepreneurial skills. And look how entrepreneurism is flourshing at NUJS.

You have RDA Legal, a law firm managed by NUJS graduates.
You have Ashish Arun (24) starting his own LPO, when students at other colleges think of a job at an LPO.
Ramanuj with his CLAT hacker and all.

You must also have read about NUJS's placements...we have had top notch placements...Amarchand prolly took the highest no. of students (12)...and look at the moot performance...how NUJS turned the tables...easily the best performer in international moots.

And yes, as of today we have the best faculty among NLUs- over the last years we have hired two NALSAR students, a rhodes scholar from NLSIU, an ISIL director...the quality of faculty is fantastic vis-a-vis other law schools. The bad teachers are being shown the door (do they still exist, very much so). :)

Just google these guys: Shamand Basheer, Manoj Kumar Sinha, Pritam Baruah, Prabash Ranjan, Sudhir Krishnaswamy, MP Singh and you'll know what I mean to say.

So once again, let me say in no uncertain terms: Opt for NUJS. Go for NLUD only if you love Delhi so much that you can't live without Delhi.

And yes...read the above analysis. Its blunt, but true.
9 years 4 months ago #12 by False News With Balls
OK...Abhas Singh (LST Head, NLSIU graduate) commented this on LST's Facebook page when asked about NLUD v. NUJS.


(We can expect Abhas, being an LST head to know about law schools inside out,and as an NLSIU student to give an objective stand).

I hope that debate is over. (A silly one really...NLUD is just a two year old kid...a healthy one...but just a kid...let her grow and then see).

NUJS is a huge flourishing giant with international repute.

Without battling an eyelid. Go for it.
9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #13 by durga.priya
Replied by durga.priya on topic nujs or nludelhi??
I face the same dilemma and this thread has helped me make my choice- I will be choosing NUJS over NLU-Delhi for the various reasons stated above. Perhaps, if I was faced with this decision 10 years down the line, it might have been different.
9 years 4 months ago #14 by Vikramaditya
Replied by Vikramaditya on topic nujs or nludelhi??
@Namit: You said enough and there is nothing left brother.
Those who want to go NUJS definitely they are right in doing so at the moment but we are sure that we will be there soon or even far beyond that position
9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #15 by proficient
Replied by proficient on topic nujs or nludelhi??
@ Vikramaditya: Very true ! but then we must need to save our University from decimation by these "Learned Amigos", who on the pretext of guiding a person are in fact leading them to make wrong choices, in the name of glorifying their own institutions.

@ Namit: Well said Brother, I can vouchsafe on every single word of yours.

@ Everybody : I wouldn't have come on this forum just to make some crude remarks against any university in particular. But I desist from the idea of pulverizing the name of any esteemed institution by such remarks. I believe we are all members of the legal fraternity and are the harbingers of the new generation of Legal Resource Professionals. However, as has been propounded in some earlier posts, I do not find the coaching institutions being cited as an authority of demarcation of various Law universities on the basis of the preferences of individuals.
The comments that I would make in my subsequent posts shall not be construed to being pejorative against any institution, however the remarks that have been enunciated above shall be effectively addressed.
In the next post, I shall be bringing out a clear picture by refuting the analogy made by my learned brother.
What I do believe is in the fact that it is the Students who build the Institutions and this is determined by the quality of students being admitted in any law school.
The adage "Even donkeys reside in Jerusalem" holds true for every law school. It is up to the individual calibre of every student to make his name. The institution gives you the requisite platform to make your dreams come alive.

Now, there have been 80 selections in NLUD for the academic year 2009, of which almost 60 students have made it to esteemed institutions such as NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR, NUJS, NLIU and NLUJ. More so, people residing in various law colleges and other national law universities have prepared for the entrance examinations to make it to NLUD.

We must endorse the view that we live in the age of Globalization and are therefore not influenced by medieval dictums. The locational advantage that Delhi enjoys transcends any asset bestowed on any other NLU's.
On an average, there are 10 to 15 students who readily intern with the Supreme Court, NALSA, NCW, CAT,etc in the very first semester.
Amarchand Mangaldas, Luthra, Khaitan, Wadhwa, etc have been our associate partners in more than 4 National Conferences organized in the auspices of the National Law University Delhi

The presence of dignatories such as Her Excellency The President of India, The Honourable Prime Minister of India, The Honourable HRD Minister, MR. Kapil Sibbal, The Honourable law Minister Mr. M. Veerappa Moilly, The entire collegium of Judges of the Supreme Court and those of various High Courts further stands as a testimony to the veracity of my statement. We work in collaboration with the Bar Council of India organizing various national and International Conferences. Signed the highest number of MoU’s as compared to any other Law university in India.

Moreover, on a rather historical perspective, any professional institute whether it be AIIMS or IITs were in their first years, especially when there were various esteemed colleges such as IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkie or PGI Lucknow, Chandigarh, AFMC Pune etc, but within three years of its inception, both the colleges are looked upon as the best choice in unanimity.

Assuming some of the contentions proposed by my learned brothers to be true, that NLUD is a "healthy kid" which would take almost 5 to 6 years in order to emerge out as the Achilles in the battlefield, I would like to raise a very innocent question to those who are taking admissions : If you enter an institution in 2010, u are likely to graduate by 2014 or 2015 {keeping all contingencies constant} by the time, NLUD will be amongst the forerunners of the legal market. So when will u make the best use of the name of your college, obviously when u need a good package, and by the time u graduate, the alleged gestation period will be complete. So when u graduate, u will automatically be the student of one of the best law schools at that time

Moreover with Professors and Eminent Politician cum Lawyers taking classes for us in the next semesters,I can surely rely that this would act as a catalyst in the recognition and reputation of our University. Somer potent instances include : Dr. Arun Jaitley, { the former Law Minister of India}, Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, {Noted Lawyer and Spokesperson of Congress}, Dr. Upendra Baxi, Professor Madhava Menon{Visitng}, Professor Mitra{Visiting}, Professor Dr. B.B. Pandey,{visiting} and you can google any one of them in order to clear your doubts.
There was also a question made on the Researching Skills, the library and the faculty of our institution. to which i shall be replying shortly in my subsequent posts.
9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #16 by False News With Balls

Nice name dropping mate. Is everyone of your faculty visiting? Hehehehe.

And can you name those 60 students who chose NLUD over the top 5?

Even if they did, I know all will be from Delhi or nearby places. They preferred Delhi as a place not NLUD as an institution. They preferred Delhi coz they have their parents, family and friends there. Just like a rank 8 in CLAT preferred NUJS over NLSIU. Hometowns attract.

And talking about internships...your assumptions are laughable. People from anywhere can get internships anywhere if they can prove their worth. Its simple. Being in Delhi or any other place is of no help.

I mean if I want to intern at law commission, delhi I can apply to law commission sitting at any top law school in the country. How does being in delhi help?

And can't you get it...Abhas Singh who is LST's head and from NLSIU (more objective and informed than anyone can ever be)...says to a query on FB...to prefer NUJS over NLUD coz NUJS is the more established.

Please stop advertising your college
here and making a mockery out of yourself. Your faculty is just being recruited and for now very average, you haven't had placements...what has NLUD done to make such tall claims????

Guys! Beware of such advertisers! Trust nobody on such anonymous forums. Not even me. Not even LegalPoet coz he is from NUJS. And not Bihari Babuu at all. :)
9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #17 by dn1991
Replied by dn1991 on topic nujs or nludelhi??
thank you all for your valuable suggestions and information about the quality of your faculty, internships, etc. i have decided to join NLU delhi. and like i specified in one of my earlier posts, i'm from mumbai. so staying at home or hometown is not my criteria for choosing a college. i'm choosing nlu delhi for NLU delhi and not just for delhi alone. not many people support me in my decision but i'm sure i wont regret it. once again a big thank you to all of you. im sure all those who posted on this thread were trying to just help me and no one had any agenda to advertise their own college. so let there be no ill feeling about that against anyone.
  • abhimanyu singh
  • abhimanyu singh's Avatar
9 years 4 months ago #18 by abhimanyu singh
Replied by abhimanyu singh on topic nujs or nludelhi??
@people from nujs- Oops...if i read it correctly, he's joining delhi.
  • anonymous
  • anonymous's Avatar
9 years 4 months ago #19 by anonymous
Replied by anonymous on topic nujs or nludelhi??
@dn1991... yes u will definitely wont regret.. i also did the same.. and m happy with my decision.. welcome to nlu delhi..
9 years 4 months ago #20 by dn1991
Replied by dn1991 on topic nujs or nludelhi??
@abhimanyu singh- that would be a she's joining delhi. :)
@anonymous- thank you. i'm looking forward to it!
9 years 4 months ago #21 by namitjain90
Replied by namitjain90 on topic nujs or nludelhi??

Regarding your earlier query, the hostels and other buildings are already in place, most of the construction work in the university is complete except for staff quarters. And regarding sports facilities, the club house is complete and it will house a gym, a swimming pool, etc. But the grounds will take some time as the land that has been allotted is still being revamped. And yes, welcome to NLUD!

@ false news

You asked Proficient to name the 60 odd people who preferred NLUD over other colleges. Well, you can count me in, and I am not from Delhi, not even from somewhere around Delhi, and for others I would urge you to check the first list of selected candidates of NUJS in CLAT-09, ask any of your juniors, they must be having it, and as you said most people chose NLUD for the location rather than the institution it is, I chose it only because it appealed to me more as an institution than NUJS. And again, as I said earlier, I am just defending my stance, just like you think you have the right to post whatever you want on this forum, even I am justified in explaining why I chose NLUD over NUJS to someone who has asked what she should do?

And your lack of comprehension amuses me, one of my batch mates in his last post only brought forward the point that NLUD has an internship system in place wherein students are provided with internships at some of the leading institutions in Delhi, now, if such a system is in place then its obviously a good thing, and NLUD enjoys the support of both the Supreme Court and the High Court Bar in Delhi and I fail to understand why one shouldnt make others aware of this advantage when someone has a decision to make. While providing this information, nobody is being brain washed to come to Delhi, its only to help them weigh down their prospects and then arrive at a decision.

I did not question the brand value of NUJS, its for everyone to see, but that wont deter me from bringing forward the positive aspects of my college. And yes, whatever the LST head says is not the final word, I consulted a NALSAR and an NLIU graduate before deciding between NLUD and NUJS, and both of them suggested me to go for Delhi, and the reason given by the NALSAR graduate was that Delhi offers me a secure future because Dr. Ranbir Singh, the VC, is in the league of Prof. Menon when it comes to institution building, and with the support of the legal fraternity from Delhi, and the government, there is no reason as to why Delhi would be a failure when its first batch graduates. And this is the very reason I chose Delhi. So, if you have serious reservations about the potential of Delhi, then so be it. Your personal opinion wont stop others from sharing their opinion, even if you feel that it is tantamount to advertising.

And yes, Prof. Baxi, Prof. B.B Pandey, Prof. Mitra, Prof. Mark Galenter are a part of the visiting faculty of NLUD. And Prof. Baxi is even supervising a blueprint on the prevention of terrorism that is being prepared by students of NLUD. And about our faculty, I would suggest anyone who doubts the competency of our faculty to check their profiles on our website and then comment.

As far as the library is concerned, we have everything that a law school needs, some 23,000 books are already there in a three storied building which houses the university library. And our performance in moot courts has been commendable, its for everyone to see, we have done extraordinarily well for a two year old institution.

I hope all this goes down well with you, as I already said, I really respect your university as an institution, I have a lot of friends out there, but there are people who like to take the road less traveled, and I am here only to justify why I made that choice, so that it can be of help to someone else facing the same dilemma.
  • Pacman
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9 years 4 months ago #22 by Pacman
Replied by Pacman on topic nujs or nludelhi??
I dont know why students of NLUD are always advertising about their University on any forum there is, be it lst or facebook or orkut or legallyindia. Have you ever seen NLS or NALSAR students beat the trumpet about theirs. Relax and sit back, if your place is a good as you claim it to be ppl will come their irrespective.

Having Ranbir Singh is not enough. Prof. Menon helped establish NLS in 1998 and went on to start NUJS in 1999. Although NUJS climed to become a top law school did it ever beat NLS? Meaning your claim to fame might not actually work.

NLUD has some 13-14 law Universities to compete with and not one or two as might have been the case with NUJS or NALSAR. So again do your bit and chill, prospective students will come.

Also i agree on the part that a lot of ppl flocked to Delhi as most of them were from Delhi and they preferred studying in Delhi than any other place. Most of the ppl in the 2nd and 1st year are from Delhi. No one would like to leave the comfort of home to go study somewhere else.

And what exactly mean NLUD has the "support of the HC and SC bar" Like the other law schools have been ousted and NLUD is the center of the univrese. Like I said Relax, all the National Law Universities have the support of their Respective state HCs and bar associations. It is not a big deal.

Also NLUD has (a long list of names, which we are supposed to google). All the colleges have such big names of guest lecturers and visiting faculty . To prove my thesis please refer to the websites of Amity, Jindal and Symbiosis. You will see equally big if not bigger names there. And dont let me get started on NLS and NALSAR.

Most of the students coming to NLS and NALSAR have also been selected in NLUD. A lone exception is that kid who dropped out of NALSAR after a month to go to Delhi. For the uninformed the only reason he did that was because he got upgraded to NLUD in the fourth list or something and as soon as that happened (which is after a month the NALSAR session started) he being a Delhite (Dipsite or springdales, i dont remember) was more than happy to run back home and get cozy. The thought of leaving home is not acceptable to all.

As far as infrastructure is concerned the more new a law school the better the infrastructure. This is common knowledge. RMLNLU, Jindal and others have awesome campuses and libraries much better than NLSIU. Does that matter in any manner?

The arguments by "False News with Balls" are quite correct in this forum.

Disclaimer- I can vouch for the above information realating to NLS and NALSAR.
  • d
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9 years 4 months ago #23 by d
Replied by d on topic nujs or nludelhi??
i beg to point out; a lot of your batch didnt make it to any other college.
  • Guest
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9 years 4 months ago #24 by Guest
Replied by Guest on topic nujs or nludelhi??
i have heard that a guy from NLUD took the clat again. Is it true?

Is NLUD all flashy and nice but less substance?
  • Anonymous
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9 years 4 months ago #25 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic nujs or nludelhi??
Seems to me the ppl from NLUD are very insecure about their college, judging by their posts.
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