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curious which people are so insecure that they think NLUD is not in Top 5
GNLU has better placements in a year than NLU's two year combined placements.
In terms of placement, no! In terms of academics, quality of faculty: Yes.
Exact same thing happens at IIM placecom. Reddit and Quora are full of allegations that IIM placecom members sleep around with girls who are desperate for jobs and bully their juniors, even demanding to be called β€œSir”.
Even after currying favours don’t think you would get jobs there πŸ˜‚
It is an Israeli-developed software, commonly used for spying purposes.
Don’t the RCC use a common id, ensure access to it for all members or else atleast a weekly audit
By electing your friends to the RCC? This is one of the major reasons why NLS is trying to do away with the RCC model and institutionalize it. Favoritism in RCC is a serious issue in all colleges.
But they have done nothing about it and the placement office at NLS gets no opportunities for students.
Ask them to bcc those whose CVs are being sent. With strict policies of blacklisting those who may do stupid things like sending personal mails to those HR IDs and abuse this practice.
Stand for election yourself, no better way. It will give you experience too
This seems like a good answer. I'm planning to do this, otherwise there's no way of ensuring transparency.
RCC means corruption, nepotism and casting couch culture. High time all colleges abolish it and delegate a faculty member to handle it.
Faculty members won't care. It's not their job to do such things for students.
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