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How is Denton Link Legal? How are the opportunities after that? Their bonus and pay structure if anybody can shed any light on that.
How much if you could tell? How much can a A1 expect in the corp team?
Can someone join Dentons, work there for a year and look for better opportunities? Will the Denton name in the CV help in any way? (if someone is from a basic college)
I mean if someone from an NLU joins dentons link legal as a fresher, what are career prospects after that? Is it easy to switch to Tier 1?
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A friend is offered around 8 lakhs as A1. He is from a non-NLU, worked for a year at a small firm for 30-40k.
Would you suggest them to take it up? or do you think they should just continue where they are?
Seems like this is based on someone’s salary, who was hired below her/his capability (may be he / she wasn’t considered competent to be given salary at par with other peers) my friend gets way more than what has been mentioned here.
How much is your friend given? If you could give a number.
Also, according to you, my friend should accept this offer or not? He is very confused.
How much should an A1 expect then according to you? If you could please give a number
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