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It is according to the British, even if the rest of the world thinks otherwise (a perfectly reasonable belief, I must confess). I am a law student in the UK and I've lost marks in exams for writing where I used them by accident.
I think these guys might have some suspicions that some folks might have tried those strategies in the past. Tried a lot of this myself (especially the GPA strategy), got rejected by both UCL and LSE.
Good for you + Thanks for giving me some hope! While I haven't taken easy electives, I think I can manage everything else. Just one more thing though - How do you go about getting good recommendation letters? What qualifies as a 'good' recommendation letter?
Usage of Oxford commas is stipulated by certain publishing styles. It is not grammatically incorrect to use those provided you are following any of those styles.
i agree it's v grammar nazi of them but that's helpful to me rn, so I'll let it pass :)
Can confirm the correctness of this. You'd be eligible at least for Oxbridge (I think) and gold-star (grades-wise) for most of the other typical non-Oxbridge law schools you are looking at, if you are getting 70% or above.