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Im a recent tenth grad looking into law as a field and want to know about the

-work life balance


for a t5 nlu graduate employed in a company (NOT a firm)
Thanks for helping
Dont come here. Do some STEM course. You will be able to go anywhere on earth. You wont have a glass ceiling like you do in law.

Glass ceiling breakers are exceptions in law not the rule. STEM doesn't have a ceiling per se.

You guys are so naive that you keep suggesting kids to go for STEM without any idea how horrible the STEM scene is. This forum echoes "Grass is always greener on the other side" everytime I open it.
Weird opinion. The average IIT package is 30 LPA, even if you graduate from IIT dharwad. Not the same in law
Bhai Jake Pogo Deko, School Life Enjoy kro, Ye kya Law firm aur corporate lawyer leke baith gye abi! Milega Tuje v Mauka, Sabki bare aaege, till then Parle-G khao aur So jao
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