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Pros - Independent, Freedom, Oppurtunities, Scopes, Money, customised lifestyles, own boss

Cons - Stressful life, no/limited time for personal or family, day to day unique challenges & competitions, unstable life & career, no reputation/power/status, no kind of security (exception there)


Pros - Stable life & career (pre & post retirement), get enough time to spend with family, reputation/power/status/respects, standard lifestyles (not luxurious), less stressful life, personal &financial security for life

Cons- No freedom/independent, not boss but only subordination pressures, forced to maintain privacy, career growth challenges, rarely have any opportunities, fixed earning & living standards, fear of office politics
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free house, a driver, money for electricity, free phone and laptop, security, society respects, away from executive and their politics, free newspapers, money for eyeglasses if you don't live in government provided house and live in your own private house you will be given money for that and many other benefits.
Free plane tickets for official visits(Idk about family but I think there also exists a thing where we can go to vacation with family where plane tickets will be provided by Government but again not sure about family visit but Surely you are not going to take vacation of more than 1 week and you are gonna think about cases in your court there also lol)

No transfers like executive and you are the boss your own court and independent to take decisions.
You get many connections with eminent people like docs and all and you can help your family members in the city due to those connections be it hospital related or other. If you are honest and hardworking then you will be making more connections in Higher courts or can work in HC.

But these benefits come with a lot of hard work as you come from court and then read files and cases then again go to court next day and do it all day. You are sometimes so immersed in court files that you forget you also have personal work so its not easy to be a judge( you can be lazy guy who just write sht judgements but you are gonna get your repute down. Judges like these exists tbh)

NOTE- these benefits may also depends on the ranks of judges but I think these are mostly applicable to all judges
What kind of a progression sequence is that? Why would an advocate with 20 years' experience join HJS?
It is much better to be an advocate if you are competent. A top advocate commands much more respect than persons who become HC and SC judges - that too just for a handful of years - typically in their 50s.

As a successful advocate you earn significantly much more than all judges. Even some not so well known advocates earn more than a few cr per year. Let’s not even talk about Salve types who earn a few 100 cr.

As a judge you retire by your early 60s and at best may join some committee after retirement/ arbitrate - which is not bad, but not half as good - if your goal is to become a doyen of the bar.

Most people will know the names of leading lawyers like Salve, Rohtagi, Jethmalani and so on. The list of these top guys will be more fresh in your mind than most of the top judges - even those who are the very best subjectively.

Also as a judge you are in the public eye and have to maintain a modest and somewhat distant public image. As a lawyer - you can live freely, flashily, whatever be your style. And you don’t really need to ever retire.
Exam va nikal lijiye pehle. All Non NLU and lower NLU lawyers have the same judiciary dream. So, competition becomes tough. And unemployment is on the rise.

Pehle se hi, "I am smart, I will try then I will definitely crack it" walo ko sarkari exam rula data hai. Crack the exam, come here and people will give you an honest opinion. Or else you can continue seeing the "entry reels" on instagram.
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My mother is a judge and I can say that Judiciary is much better option than being an advocate.

You have so many direct and indirect benefits
Advocate. 20 years experience. HJS. High Court judge. Best of both bar & bench.
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