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How is Atul Alexander, Shouvik Guha & Sandeepa Bhatt as professors and especially as advisors ? I am planning to pursue my doctoral thesis under one of these faculty. Please provide only geniune replies.
Absolutely. NLUD should be avoided for multiple reasons. I agree with the student there, they would know the best about their own university.
You cannot choose your PhD guide in the NLUs. If you clear your entrance exam and interview, then the university will assign a guide to you based on your subject and the guide's availability and willingness. This decision is usually taken by a committee that looks after PhD related matters, rarely will the individual faculty's separate opinion be sought about it. The faculty also have an upper cap for the number of PhD scholars whom they can guide at a time, depending on their designation. For Professors it is eight, six for associate professors and four for assistant professors.
So if I want to pursue a doctorate in space law and Sandeepa is an authority, there maybe a chance that I may not even have him as my advisor ? Wow that's weird. Then what's the use of going after the professor? I should be searching for institute.
Not if he is already enough number of scholars. If not, then at least at NUJS you will get him since he's the only space law faculty here. Had there been others, then you might have got them instead.
How do we know that someone is filled up and doesn't have more room for newer candidates? It's not even on the website. Should I mail him directly?
Well said. It is amusing to see how aspirants pose queries. They think they choose universities and guides, without realizing that universities and their faculty choose Ph.D. students. The question that a Ph.D. student should be asking is "Am I good enough to be selected by a good Ph.D. guide" not the other way.
Sandeepa Bhat is a great professor. Other 2 are also good but not like Sandeepa Bhat