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If I get selected to a university and I am not allotted the advisor I want, what do I do ?

1. Should I quit and try for another university

2. Should I request the university administration

3. Should I request the professor concerned

4. Should I still continue with the allotted advisor, since it's my own project the advisor doesn't matter.

5. Should I still continue with alloted advisor, but in between keep consulting the advisor that I wanted.

The reason I had this query is I've cleared a PhD entrance and have been told that the advisor I want is not available and I will be given another advisor who's field is indirectly related to my thesis. Really confused, since it's also a tier 1 NLU.
Continue with the allotted advisor, and when possible keep consulting the preferred advisor. If you can, then the preferred advisor can also be formally made a joint advisor (provided she/he agrees).
Many universities have this concept of Research Advisory Committee. You can request the advisor you wanted be made a member of research advisory committee.