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I have been working in tax for the past 2 years. I have been looking to move out in corp &/or M&A. Although I'm applying to places I'm not getting any response. Will it be a good idea to intern if one is not getting a job?

People who have changed their practice area, how did you go about it?
Bump! I have the same question I am stuck in electricity litigation and It is too technical for me, desparately trying to switch. Somebody please answer this!
Since how long have you been looking to move out? What were your reasons for joining tax practice? What are your reasons for switching to M&A? If you see valid justifications and know your basics well, there’s no reason why you can’t make the switch.
1. One month

2. Dad has a IDT practice, but this is a mundane, boring, dying practice area.

3. I have a CS degree (no articleship exp) , gen corp M&A has plenty of opportunities. Have studied corp & securities law during CS.

4. How do I make the switch, who do I reach out to?
1. One month is not a long time! So keep hope!

2. Is your Dad running a CA office? If that’s the case, he would have mostly compliance and assessment related IDT matters. These are matters that lawyers generally don’t do. So it all depends upon the nature of work your father is catering to.

3. The effort of the government is to reduce tax litigations. Therefore, you see the amnesty schemes, waiver, etc. Now it does not mean that there are no tax litigation left or will be left. Also, tax litigations are highly technical and if you don’t have a background you may not be able to contribute much.

4. Since you are a CS, it can be assumed that you have taken a conscious decision to perform secretarial work or corporate compliance work. Perhaps you tend to find compliance work less mundane if not interesting. That’s a choice one has. The point is to each his own. Just have fun in your chosen field.

5. When and where did you do your law from? What are your internships experience? A lot will depend upon your CV while applying to firms.
Bump! similarly placed guy rotting in Capital Markets!

Someone please answer this!