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Have an interview lined up with a GC team at a T2. What kind of questions (apart from the CV) are asked. Let me know from your experiences guys. Don't fool around as this might be an important chance for me. I request.
Be ready for few tangential qstns from your CV (eg. If you worked on some SHA, be ready to face basic questions from SHA such as what is ROFR, ROFO, Tag Along etc.)

Other than that, read Contracts thoroughly specially the illustrations because there's a high probability of asking case based questions.

Basics of Company law such as Chapters related to Shares, Debentures, Charges, Related Party Transactions, Beneficial Ownership, meetings, directors etc.

Basics of Transfer of Property Act- with special focus on mortgage and hypothecation.

These should be enough, but the main focus should be to thoroughly revise the CV and publications.