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disagreement is cool, threatening with β€˜militant action’ isn't
well- for a threat to be a threat it has to exist within the possibility of being real- do you really think bratty jindal kids rebelling against their parents would go to ayodhya and destroy a temple?
Look at how the woke brought america to its knees

the danger is that these people brainwashed in colleges go on to important positions in govt and businesses and ruin the whole country

cannot be allowed to happen in India

US is already course correcting
Blatantly unconstitutional, unethical and unfair decision by the admin. The entire student body of Jindal should approach the SC and get this struck down. The VC must be prepared to resign if the SC strikes it down.
Lmao you seem to be a clat aspirant/1st year student, touch grass my mate
Marxists gave genocidal statements and called for the destruction of all temples.
that's bad for him, suspended kids can not sit for placements afaik
That's what people here at nls do, communist ideology but that doesn't apply to placements and internships at t1s
A whole country of many crores discussing the most irrelevant of things, viz. temples and mosques, instead of things that matter like employment, health, education and environment.
The students are not at fault here. They have merely echoed what their professors fed them. Let's look at the facts of the case: a bunch of affluent kids barely out of puberty circulate literature by Varavarao Rao. There's no way they would have come the writings of a fringe, ultra-left activist like Rao while in school, or within their ultra-privileged social class and family circles. It was obviously their professors who gave them such literature and glorified Rao. Kids that age are very impressionable and susceptible to indoctrination.
my mate i know the guy who got suspended personally. both his parents are commies. please stop speculating about things you have no clue about. and as far as disagreement goes, you can say most anything you want. but he specifically made an incitement of mass violence. that's still a major offence. i still don't appreciate how a fair process was denied to them, buy they deserve the punishment.
If his parents are communists, presumably they will support him and challenge the decision in court? Is that happening? Frankly, he may stand a decent chance because he was having a discussion among a small group of friends and didn’t know he was being recorded.

But I’m also curious why two communist parents will put their child in such a capitalist and elite law school! πŸ˜…
A group called "Revolutionary Students League" at Jindal? LMAO. If you want to see real revolutionaries go to JNU, not Jindal.

I also had a look at the video. Honestly, it's hilarious. The kid is mouthing off trendy buzzwords like "brahmanical force", "militant resistance", etc. Just some kid who read a few articles by left-wing intellectuals and thinks it's cool to regurgitate that lingo.

Both the university and the BJP brigade should have ignored this. These kids are harmless. This RSG is just a fad.
You think that the Brigade wants to distinguish between harmless and harmful? That was before they had been given a super majority in the Parliament. Nowadays, it's just their way or the skyway.
The cutest part of the video is when the girl addresses her fellows students as "Comrade so and so". Has someone told her that the Jindal family and their business empire represents everything antithetical to communism? And please don't distinguish between Jindal Steel and Jindal University, because Naveen Jindal is Chancellor of Jindal University. At least in Ashoka's case they have proper academics as Chancellors.
What is with the silly assumption that every student in Jindal is rich? This reeks more of your prejudice than your reason. There are students who take loans and who join with substantial scholarships too. Besides, even if one comes from money does that automatically offset their political and social opinions? By that logic, Marx should have automatically been canceled given that he initially came from money from a prosperous lawyer father. Such ignorant stupidity.
If you can spend 50 lakhs in 5 years for your education, whether out of your own pocket or by way of a loan that you plan to repay, then you won't be regarded as middle class in this country.
The revolutionary Mallu Commie doesn't look very deserving, does he?
I hope you also regard American universities set up by industrialists and business tycoons with the same high-handedness ie Stanford Cornell CMU etc etc. you do comprehend they are still educational establishments that students and faculty across ideologies attend right?
hi guys, the girl was in my school. i know her personally. she was extremely intelligent, one of the smartest in my batch. extremely polite, respectful and took initiative for intra events. her growth into law school activism is something i honestly did not anticipate knowing her parents can be a bit iffy.

what we do in law school in terms of organising reading circles and group discussions and events should not have any repercussions on how we take things home. any heavy rw violent student will not face similar consequences, but for someone like these students, their parents can take them out of college and that would be a very big setback for a set of political ideologies which are harmless. think about it.
Taking them out of college is the best thing their parents can do - will save them from the bloodsucking profs who are brainwashing them every day and turning them into maoist insurgents
What do you mean by the girl’s parents are β€œiffy”? You mean they are very strict? Hope she doesn’t get grounded. She did nothing wrong. It’s the guy who spoke nonsense about militant resistance and replacing all temples with mosques.
Yes, they are strict. I don't know what is happening at her home. I am very concerned.
who said that such ideas are harmless?!!

There is no bigger threat to our country - people who want to tear it apart from inside and target young souls to harvest
The people who are running the country are doing their own bit to 'tear' this country apart by their disgusting actions.
The girl seems quite sincere and intelligent, but is totally lost. She needs some mentorship to help her.
Shame on the admin and VC! The students reject this arbitrary and unconstitutional decision. You are punishing someone for exercising his right to free speech. We will protest about it.
We students don’t. And we certainly won’t protest about it.
Guy was studying law and that too at Jindal

I cannot understand how he could afford all this politics at the expense of 50 lakh and did not know the law of the land and the Judgement of SC
I am right-wing and consider the punishment to be unnecessary. This kid is just like any other law student you see these days: confused and clueless, mouthing off woke psychobabble he heard in his first year BA classes. Instead of punishing him, let him join the real world after graduating and wake up to reality like Shehla Rashid has. Also, Jindal should initiate a review of the first year BA curriculum. Include centre-right and libertarian writings. Exclude left-wing writings. Sack professors who only preach Marxist dogma and give a one-sided view of everything. Also, teach students about human rights violations against ethnic and religious minorities by China, USSR, US, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Australia and Canada. The will show them how tolerant India actually is.
So what you're saying is that in order to figure out how intolerant we are, we should ignore instances of intolerance that are happening in our country and instead focus on how many more instances are occurring elsewhere? Nice theory!
Because he's looking for the next squeeze to get his parasitic tendrils over.
This is ridiculous. calling for destroying temples is no different than calling for destroying mosques. It absolutely is not contempt of court- the fact that admin/ faculty at jgls think they can just throw anything against the wall like this goes to show how little they actually know the law. This proctor guy goes around campus being a big dada busting students for smoking cigarettes- but when it comes to actually standing up to bullies and standing for a principle hes never anywhere to be found. Shameful that a university would bully a second year student this way. and if they actually believe there was contempt of court/ incitement to violence- ( like rich students in jindal would ever in any universe go all the way to ayodhya and get their hands dirty destroying anything)- prove it in court- get a conviction- then you can expel the dude. But I'd bet money it would be impossible to prove it court. Any reasonable district magistrate would laugh in your face.

Even if you dont agree with everything the student said- think back to when you were 17- didnt you ever say things you regretted? should you have been suspended for saying something? should you have been the subject of national media? its ridiculous.

I taught Mukundan- hes fairly bright and capable. One of the few students in his batch who arent at jindal because they couldnt get in anywhere else. If yall go around killing your own like this- good luck.
As a teenager with raging hormones who went to an all-boys school, I joined a leftist student group at Jindal as it was full of girls. I didn’t have any interest in Marx or Ambedkar, but I sat through the discussions. I found the people there very fake and superficial. They were just using trendy buzzwords to sound serious and intellectual. Not one person came across as a genuine leftist. Despite being non-left I did all the readings and came prepared, but hardly anyone else did the readings.
There is something of a fashion with leftist politics on campus. Ive known jgls students often remark about how theyre marxists and I just laughed at them. Theyre unconcerned with real problems of poor people. they just want to posture and provoke on hot button topics because they like the aesthetics. okay. they can like the aesthetics- all politics when youre that young and that rich are stupid anyway. The right wing students are just as ridiculous.
as for not reading- well very few students at jgls read anyway. Some of them are functionally illiterate. so- whatever.
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