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Hello everyone,

Hope all is well at your end. I am from a Tier - II, NLU in 2025 batch. I have secured a callback at a boutique corporate law firm (bordering between tier 3 and tier 2 from chambers rankings) for July.

I just wanted to get an idea of how colleges - GNLU, RMLNLU, RGNUL, NLUO, HNLU are doing in terms of PPOs? both at tier-1 and tier-2. How many people have got PPOs? Have people completed their callbacks? Are they on assessment? Even a number of potential people who are on track to get PPOs will give me a good idea!

Do you think June or July will be too late for me?
From RGNUL, 3 on callbacks, 1 on assessment, no PPOs yet. Might change up till April. Almost all corporate people interning at Tier 1s.
SLS Pune: At least 10-15 callbacks and assessment internships, no PPOs yet. This will change very soon.
JGLS : 7 PPOs, 2 Vacation Schemes and atleast 20 callbacks (trilegal gave everyone one)
nmims mumbai: 1 got ppo at resolute and couple of them are on callback
RGNUL crowd is 70% into pursuing judiciary and competitive exams, 15% into serious litigation practise so even if there are 15 people for corporate and if they're doing well, that's almost all of them. Even if all 15 of them get placed, that's a better placement performance than tier ones. Atleast we would know that we didn't depend on campus placements. For my batch, 2024 overall placement figures are - 2 Trilegal 2 AZB 1 Crawford 1 Saraf 1 SAM 5 EY

This is out of a very few number of students who even want to pursue corporate right out of law school
Lol. Talk about coping. Buddy, the fact that some 15-odd people got placed does not mean that everyone who wanted top-tier placements got it and that certainly doesn’t put RGNUL over tier-1 NLUs. Majority of folks at RGNUL don’t sit for placements because they know they won’t get it and the college itself can’t help them. People from tier-1 NLUs who don’t sit for placements do so because they have other interests. If everyone at RGNUL’s batch of 180 seriously sat for placements, even then not more than 15-20 kids would get placed. So your record isn’t impressive in any way compared to tier-1 NLUs.
Why do you think students in T1 NLUs look for corp jobs while ones in RGNUL, and CNLU look for competitive exams and litigation?
Let enough opportunities for T1 firm offers be there and then we will see how the 85% decide otherwise. It's easy to profess disinterest when you can't get the opportunity.
Not getting the opportunity isn't exactly attributable to students I believe. But no, people here are genuinely immersively dedicated towards judiciary. More than 100 students per batch join judiciary/ UPSC coaching 4th year onwards. My batchmates did too, so did the 2025 batch. Shelling out 3-4L for preparation cannot be attributed to lack of opportunities alone. We have in college competitive exam training centres and our curriculum is desgined in that way. Our teachers are judiciary teachers and that is how they also teach. It is very insufferable sometimes, I won't lie. Same competitive harping everywhere, but judiciary focused environment is the reason a lot of 200-300 mid ranks end up joining us. This is not to glorify my college in anyway, as corporate students also suffer the impact of this, but it is the truth.
Then why do they come to NLU anyway? Study at a local law college for a tenth of the cost and invest in the judiciary coaching.
why would you, or anyone, who doesn't take to corporate join an NLU?
Haha what is this mental gymnastics to defend such a shitty college. Just put all of these "non corp" "judiciary" people in NUJS/GNLU and just see how fast they want to become corporate lawyers when they know they have a shot

Having the ability to become one and not wanting to become one are two very different things
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