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I may get NALSAR due to domicile reservation, however I wish to pursue Bsc LLB which is not available in NALSAR. Should I stay put since it's NALSAR or should I switch ? Even if I do switch which should I choose ? NUJS has a better standing, but GNLU has a older course & NLIU is not bad as well. So it's between higher ranked institution or course. Please advice ?
NUJS has a newly introduced Forensic Science course with no backing or information in its favour as the first batch has been inducted only in 2023,Further a Bsc is a different tangent to law completely

Learning the BA subjects still has contemporary relevance (Political Science,Legal History etc),Even BBA subjects

help with corp

If you're interested in the particular subject field (Forensics/Cyber Law) then go ahead but have a defined trajectory you can map out

I'd recommend taking NALSAR due to massive difference between it and GNLU/NLIU and the travel convenience.Other advantages include familiarity with the language and the people, issues you will face elsewhere

I'd recommend taking NALSAR for B.A, followed by NUJS/NLUJ and then GNLU. Unless you are keen on the particular subject matter
There's no difference in the legal opportunities available to the BSc students compared to BA ones. In fact, BSc people would have additional opportunities because of the nature of their degrees.
See, its a choice between NALSAR, GNLU, NUJS, coz NLIU has been slipping since last 4 years, tbh if you wanna pursue Bsc.LLB choose the course, not the institution coz once you are in a T1 law school it doesnt matter much
Brother NALSAR has the best placements in the country. If like the majority of us placements is your criteria then please blindly choose NALSAR.
Nope. That's a false fact. Release placement data first and then make such claims.
Has to make that choice blindly. On the other hand, if they make an informed choice keeping their eyes open to facts and reality, then they won't choose thus.
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