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Who are the richest lawfirm partners in India, including both founders/owners and non-founder/owner equity partners
I don't think that law firm owner earn around 300 crore is there any source ?
What the fuck!! Kian please make this as contested. Bro billing revenue isn't the same as salary. No partner at 15 pqe is even close to 30cr. The top 5 equity partners make 12 to 15 cr. Bhai law firm hai, PE fund thode hai ki profits hote rahenge.
Free mein generic hi milega. You need to pay if you want specific intelligence.
The figures may be correct if you are considering net worth, but not annual income (from their firms).

The annual incomes are likely to be in this range:

1. Shroff family and Zia: 50 cr each

2. Ajay, Bahram, Haigreve, Luthra, Saraf, Akshay, etc.: around 20 cr each

3. Senior partners (non-name and non-managing): around 8-12 cr each

4. Partners with 20+ PQE: around 4 - 6 cr each

5. Partners with 15+ PQE: around 1 - 3 cr each
At AZB's profitability levels and given her stake in the firm, 50 cr is probably only a fraction.
How much the big three hold individually? Heard large chunk is with A and Z with B having smaller piece.
Annual compensation for each bracket

1. Shroff Family, Zia Mody, A & B of AZB - 100 crores

2. Mohit Saraf & Managinv Partners of other big firms - 50 crores

3. Raghubir Memon, Ashwath Rau, Akshay Chudasama & other top equity partners - 20 crores

4. Manon Lahoty, Naval Chopra & other practice heads - 8-12 crores

5. Rainmaking Equity Partners - 5-6 crores

6. Salaried Partners - 80lpa - 1 crore
T1 NLU folks don't even want to go to both S&P and L&L anymore.
Nishith Desai - Easily 40 cr+ into his (since 1/3rd of the firm revenues are reserved for him).
Trilegal founders and other lockstep toppers 15-18 cr per annum
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