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I've gotten NALSAR, and there is a slight chance I will get NLS. However, I've heard the increase in batch size and the trimester system is really bad. It doesn't give you loads of time for other things. I'm fine with staying at NALSAR. However, I feel that maybe I'm compensating too much. NALSAR is already rank 3. NLUD has overtaken it. And I'm now choosing to not go to NLS. Will this effect my future? Will NALSAR drop further in ranks below GNLU, NLUJ etc. NLS will remain the best for the next decade. But what about NALSAR ? Should I man-up and choose NLS ?
1) nalsar won’t fall the way you projected it to

2) if you get nls in the subsequent lists- nls over nalsar despite all of the stuff that you wrote above
Do you want to chill, or do you want a good education? If the latter then NALSAR is not going to help, their good faculty have all left or are leaving. Come to NLS, we manage to have some fun here as well.
Tbh faculty is not everything, student body forms your growth and NALSAR has like 10/20 different mentorship programs from student mentors, moot mentors, subject tutors, academic mentors that is filled with top rankers of all batches who help you in every step of the way. But if faculty is your concerns, yes some did leave but it is not as if though everyone has left. We have great teachers such as Neha Pathakji and Sourabh Bharati who are better than those that left. Even other than that, supposing if you do get NLS, you wouldn't get the taste of all the faculties they have anyway considering the high batch strength and increasing number of sections. Instead of a herd, be a part of a select crew.
I'll ask this simply; I already have NALSAR. I may get a chance in NLS. Should I go or not, despite being in NALSAR ?
As an incoming student this year at NLS, I would suggest that you consider attending NLS if you are admitted, as we certainly have several advantages over NALSAR, such as robust publications, arguably better faculty, significantly superior infrastructure (I visited NALSAR this year as I am from Hyderabad and have just recently visited NLS), and a stronger brand value. However, please remember that the difference is relatively marginal, akin to the distinction between IIM A and IIM B. So, if you are willing to choose NLS for, let's say, a 10% improvement, that's commendable. Nonetheless, in the long run, I don't anticipate it making a significant difference.
Robust publications? Where? As for infra, NLS has better location, but certainly a way more crowded campus that's going to get worse with the 300-strong batch.
As an incoming student, you don't have any idea about the quality of publications, nor are you in any position to compare faculty quality.
Bro for the umpteempth time NIRF ranking means nothing. NLS and NALSAR both are top two of the country. I don't think your career outcomes would change at either of the places.
Nope. NLUD is a wannabe recognised by nobody else other than themselves and NIRF as anywhere near the top.
Again, quite cringe to not acknowledge superiority where it’s due. NLUD is literally the only β€œnational” law school since it’s the only one without a domicile quota. And achievements-wise, it’s long since overtaken NALSAR across the board. Only thing it falls behind on is alumni legacy which is anyway being built.
What achievement would that be? Being vocal on anon social media? All NLUD's superiority is in the minds of its students. There is no objective support for any of that. If you are the only 'national law school', then play in a league of your own. Why do you keep comparing yourselves with other NLUs?
By what logic? NIRF? Doesn't count. By NiRF logic IIT M is ahead of IIT Bombay. By NIRF logic Jamia is better than NLU J. But reality is totally different.
Don’t mislead. NLUD is better than NALSAR and with the batch size increase, NLUD should also easily be preferred over NLS. But I’m assuming OP didn’t crack AILET. So he’s going to choose between NLS and NALSAR.
Nah, AILET is overrated. NLUD does have the batch strength advantage though, not denying that.
Yes probably didn't give Ailet. Which would you choose between NLS & NALSAR?
I would choose NLS. Even though the batch strengthen kills NLS, their faculty is miles ahead of NALSAR. That means a better exposure to studying the law. And their alumni network is the best. Plus, Bangalore is any day better than Hyderabad. Nalsarites will downvote but no one will deny that there is heavy faculty attrition at Nalsar today since no young person wants to live in Shamirpet.
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