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Read the following situation and answer the questions based on the same-

Hugo went on a recent trip to Bali where he is on a beginner's yoga retreat. He has got a day off and has decided to go to the nearby market to purchase gifts for his family. He is especially interested to buy an impressive gift for his wife Lyn. In the course of his shopping, he stumbles upon a beautifully finished hand-painted silk shawl which he feels will be the perfect gift for her given its light weight and convenience to carry it with him in the flight. Thereafter, he asks the seller Susilo to quote him a price for the shawl. In response, Susilo compliments him for his excellent taste and assures his that the lady for whom he is purchasing would appreciate it. Further, he quotes the price of the shawl to be $200. He assures Hugo, that it is a 'very good price'.

Hugo ponders for a while and makes a counter offer of $140 but without insulting Susilo in any manner or the product. In response, Susilo begins to detail about the material and its premium quality. Hugo was aware that the material cost for the shawl itself will be more than the offered price as his wife designed and painted silk scarfs as a hobby and to gift it to her friends often on the occassion of thanksgiving.

Susilo then offers Hugo other products and shows him a small, kitsch-woven handbag given he is intending to pay $140. Hugo realising that he may have misjudged the price ignores the handbag offer and instead tells the seller he can give $170 for the scarf and says that's the most he thinks is reasonable given the product.

Susilo shakes his head and says if Hugo could consider paying $190 then he could go ahead with the deal. Further, he says if Hugo can't pay as much, he will consider selling the scarf to someone else later. Hugo offers $180 and says that is the most he is willing to pay. Susilo pauses and reaches out for a handmade card and offers to sell him the scarf along with the card and also wrap the scarf and put the handmade card for free. Susilo says in return of the same I will expect to be paid $185.

In light of the aforesaid situation, answer the following with justification-

1. What should Hugo do? Should he accept or walk away? What would you do if you were Hugo?
2. Who do you think negotiated more effectively? Provide your reasons for the answer.
If I were Hugo, then I wouldn't have been checking LI during a Balinese holiday! :(
Why should he, when a series of guest lectures tanked recently due to the batch
That's a common thing now. External faculty including alum are so disappointed that they don't wish to come down anymore. Then the students complain about credit courses and guest lectures not taking place. Basically they would blame everyone under the sun before admitting their own culpability and accepting responsibility for their own actions.
Never again visiting Bali after having to arbitrate for buying a fucking scarf!
Well, would answer if you give-bacck something in consideration for our answer enabling you to score extremely well.
As the person who had drafted the assignment, I'll check this thread for answers and give zero to similar ans
Instead of putting my assignment on a public forum, try to follow my lectures/study material, you will be better off. Now, stop with these anonymous asks for a solution to a simple classroom exercise and try solving it on your own.
Do you think this is an original problem? Had it been thus, why would the amounts have been in USD?
i too am all set to sponsor a one way plane ticket to the ICJ so that our juniors would not have to bear your classes
If it is a classroom exercise, then why did it get assigned beforehand? If it's a take home exercise, then we are allowed to seek help from wherever we can, just like lawyers do in real life.
I have zilch hopes left from the Batch of 2025. They tried to pull off similar stunts back when I taught them labour law.
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They're not the professor but some student pretending to be so
Just playing in the same spirit. Besides, how can one really tell? I know that the concerned faculty checks LI regularly.
Reading the posts does not necessarily mean that one takes those seriously. I read media coverage of Modiji's promises, especially the ones about the economy and finance, but have not started taking any of those seriously yet.
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