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I am a studentof Batch of 2024, no jobs oppourtunites in our college( newly ested). Have interned in Tier 1,2,3 shortlisted in this internship through Merit and based on my CV.

Considering litigation a big NO in my initial years, tired og reaching out to people on LinkedIN...

What to do??
Sun bhai. Tera search tarika galat hai.

Type Legal intern in the LinkedIn search bar. Now press enter. Now in the filters select Posts and past 1 month. Now scroll and scroll and scroll for the next 3hrs.

Did you understand what I said? Don't go to the jobs tab, search the posts tabβ€”post as in the thing you post directly as a status update on LinkedIn. Many HRs from top firms directly post on LinkedIn that they are looking for an intern. DM me directly.

So, scroll through the posts and not the Job portal. And you will find tons of opportunities. E.g.- yeh le - Khaitan -

Again. These are LinkedIn posts. So, you have to scroll the posts. All the best.
Graduation tak internships ka achaar daalu jab koi job nahi de raha?
A lot of Gen Z kids need to hear this: nobody owes you a job, training, mentorship or even an internship. If a firm offered you an internship, they owe you nothing else. Ab tu Achaar daal, salad daal, zomato pe tez dhoop mein delivery Kar, jo karna hai Kar. But yahaan mat puch ki main Kya karun.
Haan because you owe all of that to your own family kids na. Unko toh de doge sab. Jo genuinely hard work karna chahte hai unhe bologe we don't owe you anything. Goddamn nepotistic turd.
Obviously. I will choose my kid over any other kid. Even if the other kid deserves it. Simple I don’t owe you anything buddy.
Nor does anyone owe you a suspension of criticism. Be nepo, nobody can't stop you, but everyone can criticise your behaviour.
Please do not. I am sure you are brave enough to face hardship for a bit. Work hard and only compete with your own work. You will soon become a good lawyer and sought after by people - it won’t happen overnight. But it will happen in a few years (give it 7-9 years). You live in a country with a lot of opportunities and vibrant economy. If you apply your time productively, positively and to better yourself - nothing can stop you. So chin up and face hardships with a smile. Lots of precedents for this approach. good luck.
Prepare for CAT/GMAT and other management exams, including for niche fields like hotel management or fashion management.
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