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Top IIT (Good to medium stream)>Nalsar

NALSAR>IIT Dholakpur/shitty branch in top IITs
Would a humanities branch/non tech branch be a shitty branch ?
Rest assured that even a BTech in metallurgy or agriculture from IIT Dharwad or IIT Ropar has better prospects than a NALSAR grad. STEM graduates in all fields are highly sought after by foreign universities and employers abroad. A STEM degree also betters your chances of cracking the GMAT. And you can still study law by going to NLSIU for the 3 year course and you will get more respect being an engineer.
This was not a STEM vs non-stem comparison. It's a comparison between law depts in IITs vs NALSAR.
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NALSAR is better regarded than all IITs except Del and Bom. A NALSAR grad is more respected than an IIT K or IIT KGP grad, and at par with an IITM grad. Hyderabad is also so much better than Kanpur or Kharagpur.
By whom? Which population did you survey to elicit such laughable claim? NALSAR's whole budget is less than a department of any of the IITs and the positions where the IIT alumni are today in every domain imaginable are far more prestigious and better paid than NALSAR alum. In fact, that holds true for any NLU.
It is not about departmental budgets. The placement figures of IIT is public. The average domestic placements of IIT M is lesser than average T1 law firm salary. The sheer amount of taxes you will save in T1 is insane.
NALSAR doesn't place all its students in T1 firms, hardly 1/3. So it's fallacious to compare that salary with the average salary of IITM grads. Moreover, if NALSAR's batch strength increases to even 1.5 times its current relatively small size for a university, the T1 jobs won't increase in number. IITM places more grads with better opportunities and career growth every year. Just check the attrition rate in T1 firms with the places where the IITM grads end up working for. Law in general will have much fewer people earning the top bucks. There are hardly even 500 people who earn proper equity from T1 firms. The tax breaks are real, but only for the first 3-4 years. Once your income crosses 50LPA, you're no longer eligible for the presumptive income scheme.
A similar argument can be made that IIT M does not places all students in Google. In fact last month a whatsapp chat was viral where IIT M placement cell were literally begging their alums to find jobs for them. 100% placement or 6 figure placement is a myth even for IIT M. Theoretically speaking 1/3 NALSAR grads can get T1 jobs, the other 1/3 T2 jobs and the last 1/3 as in house jobs (say ICICI) trust me there "domestic" average package will still be more than IIT M average. Also not all IIT M people are doing CS, a vast majority of them are electric, electronics, metallurgical and civil engineers and they are getting very average packages. TCS is famous for offering 25k to IITians.
No, there is no such theoretical assumption having any relationship with facts and industry reality. There has been no batch ever where 40 plus students from NALSAR have been placed in T1 and another 40 plus in T2 etc. You have got no idea about IITM average grad salary, so you should not start comparing it with T1 salary of NALSAR grads, especially when you yourself are admitting that average NALSAR grad salary won't be equal to T1 salary. The growth curve of engineering salary in good organisations is also much steeper than in law firms, including T1s, where salary has been witnessing stagnation over the last decade. As for TCS example, there is no data to support that any sizable number of IITM grads opt for it, and even if they do, that salary is still way higher than what 90% seniors pay their juniors in litigation in this country. The point remains that only idiots try to compare two different universities from two different domains and insofar as brand recognition is concerned, the IITs are way ahead of the NLUs to the bulk of the population both within and outside India.
Totally wrong. The presumptive taxation limit of 75 lakh alone means that up to a package of 1 crore per annum easily post tax a T1 lawyer will earn more than an average IIT engineer.

Secondly, you are again wrong that we know nothing about the IIT placement figures. They are public and apart from CS branch no other branches get crazy salaries.

Thirdly out of batch of 80 (my era) hardly 60 used to sit for placements. So a 20, 20 20 split between t1. T2 and in house jobs was easily possible. With a batch of 120 and 100 sitting for placements still 30 odd t1 jobs and another 10 can be other good t2 jobs (like indus or SnR that pay as well) can easily be done. Point being the average of 90 or 100 students of Nalsar will always be higher. Again TCS hiring freshers from IIT is again public news and a simple google search will tell you they start at no more than 30k per month. Litigation we are not even talking about. Brand recognition wise IIT is obviously more because most people like you are not having basic general awareness. But I dont care about brand awareness as long as I am making a great salary at T1 and not paying 40 percent of it as taxes.
You need to revisit your tax laws, before you start claiming such things, as your understanding of presumptive income leaves a lot to be desired. In either case, you are still comparing aT1 lawyer salary with 'average IIT salary', despite such a salary not being average salary for NLU grads. As for the rest, feel free to remain king of the hill. I don't really care. The fact remains that a top engineer in today's world earns more than a law firm lawyer and has a much greater work life balance, and the fact also remains that people recognise IITs more than they do NALSAR. If that does not matter to you, then that's great, because it shouldn't. The original comment claimed otherwise, which is a factual error.
He clearly was not talking about just T1 salary as the usage of the word 90 suggests. Btw apart from T1 and T2 firms, in-houses like ICICI, ITC also offer similar salaries. While in IIT starting salaries of 30k is not unheard of (apart from the CS toppers). Domestic packages wise NALSAR will always win, tax alone will take care of it. And his tax example is totally correct. If you are earning a salary of 1 cr, you can save very heavily on the first 75 lakhs of it. While some IITian earning 1cr will be easily shelling out around 30 to 40% in taxes. Another thing is most of the IIT packages are heavily inflated by companies by giving stock options that do not vest for periods ranging from three to five years. But they show it as CTC on day zero. Source: my brother got such a job.
The limit has been increased to 75L for presumptive taxation btw
if you need to ask this question then maybe you do have the iq required for a corp law job
IIT easily you will be far more employable even with a low gpa with good salary and work life balance, and very positive work place, i heard of a guy who got into samsung korea with 1 crore package and saying those years were the best years of his life, very respectable people and just a very very positive work environment with negligible pressure, whereas in nlu you have to be in top 20 with high GPA and salary is pretty bad, and horrible work life balance and toxic environment
This is about the law dept in both the institutions. Not a STEM vs non-stem comparison.
Why the fuck will a NALSAR grad start a million dollar company?? I mean there can be few deviations here and there but law grads are not expected to act like MBA grads. Law much like medicine is a noble profession. You don't measure NALSAR and AIIMS by the number of startups they produce but the quality of its lawyers and doctors. The fields are totally different. It is the job of engineers and MBA grads to commercialize their learning into startups and businesses.
sorry to be the one to break it to you but doctors are way more respected than lawyers, unless the lawyer makes it in the court or in the law firm,
Graduate from an IIT and pursue law thereafter if the subject interests you. Miss a seat at an IIT now and you will regret your decision for your life. A law degree can be obtained even at the age of 75 and the degree from NALSAR makes the subject no better.

A law degree from a national law school or any other place barely makes you employable across the country as there are three cities with corporate jobs with lawyers. A degree from an IIT makes you employable across the globe.

By the way, why would you want to waste so much of talent on a law degree that barely makes any value addition to the society ?
The comparison is between the law depts of IIT & NALSAR. Atleast read the posts above !!
Bro the original post is to be blamed for this. OP just mentioned IIT and NALSAR. You must know that IIT LLB is 3 year i.e. only for graduates. So assuming people asking about Nalsar here are 12th passed CLAT kids it is natural to assume that the question is in between Btech and LLB from Nalsar. And if you see posts from other people it is fairly common for people to leave Btech and join NLS or NALSAR.
For those people who love to jump the gun and not read before you reply. The difference is between the law depts. Not the universities as a whole. This is not a STEM vs Non-stem comparison. It's the IIT Law Dept vs NALSAR Law. Stupid goods, can't even comprehend the situation.
Brother this is a tough call, but I can give you some perspective. I have made Partner in a T1 firm and I out-earn at least three of my IIT friends who work for some MNCs. Secondly my batch had two people (and my good friends) who had left IITs to come to law school. The conundrum is that even after making Partner, I sometime wish I was a coder. The work life balance is much better in companies than a law firm. Of course I am talking about domestic Indian packages only. My IIT friends who went abroad are probably earning more than me. But money is not the only factor. It can come to interest as well. I also happen to know a guy who was in top 500 in AIPMT yet he came to NLS because he was petrified by the sight of blood. We just realize few things much later in life.
If you have the aptitude and talent to clear JEE and make it to IIT, please utilise that opportunity. Most corporate lawyers are glorified paper pushers and making it big as a litigation lawyer is a slow burn unless you have connections and and an established family practice you can take advantage of. Please note, getting good grades in law school and getting good grades in engineering are two wholly different ball games. These two are varied fields requiring very different skill sets. As a former engineering student now turned lawyer, I speak from experience.
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