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Four candidates appeared for the Professor (Law) interview. None was selected.
The four candidates who appeared for the Professor (Law) interviews were, 1) A. Nagarathna (NLSIU), 2) TVS Sudhakar (NUJS), 3) Venkateshwarlu (Osmania), 4) SNA Shafi (MNLU Nagpur). As stated above, no one was selected at this level.
Why would Nagarathna want to move away tho? She is here for more than a decade and has a family in Bangalore
Prospect of accelerated promotion. At NLS she is Associate Professor
And Sudhir has made it clear that so long as he's around, she won't make it to Professor by way of promotion.
Only one person has been taken as Professor (Management) and two people have been offered Associate Professor (Law) positions. Out of these two, one is an internal faculty member who was anyway due for promotion while the second candidate has been teaching at NLU Jodhpur and is unlikely to join NALSAR. This nowhere near the number of faculty positions that were advertised for higher levels such as Associate Professor and Professor. However, to be fair to SKDR, he has appointed nearly 20 people as Assistant Professor over the last year, if we count across Law, Management, Economics, Political Science and contractual positions. This has helped the institution somewhat in recovering from the numerous faculty departures that have taken place. It is a little early to judge the performance of the teachers who have joined during the current academic year.
How on earth is this comment trollish? Is the Mod smoking up while working these days?
Do you mind sharing the names of the new faculty members appointed by SKDR over the last year? 20 sounds like a good number, but as a concerned alumnus I am more interested in learning about their backgrounds and how are current students receiving them. More importantly, do they match up in terms of quality with the hiring at other law schools?
Many NALSAR alumni who teach at JGLS would happily teach at NALSAR, but the TLC lobby will not hire them. At best they will be offered 1 year contractual appointments on meagre salaries and then bullied into teaching subjects they don't want to teach and burdened with admin work.

The only hope is an alum VC like Sudhir.
its not just the TLC lobby honey. Many of those people left when D and FM were in charge. They were unhappy with service conditions offered and with lack of academic mentorship and generally with student engagement. the rot is set in a lot deeper than TLC v others. Its institutional culture. Get a mirror.
I am naming the new Assistant Professors who have joined NALSAR since SKDR took over in November 2022.

Contractual positions

1) Pardu Pinamshetty - Sociology

2) Kapil Sharma - ADR, International Trade

3) Anindita Mukherjee - Legal Methods, Law and Poverty

4) Aymen Mohammed - Labour Law, Public Law

Assistant Professor (Law) - Regular positions

5) A. Sridhar - Company Law, Capital Markets

6) TV Charan Tej - Procedural Laws, Commercial Laws

7) Hemangini Sharma - Administrative Law, International Law

8) Sunisht Goyal - Criminal Law

9) Rohan Cherian Thomas - Intellectual Property Rights

10) Bayola Kiran - Commercial Laws

11) Preety Anand - Criminal Law, Gender Justice

12) Surbhi Meshram - Procedural Laws, Evidence

13) A Eluckiaa - Commercial Laws, International Trade

Assistant Professor (Management) - Regular Positions

14) Vivek Pani

15) Ameesh Samalopanan

16) Deepti Jog

17) Binod Rajak

18) Tanveer Kajla

19) Sai Kiran

20) Ravi Teja

Assistant Professor (Social Science)

21) Chandrima Chatterjee - Economics

22) Balu Sunilraj - Political Science (yet to join)

The names are enough to examine the academic background and previous experience of these candidates.
Rohan joined NALSAR as an Assistant Professor in July 2023. He is doing decently when it comes to classroom teaching. The comment is referring to another person at NLU J who has been offered an Associate Professor position.
Who's the faculty handling international law and human rights? I want to pursue my PhD there. I need info to contact faculty concerned.
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