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So I gave CLAT and didn't get a proud rank I've gotten TNNLU cuz of domicile quota but most people I've questioned say that sastra is better than tnnlu. Im currently not interested in corporate jobs but it could change later so I wanted a college which could get me placed.

So my options now are tnnlu , Christ or sastra.

I've heard a lot about the former 2 but couldn't find anything relevant to the latter only reason I've added sastra to my options is cuz of its proximity and I could be a day scholar. Any alumni of sastra here who could give me the general picture ?
tnnlu is better than sastra as tnnlu is improving and even has an nlu tag under it. the people who get into tnnlu are people who have cleared clat even if they have domicile quota they would have got around a rank of 2k. christ whether you want or not depends on your personal choices, christ is a good college but has a huge batch size so finding an opportunity for yourself is difficult and it's a very strict college but has the big advantage of being located in banglore if you are talking about the main campus. so each person will tell you this college is better that college is better but it all depends on your personal choices, and if you are going to do litigation in chennai it will be better to have more connections if you go to tnnlu or sastra
hey i have also been allotted TNNLU, would you like to connect?

here is my mail ID:-
TNNLU anyday, Christ is not a bad option,

TNNLU and Christ has similar opportunities. But in Christ you have be exceptionally good to make a mark for yourself. Sastra doesn't have any opportunity or value or even has any brand value. TNNLU has more caste reservations than any other NLU. Even then it's doing well.

If you want to litigate within Tamil Nadu, then Sastra or even any local government law college is good. Nobody outside Tamil Nadu knows what's SASTRa.

NLU tag always helps. Even if it's from lower NLU. Because people recognize you in the industry across the country.

And TNNLU is not a lower NLU. It has grown consistently. Now it's as good as NUALS, slightly below NLUO Cuttack. It has beaten many peers.

Student quality in Christ should be slightly better than TNNLU. Christ is also costlier. Avoid SASTRA.

Want a fancy NLU tag? TNNLU

Want a diverse better quality experience? Christ.
I would strongly advise you to opt for TNNLU. TNNLU is a strong contender for a tier 2 NLU by the time you graduate as it has already reached the benchmark of NLU-O and NUALS. It has excellent support from the TN govt and the Madras High Court. One important aspect that others have missed out is the liberal space you'd get at TNNLU. Unlike Christ and Sastra, you won't be forced with orthodox and regressive admin policies that are tied with religion and strict curfews. There's no strict uniform policy and you'll be free to wear any attire as long as it isn't obscene. You'll have a way better quality of campus life in tnnlu. Also just because the law school is in Trichy doesn't mean that theas school has no diverse crowd. TNNLU has always had a diverse crowd with a fair mix of students from other parts of India as well as the domicile Tamil crowd. While the placements scene is not comparable to NLS/Nalsar, it is fairly doable for a hardworking and sincere student to make it in the profession if you join TNNLU. Plus, the tag of TNNLU will not only help you if you intend to work in Chennai/Madurai/Coimbatore but also in other metros like Delhi/Mumbai/, Bangalore.
Please stop overselling TNNLU placements, it is nowhere even close to places like HNLU, let alone NLS/NALSAR/NUJS.
Where does the comments here equate the placements at TNNLU to NLS/NALSAR/NUJS? The comments have only said that the place is similar to NLU-O and NUALS. Chill why are you getting worried
He mentioned that it's not comparable to nls/nalsar, can't you understand simple english?
I can. Clearly you cannot. The benchmark for comparison for TNNLU cannot be any of the top 10 NLUs at all. There are other NLUs that are perceived as lower in 'rank' compared to NLS etc., but those are still miles ahead of TNNLU's placement. This false narrative that TNNLU has decent placement and the next step is to reach the level of NLS etc. should be debunked for the benefit of aspirants. Contender for T2 NLU indeed!
lol, how low can you be in life to hate on a college which is improving, lmao good luck in life you definitely aren't going to have friends being like this, grow up, you are lacking of love,i hope you get loved instead of just hated
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