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Hi, I am interning at S&R Associates for the month of January 2024 for their Delhi Office with their General Corporate / M&A Team. Wanted some insights with regard to their work culture, environment, call-back and PPO Policy. Any help would be helpful!
Same. I am gonna intern in the month of February 2024. Any insights would be helpful.
Jan- April is a bad time due to the elections. All the best though.
That's literally the peak ppo season bhai .. this is when the ppo's are mostly offered.
How to get an internship at S&R in the first place? Do they hire non-NLU peeps or people who apply independently?
They have already given 5-6 PPOs to batch of 2025 (HNLU), they won’t be hiring any more.
If you are not from HNLU or NLS or NLUD you won't stand a chance