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Recent news suggests that this individual, formerly a โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ, departed some time ago, either by choice or at the behest of others. In my view, a significant source of concern, on par with the existing one, has exited the scene.
Big relief from the daily soaps which the team had become.

Actually, was relieved when this person went MIA after giving notice.
This is so unfair. This person is the pillar of the team who single handedly managed massive mandates and trained numerous juniors.

Many associates are able to do well in competition law because they were trained under him.
You seem like someone whoโ€™s aware of the happenings, could you give any more insights behind the departure?
I think I know who you are - you are either the person who moved to another team in the firm or moved to another firm.

You both might have benefited from his tutelage when he was an associate. You both were exceptions - not the general norm.
Dude stop whining. NKU will still mint money even if the office is empty. Nobody cares unless NKU herself leaves to go โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎrโ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ.
The "source of concern" has bigger plans then the existing numpties in the team. He has a very strong cabal of senior advocates and judges supporting him - Just wait and watch.
Nobody will say anything about NKS, she is gem of a person.

Tum logo ko jitna trust karo uthna hi kaam Kharab karo toh daat toh padegi
Once upon a time she was the favourite of this 'certain someone' too. She extracted everything from him / her including his / her health.

While she would pretend that loyalty matters to her - it's simply a gimmick to exploit you.

You are merely a commodity for her.
She's done that throughout. I left her during cam days. I could see through it. Terrible working atmosphere. Nothing can justify the pay. Then, there weren't many options. Now, there are. No use giving your life to someone who doesn't appreciate.
โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ was serving notice - revoked it in the final week and is back in the team.
Where will he go to? Who will take him?

This is the problem with being in competition teams. Too small and niche practice area. Almost no openings in in-house positions where counsels who fail to make partner go. Jumping ships in competition law is difficult.
"where will he go to?" Isn't the correct qn but "who will take him (or for that matter anybody senior in this team who has spent a few years with Nku)?"
Gift of God Farmer is apparently on all of the Motherโ€™s top mandates? Or so I hear?

What will make of the other cows in the motherโ€™s barn?
That's how Gift of God gets shepherded towards the butcher house every time. Other cows sit and enjoy.
Do you even realize what you are doing to this person?

Pity your souls.
GauCha is the prince at 3L. He will stay even after NKU exits from 3L - which she has been planning from atleast last 2 years.
Bump - what are the current vacancies in the team? Specially in Delhi? Do the three partners have one team or are the resources segregated? How and who to approach?
It should be abundantly clear to any discerning observer that NKU firmly holds control over all aspects of 3legals competition practice, and no disgruntled minion of hers, whether a partner-badge holder or otherwise, possesses the intellectual acumen, determination, or capabilities to replicate her level of success. Not a single lawyer from her team comes close to achieving even a fraction of her accomplishments post-departure. There exists an ex-partner from this group whose mental state is so chaotic that they delude themselves into believing they've achieved a form of success that no one around them can even fathom when in reality, they are simply unfit for employment, damaged goods.
The other partners of the team are better. It's a matter of time that they will take over the competition practice and become national competition heads.
So are some of the counsels who have been in the team since associate days. They are even better than the other partners.
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Not sure what you are on about, but it's pretty clear by NKUs mandate that clients trust her
She maybe a โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ. But clients trust her and that's why she makes the most money.
A few GCs were fired by the promoters/founders for "placing trust" in her.
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