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I recently joined a T1 few months back, Idk if something is wrong with me but I have already lost all hope. I have realised I can’t pursue this career, I do not wish to demean the culture or the people who love this field but I have come to a conclusion that this is not for me.

I am planning to stick around for a year, since I don’t want to leave my first job within few months. But I’m definitely and actively looking for a path out, already.

I don’t know if there are others who feel the same as well!
You must be in a lala firm. I work in a T1 meritorious firm and I'm having an excellent time in GC. Switch firms immediately

I'm in the same boat. Despite being in one of the better firms, I'm not enjoying the work, or the team. Looking for a way out, but I don't know how... The 4-5 months of experience isn't enough for what most recruiters want
Dude, what happened with you ? Legal profession IS tough / toxic in Chambers too. Stick around and dont mess up bhai. Vent if you would like to.
First few months are the toughest. Seniors expect freshers to start churning out drafts/diligence reports as if a fresher knows how to do it, but is deliberately not giving good product! My suggestion is to stick around for sometime, but look for other teams within your firm, else apply outside. May be go to a smaller (in size firm) and work with them.. they may not offer as much money but may have better scene!