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Sudhir: India will lose many more matches in the years to come. I suggest you get over it and write an essay of 5000 words on the jurisprudential evolution of the laws of cricket instead.
If any trouble, then I have my Rhodes Scholar friends (Nandan Kamath and Boria Majumdar) to help you out
It was a joke. We get 2 holidays this trimester (no holiday for new year. 1 for diwali and 1 for Christmas). Please chill out everyone you can't make "viral news" everytime some first year kid types some dumb email.
well LI didn't make anything viral this time. It's news agencies like News18 and so on. So you may choose to train your 18-20 yr old juniors in better fashion instead of playing it dumb since the Instagram thingy.
NLSIU = Snowflake Central. Guys, put your head down and study like you predecessors. The Rhodes drought and dip in placements should be a warning sign.
We have at least 3 Rhodes scholars on campus. Does your dinky little college have a single one?
Why dont some people know how to take a joke 🤣 he clarified on the email thread that it was
Nothing to laugh about. It shows a lack of sincerity and a fall in standards that people would request holidays for this.
and your comment showcases a lack of humor! No official request was made. The mail was sent to the student body and was meant to be taken as a joke only.
It's alright. This was a joke to the students. The students are a joke to Sudhir. It all balances out in the end.
Why the fuck is everyone so salty lol? It was meant as a joke, take it like one.
Can y'all let us be 😭 it's supposed to be satirical...and pretty obviously at that.. Speaks to your own projections if you take it seriously