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You think your batch is a great one? Lol, ask your seniors and teachers. NUJS has witnessed a steady decrease in standard with every passing batch ever since 2018.
I know there was a time NUJS only had LAN but ab to Jio bhi hai.

Yeh sab email thread pe karo yaar.
Yes. Kindly limit this conversation to your internal batch threads :D

Thank you.
okay but everyone should know that this batch of 18-20 year olds aren't like their predecessors. They lack intellect and IQ. Maybe they will improve
Their predecessors who are still hanging about don't do much better on those fronts either.
Please get a life. Focus on getting placed than slandering your juniors on an online forum.

You have your exams coming up, maybe focus on that instead of writing legally India threads.
The fact that you're so 'concerned' and have taken the time to write a whole paragraph about it on this platform is really devastating. Wow. Shattered. Broken. Crying.

Get a life please.
Respectfully, how about you stop being so cocky and start making some sense?

Much love & respect,

Disappointed & concerned junior
Ab is sab ke baad bhi Campus Group pe kahenge "No guys NUJS me koi hierarchy nahi hai"
The incompetence of seniors as mentors is one of the main reasons why the juniors are in such a sorry state.
Students who cannot differentiate between colleges and universities should not be allowed to graduate, nor comment upon others in any forum.
Kya sab students hein iss bar. They are a community of low IQ it seems. A bunch of 19/19/20 year olds just pretending to be smart and painting the whole Uni in a mediocre fashion. Padhlo sab
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