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It is from a position of genuine concern that I write this. The first year batch has been consistently disappointing in every fucking regard. A historical ZERO ABS scholars produced by this worthless batch aside, they have been underwhelming even in moot and ADR internals. My mentees have no academic rigour whatsoever, and all they do is wail about the perceived faults of their LM and Torts TAs. The handful of first years who showed some potential at the beginning of the semester too have now befriended the seniors who could be the worst possible influences.

In my first year, my seniors kept me in check and I see junior being given too much leeway in the newer batches. In my honest opinion, socializing with seniors as an equal has proven to be a detriment, given how said socializing almost always involves intoxicants, and first years fresh out of school spend more time doing this than actually trying to figure out how law school works.

The list could go on forever, there is so much shit I could mention here but will not for now.

BO'28, get your shit together. This will not cut it.


Concerned Senior
You think your batch is a great one? Lol, ask your seniors and teachers. NUJS has witnessed a steady decrease in standard with every passing batch ever since 2018.
I know there was a time NUJS only had LAN but ab to Jio bhi hai.

Yeh sab email thread pe karo yaar.
Yes. Kindly limit this conversation to your internal batch threads :D

Thank you.
okay but everyone should know that this batch of 18-20 year olds aren't like their predecessors. They lack intellect and IQ. Maybe they will improve
Their predecessors who are still hanging about don't do much better on those fronts either.
Please get a life. Focus on getting placed than slandering your juniors on an online forum.

You have your exams coming up, maybe focus on that instead of writing legally India threads.
The fact that you're so 'concerned' and have taken the time to write a whole paragraph about it on this platform is really devastating. Wow. Shattered. Broken. Crying.

Get a life please.
Subject: Gratitude for your Pearls of Wisdom

Dear Concerned Senior,

I hope this missive finds you in the pinnacle of your academic and extracurricular pursuits. Your eloquent expression of concern has not gone unnoticed, and I am genuinely touched by your unwavering dedication to the welfare of our beloved BO'28.

Your insights into the perceived deficiencies of our batch have left an indelible mark on my conscience, prompting me to reflect deeply on the nature of our existence within these hallowed academic halls. It is heartening to see a senior so ardently invested in the prosperity of their junior counterparts, and for that, I extend my sincerest gratitude.

Your poignant observation regarding the historical absence of ABS scholars among us has not fallen on deaf ears. Rest assured, we, the supposedly "worthless batch," will strive to defy expectations and perhaps, in time, produce not one but an entire constellation of ABS scholars, dazzling the academic firmament with our newfound brilliance.

Your counsel on the hazards of socializing with seniors as equals has been duly noted. We recognize the gravity of the situation, where the seemingly innocent camaraderie may lead us astray into the perilous realms of intoxicants and questionable influences. Fear not, for we shall heed your warnings and exercise utmost caution, realizing that our pursuit of knowledge should far surpass any fleeting desires for social validation.

In conclusion, dear Concerned Senior, I am immensely grateful for your pearls of wisdom. Your dedication to our enlightenment is truly inspiring, and we shall strive to meet the lofty expectations set by your esteemed self. May the light of your guidance continue to shine upon us as we navigate the tumultuous waters of legal education.

With profound appreciation,

A Devoted BO'28 Scholar
Respectfully, how about you stop being so cocky and start making some sense?

Much love & respect,

Disappointed & concerned junior
Ab is sab ke baad bhi Campus Group pe kahenge "No guys NUJS me koi hierarchy nahi hai"
BO'28, you're doing fine! BO'24, it's a bit rich of you to throw shade with the history you guys had. We too have been the subject of BO'26's scrutiny back when we first got here. And now BO'28 is struggling through the same labyrinth we once were stuck in. You won't find us acting like we've ascended to the heavens of legal enlightenment though. Let's please break this cycle of self-righteous criticism, offer our support in our capacity as seniors, and not have any more of this inter-batch rivalry bullshit. Thank you and have a nice day.
The incompetence of seniors as mentors is one of the main reasons why the juniors are in such a sorry state.
Students who cannot differentiate between colleges and universities should not be allowed to graduate, nor comment upon others in any forum.
Kya sab students hein iss bar. They are a community of low IQ it seems. A bunch of 19/19/20 year olds just pretending to be smart and painting the whole Uni in a mediocre fashion. Padhlo sab
Once I found a bunch of them throw water at one another, that too inside classroom. In DMs, some of them tried justifying the act by claiming that's how they "have fun." Jeez, these people never grew up from middle school. They truly deserve the (mostly) incompetent set of professors that they have.
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